Seitokai Yakuindomo – 06

Ghost Hunts, Judo Clubs and an upcoming Beach Trip!

Helloo SYD episode 6!

It begins with an uncharacteristic pretend creepy atmosphere which sets up the ghostly focus of the first part of the episode.

There are rumours going around Osai Academy that there are ghostly goings on in the second year girls’ bathrooms and surrounding corridors which are freaking the student body the heck out.

News gets to the Student Council through the freaked out student’s use of their inappropriately decorated ‘student suggestion box.’

Aria states that it’s just about time for these stories to start showing up as they are part and parcel of the summer season and we find out that Suzu doesn’t really handle scary stuff that well (much like yours truly) while Shino is a quite a fan of the supernatural.

Unsurprisingly Suzu also prefers to believe it’s all  just made up and normal guy Tsuda is very bland about the situation as per usual!

Somebody save Suzu!!

In any case, the student council makes some quick preparations and heads out on an investigation trip, half due to student requests and half due to the fact that Shino is the student council president and she’s excited.

You’d think she was joking but then you realise… it’s Shino.

As the crew finds out, comically enough, that the sounds bothering the students and starting all the rumours was non other than the often inappropriate Naruko-sensei who managed to burrow into a secluded dark space just so she could ‘enjoy’ a confiscated boys-love manga.

Leave it to her to cause all that commotion over… dodgy stuff.

Tsk tsk Naruko-sensei, Fujoshi much? 😛

Naruko-sensei also manages to confiscate another magazine, this time geared to males and Shino and Aria manage to tell Tsuda not to read it only moments after they spend a rather long time oggling the pages of the boys love manga and talking about a certain character’s stained pants… poor Tsuda.

The Judo club gets a revisit during the next part of the episode with Shino and Takatoshi ending up watching an after school practice out of curiosity. Judo club president Mutsumi seems to be handling things well with the club members working hard together… imagined in many incorrect and very much wrong ways by Shino as Tsuda pops several sweatdrops nearby.

Scene reminds me of a certain Railgun beach episode ;D

The last part of the episode is dedicated to the girls planning swimsuits for their student council bonding experiment taking place at the beach. Shino claims the trip is a yearly event that all Osai student councils experience but I’m sure Tsuda will end up wondering if that’s truly the case as they head out next episode!

With a friend like Aria… who needs beach balls o.o;

End Thoughts:

Admittedly, episode six wasn’t an amazingly hilarious SYD episode… which at least for me who usually goes for the kind of jokes they like to throw out was kind of surprising. I thought the beginning ghost story was pretty so-so (read meh) since they played it for quite a considerable amount of episode time without really delivering anything hilarious at the punch line.

In my opinion they should have cut down on the pseudo suspense in the beginning and just went with a couple more minutes of milking the fact that it was Naruko-sensei causing trouble all along. I did like Shino’s ghost hunting get-up though, talk about being prepared for any (ridiculous) situation.

I’m sure some people will think I’m only saying the humour was weak because there wasn’t much Ranko Hata in this episode and I’m being moody because my Kuroko fix was unsatisfactory, but they might be right so I’m just gonna let that slide lol.

I did enjoy checking out Mutsumi’s Judo club though, especially since her short haired blonde friend decided to throw in with a Mutsumi loves Takatoshi tease. If he ever gets a “suitable” love interest, I’m banking on her since the girls of the student council would probably eat him up. Not to mention Naruko-sensei who would probably eat him up quite literally and Ranko Hata who would probably expect him to eat her up as she does enjoy portraying him as a raging, hormonal teen male.

Shino’s hiccupping escapade just reminded me of that Azumanga Daioh episode where Osaka gets the hiccups and the Azu Daioh girls try all sorts of things including trying to beat them out of her. Shino’s hiccups kind of just fizzle out and I wondered why they chose to keep it in the episode at all since Azumanga already did it and they did it better. I have to admit that the comment might be a little redundant as though I like SYD, Azumanga as another 4-koma to anime creation is just in a league of its own.

Bringing it back to the positives, the best part of the episode has to be the girls gearing up for the student council beach trip coming up if only for the fact that there’s something to look forward to next episode. As we’re all aware, there’s usually a beach episode in most school life/ comedy anime and I do wonder if SYD is planning on delivering anything original during the trip coming up.

