Kuroshitsuji II – 08

Any fans worst nightmare…~

~Last week, after finishing my review for the previous episode, I stumbled upon the Kuroshitsuji community on livejournal. Interestingly enough, someone had posted a translation of Yana Toboso’s blog for that day, Friday the 13th when one television station was going to premiere the episode. It was quite interesting as to what she had to say about the anime and episode 7 in particular. In her blog, she talked about the demonic butlers and the concept of what a ‘demon’ really is. She also talks about an interesting interview she had about Sebastian too, which is pretty funny. However my favorite part of what she discussed was about our shota boys, Ciel and Alois. She wrote, “Both of them have come into possession of a power beyond the norm, and they’re both bad people using that great power for their personal, self-centered ends. Neither of them should be pitied. Neither of them is a good boy…” It made me think actually, because in my review I was sort of pitying Alois myself. If you’d like, you can read the translation here.
Now onto the episode that’ll give you the shock of your life, at least, for a certain character’s fangirls.

Our rocky episode begins with a flashback towards Claude’s blood-stained face after Ciel and Sebastian had left a bloody and dying Alois. He’s still mumbling, and he soon wakes up in his room with a bandage around his stomach. Hannah tries to replace the bandage, but is threatened to stay away and call Claude.

As Claude arrives and changes Alois’s bandages, they both bash a little on Ciel about his sword skills. Alois then asks if Claude would like to devour him, and he replies with a ‘well there is that…’, followed by his creepy smile.

Even Alois thinks his smile is creepy~!

The opening sequence changes back to the sequence from the first episode, and afterward we see Hannah diligently mopping before Alois steps in. He’s still badly wounded, but he falls over on top of her, and begs her to take him to Ciel.

Once in the carriage, Alois begins his flashbacks to his troubled past.

As kids, Alois, and his little brother Luca were orphans, and the villagers did nothing to help them. Alois holds such a hateful grudge against them all that he wishes for them to all die. The darling Luca is almost just as mad as his older brother as he hopes for his wish to come true.

His wish seems to come true as they spot the village on fire, and all the villagers dead.

The adorably mad boys celebrate, and decide to steal everything off the dead bodies.

Alois is busy stealing a necklace when a cold chill runs through him. He tries to find Luca, and does, but his poor little brother is dead.

A few years later, an older Alois is in a carriage heading into the Trancy mansion, where a perverted old man is taking in boys for his…sexual pleasure. At first he is rejected as the old man’s play toy because of his ‘dirty’ eyes.

In the bath room, where the boys await their washing, a boy tells of a fairy who grants wishes. Alois asks how to ‘contact’ this ‘fairy’, and goes to the forest to do just that.

He does end up calling upon it, and winds up in a spider’s web. A spider appears, and asks what is Alois’s wish. He has none: he wants to run away, but there is no place to go back to. The grudge against the villagers was already taken care of, and he doesn’t care about the perverted old man. The spider takes the web away, and tells Alois when he has a wish ready to find him and make a contract then. Before they part Alois asks if he is a fairy, but he replies with ‘a demon’.

Back to the old man, his servants tell him that all his boys, or dolls as the pervert calls them, have all ‘broke’, dead from the recent plague. Alois is all that’s left. Despite the old man’s protest, when he actually sees Alois, he is dumbfounded.

We then are taken to a human Claude telling Alois what happeend to the village he lived in. He tells him that Sebastian, working under the contract of Ciel Phantomhive, destroyed the village. He also proceds to tell them that Sebastian is unusually strongly tied to Ciel’s soul. Hearing this, Alois orders Claude (who magically transforms into a butler) to bring him Ciel.

After the death of the perverted old man, Claude asks as to why Alois doesn’t want Sebastian dead, but want Ciel. Alois doesn’t think dying is enough for killing his younger brother; he wants Sebastian to be in agony.

We are then sent foreward to the present where a huge tree collapses in front of the carriage, and Hannah manages to serve away but crash into another tree. And there, in the carriage, our favorite shinigami Grell appears. He tells Alois, or Jim Mccain (which is his actually name), that Death approaches for the poor boy. Grell also manages to tell him that normally, he wouldn’t travel for work, but his soul has suddenly become strange.

The conversation ends there however as our next demon, Hannah rips off the roof of the carriage, and their small battle starts.

Alois proceeds to crawl away from the fight as we are sent on another flashback trip as we see the very violent memories of Alois and Claude together. In between these memories, we also see tidbits of Grell and Hannah’s intense battle.

Alois drags himself to a tree as he narrates about Claude’s eyes, bitter-sweetly telling about his feelings, just as a angry dog is about to attack him. Meanwhile, Grell thrusts his chainsaw into Hannah’s stomach, pinning her to a tree.