All in all, I probably laughed the least during this episode than all the others and it wasn’t LOL laughter either… much more like solo chuckling. But still, I can’t really complain. As I’ve said before, it’s SYD and they throw out joke after joke. It’s hit and miss and the fact that a lot of this episode was a miss for me doesn’t mean it’s a miss for everyone else… still watching 😛

The two things that were up this episode were fan service and the amount of perverted jokes! Shino was tamer this episode but Aria seamlessly took over her post as pervy joke maker and is sure to raise a couple of eyebrows with her antics. Maybe the fan service was supposed to balance out the lack of humour that actually ended up being funny 😛


As we thought, the preview shots have confirmed that we have a beach episode coming up! The titles for next week’s SYD 7 are ‘It’s getting bigger’ and ‘Boy Love with Tsuda-kun’ ^^;; I’m hoping next week will be a bit better with the laughs since this week was pretty meh for SYD.

Also, I’m rooting for a bit more Ranko Hata action… I’m sure she’ll be able to stalker her way into the beach trip. So many upcoming chances of catching Shino and Aria in… and out of swimsuits! She’s gotta be there! Not sure if she can stalker her way out of it though since Shino and Aria are rather fond of tag-teaming her and deleting her photos. Too bad they’re not Level 5’s  🙁


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26 Responses to “Seitokai Yakuindomo – 06”

  1. Raph says:

    I think it says a lot about SYD that I’m actually looking forward to its swimsuit episode – I usually dread them. I think the humour will be so well-suited to the inevitable fanservice, and yeah, hopefully we’ll see something original! Also, loved the Railgun references here. I’m another big fan, haha. 😛

    • Ryuuko says:

      Yesss! Railgun fans represent! ;p I love Metanorn man, you guys are awesome, no lie. I totally know what you mean by the fanservice being well-suited too, it’s like SYD can throw out really risque stuff and it would be expected rather than shocking lol.

  2. oplover says:

    Something that I hope from this anime finally happened. Finally there is someone who likes Tsuda. (You know who I mean 😉 ) I really like tsuda-kun (Or maybe i pitying him?), and hope to have a little romance in this anime.

    • Ryuuko says:

      Aren’t they just so perfect for each other? 😛 I hope Tsuda gets to her quickly though… I worry that the student council girls are going to corrupt her pretty soon! There won’t be any turning back after that lol.

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  4. BlackLagoon187 says:

    LMAO! Everytime I see a swimsuit fanservice episode these days my mind always without fail flashback to K-ON training camps and Biri-Biri in that fuwa fuwa swimsuit. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >__<

    And true that it's expected for SYD too cover anything ecchi related stuff and not come as surprising. (I already knew what Shino brought Tsuda wayyyyyyyyy before she handed it over :woo )

    Surprised not to see the legend of the Sakura tree part in here (Just watched ep 5 & 6 last night so not sure which ep it's in) , loved it when Tsuda asked "Wait, wasn't this an all girls school back then?" (something along those lines) :spark

    And, and, and, and welcome to the Railgun bandwagon here at Metanorn Raph! :glasses

    • Ryuuko says:

      Hahaha the legend of the Sakura tree was awesome! You’re right it should totally have been in here lol. I wonder how many yuri couples that will ‘stay together forever’ that tree gave birth to!

      Railgun’s beach ep was the best I must have watched that like 7 times already… with pauses and replays in the middle of a rewatch! Just so many hilarious moments in that ep. I’m actually a lttle bit of a Kongou Mitsuko fan as well so that helps, and Uiharu liking her pet snake loll priceless.

    • Raph says:

      Haha, thanks for the welcome! I feel very proud to to be on the bandwagon~. Ryuuko – I’m kind of a massive Kongou fan. o_o She’s one of my favourite characters of all time, I used to have her as my avatar before I switched to this one (Yamada is awesome too!), and friends will attest that I can rant about her for ages. That’s not necessarily a good thing, but oh well!

      • Ryuuko says:

        I love the Kuroko/Kongou dynamic! They play off each other well into hilariousness. I also like how Kongou is so ojousama but actually really nice as well lol. Man I’m so gonna watch that beach ep sometime today. Possibly leading to want of curry eating!! I want to cover Railgunnnn why are you finished Railgun whyyyyy

        • Raph says:

          Absolutely agree on all counts. xD I also love how Kongou seems to be almost a borderline narcissist, but is actually, genuinely nice. And that some of the ego is a facade, but also that she actually has confidence in herself. And, y’know, that the Kuroko/Kongou dynamic is hilarious, as is the Misaka/Kongou one-sided rivalry. I think I’m going to have to rewatch Railgun now…

          And I’m the same as you! I actually started blogging just as Railgun was finishing its run, haha. Noooooo!

        • BlackLagoon187 says:

          Best bet would be Toaru majutsu no index 2 thought there won’t be as much coverage of the railgun girls in comparison to Railgun obvs but hey gotta make do until they decide to churn out Railgun 2 🙂 (Read the manga and they still didn’t cover a bunch of events in the anime yet, so there’s hope xD)

  5. Ryuuko says:

    zomg I should do the railgun manga! hahaha but that Kuroko voice man… its a fix like no other! !_! I like index but only because Misaka and Kuroko are in it which doesn’t really count haha. Toma is ok but he’s waaay down on my char rabu-rabu list.

    The beach ep had already sold me on Kongou but when she finally shows her aerohand… :kyaa2: Trucks into copters? Come on! The fact that she’s so high class but can take a chill pill when she needs to is the best. Kuroko styles ;D cept Kuroko is more like.. hyper pill.

    • True, nothing can replace the smexy-pervy-kuroko voice…

      Question. In the Leave a reply box is the “website” box part where you leave a hotlink to an image to put as your avatar?
      Gonna try it for this post…

      And, and, you totally should cover the Railgun manga if you have time. We must make MOAR railgun *coughmisakamikotocough* followers!!!!!!!!

      • Ryuuko says:

        Masu taught me that you go to the ‘Gravatar’ site and sign up with the same email you use to post on Metanorn. Then you upload which avatar you want to use there and it’s used on here as well. That’s how Kuroko teleported here anyway >:)

        Zomaga I’m totally gonna marathon the Railgun manga right now. I’ve had it dled for a while too~~

    • Ahaha, True there’s no replacement for the smexy-pervy-kurokp voice.

      And, and yeah you should cover the Railgun Manga if you have time. We must make MOAR railgun *coughmisakamikotocough* followers.

    • Raph says:

      The Railgun manga is awesome! It’s quite a bit darker than the anime – mostly because of the Sisters arc – and has much more action, though, so they’re a little different. Both are fantastic, though. Also, I cannot wait for Index 2! I adore Index too, but I wish they focused on the ‘science side’ a bit more, lol.

      Yes! I totally agree about Kongou and her chill pill. xD I was also sold on her early, and then when she saved Misaka in episode 23 off-screen, I was like ‘They better show her powers next episode, or I’ll rage’. But thankfully they did show her powers, and they were even more awesome than I hoped for. Also love the contrast between Kongou/Kuroko – funnily enough, Kongou’s first name (Mitsuko) means ‘light child’ and Kuroko’s first name means ‘black child’. 😛 So the rivalry is even down to the name!

      Whew, sorry for the long comment. orz Only Railgun can make me rant like this!

      • Ryuuko says:

        Haha nowai I’m enjoying the Railgun hi-jack ;p Bit sorry for seitokai though lol. I liked how Kongou also thought of herself as Misaka’s partner though Kuroko would probably take her head off if she said it seriously! Actually Kuroko’s got pretty awesome control in that sense since Kongou’s always trying to rile her up in one way or another.

        It would be such a waste if they didn’t make a second Railgun D: I’d be gutted since I’ve always loved the action scenes of season 1. Plus it sounds like they’ve got heaps of good material to work with in the manga. Hmm idk!

        • BlackLagoon187 says:

          It’s inevitable when we have Railgun fanboy/girl commentors. Railgun > Everything else.
          Only thing that beats Railgun for me is Hayate no Gotoku because I am a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fanboy of Hinagiku 😛

          Totally did not notice the pun on Kuroko and Kongou’s first name. Thanks for the info. 🙂

        • Ryuuko says:

          I’ve only seen a few eps of Hayate aaages ago but I remember Hinagiku was my fave out of all the girls too lol. I definitely can’t say that I ever reached fangirl status but with more episode watching … who knows 😛

          I didn’t catch the Mitsuko/Kuroko name thing either but we’ve gathered the Railgun collective here so its no wonder we learned something! I saw that the new chap of the manga was out btw :O

  6. BlackLagoon187 says:

    ~Nyaaaaaa~ it was on ok chapter. Misaka’s High Kick/Boxer flashing was missing!!!!! >:-(

    LMAO and the cover page is Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi!

    • Ryuuko says:

      Lol really :O Maaan we should have had this discussion in the Ookami 6 post just to make things extra weird!! No boxer flash? Kuroko should have taken her on a date at that vending machine!! Is there any gekota in the manga btw? That frog is the man. I always thought Kuroko should just dress up as Gekota and have her dreams come true.

      • BlackLagoon187 says:

        Ahahaha, general rule is, as far as Misaka Mikoto is concerned there are always Gekota nearby :-]

        • Ryuuko says:

          What would she do if it was a Kuroko sized Gekota with a Kuroko inside? =O I really do wonder ;D

        • BlackLagoon187 says:

          Well… A Gekota is a Gekota :-] So be prepared for some Yuri-licious action presented by Gekota-Kuroko collaboration.

          Well got to go sleep now since I have work tomorrow and give this Railgun spammed thread a break :tantrum

          Good night denizens of Metanorn!

          • Kyokai says:

            Heheee! I’m delighted at your repeated visits. Ryuu, I think you made another friend. xD


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