In a swift change of scenes, Claude appears and kills the dog that was about to attack his young master. Alois then drags himself to Claude, almost pleading him to stay with him, saying he is the only person he has left. Claude bends down to the height of the bleeding Alois, a smile on his face, telling him, “As a butler to go that far…”

With a swift motion, blood pours from Alois, and he falls to the side. On Claude’s bloody hands is a gold ring with a blood red jewel on it.

Grell then appears behind him, saying that Alois’s soul won’t affect the intake of souls that were suppossed to die. Neither of them will steal his soul though. The episode ends as Claude asks if Grell is Sebastian’s ally (all the fangirls know where this is going), and Grell replies with his trademark grin and hand sign saying ‘Supreme love is always a battle to the death!’.

We are also introduced to a new ending song by the lovely girls of Kalfina, who did the second season one ending song. The song itself is very sad, but lovely. It truly does fit the sad ending to this episode. The images displayed for the ending are also very sad themselves, as they show our deceased Alois in a lovely display of color.

However there is a little tidbit left after the ending credits finish. Hannah is still alive, of course, and finds her young master lifeless on the ground. She sits on top of him, circling her finger around one of his eyes, then bends her head down as if to kiss him. The wind blows, and we are left to wait.

End Thoughts: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~?! Claude you bastard, I hate you forever now till the series ends! ;A; Our poor little bipolar blondie has died. And they didn’t even take his soul, uwaah. Well, actually, I believe Hannah took his soul; after the ending song, there’s that little piece left and it shows her doing something to him. It would make sense. Did you also see that she did something to his eye as well? xD Looks like she got her revenge, heehee.

I really hate the fact that they made that death scene too quick. It didn’t give me enough time to actually cry, but it made me so shocked I started cussing at the screen intensly. I’m not even sure what Claude did to him actually .____.; It was a really bitter scene though. Poor Alois is practically in love with Claude, and he kills him! He’s the only person he had leeffffttt~. Again, you can’t help but feel so sorry for the poor kid, no matter how much you could have hated him in the beginning, or what Yana tells you on her blog.

I feel kind of dumb for not thinking that Grell coming in the episode was a hint at ‘Someone is gonna die!’.  I didn’t even think about it at all until friends who saw the raw started telling me that I was gonna hate Claude afterward, and when I looked over my past review and I predicted Alois might die by Claude’s doing. BOY WAS I RIGHT ;A; (And so were some of the commenters). The whole scene where Grell descends on the carriage sent me into a shock that lasted all the way to the end of the video. I had a problem though with the fight scenes between Hannah and Grell: they were short! I wanted to see Hannah kick some more ass, but of course the main focus was Alois flashbacking to his memories of Claude. From the preview however, I guess I’ll get my wish to see more kick-ass moves from Hannah.

This whole episode turned out to be pretty creepy: Alois and his little brother Luca wishing for the deaths of all the villagers, that disgusting old man, Claude smiling, Alois half-naked thoughout the whole damn episode. *shiverrrr* I kept getting goosebumps, especially when Claude would smile. I knew that creepy, sinister smile of his signaled something horrible to come (my Kuro fangirl senses were tingling I guess). The only thing I was a bit happy about for this episode was the clearing of all this confusion with Alois, his past, and his reason as to why he wanted Ciel in the first place. I thought it was pretty interesting when it turned out Alois wasn’t really part of the Trancy family. The kid is a good liar, heh.

Overall, this episode was waaaay better than the last, a bit boring yes, but full of so much shocking scenes you’ll remember this episode forever. Also, I’m sorry if these end thoughts are really random and very out of tune; I’m still in major shock over what just happened, seriously ;A; I actually had to pace around my labtop to clear my sinister thoughts of what should happen to Claude after what that bastard did. Alois, I’ll still love you even if Claude doesn’t! You’ll always have your fans! Bring him back A-1, gosh damnit! ;A;

Preview: An ACTUALLY interesting preview with a…flying Ciel?

Also, we see Hannah with guns (because we all know she’s only cool with weapons), Claude looking like he’s ready to get Ciel, and a very demonic Sebastian. All in All, some serious shit is going to go down next episode. Let’s wait another agonizing week~!


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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25 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji II – 08”

  1. Kami-sama says:

    -dramatic sobbing-
    Ahhnn, I’ll miss him~</3
    I agree that the death scene was just too fast. We spend the whole episode on his past, and the BAMKILLED.
    When Claude kept getting closer to Alois, I assumed they were going to kiss, until Claude crushed his head. e-e
    But if anyone had to kill Alois, I'm glad it was Claude, otherwise Alois would probably be even more hurt.andpissedoff
    Luca was pretty cute~ =w= Blindly following his Onii-chan~ But I have a feeling that since he was so young, he didn't have much notion of what had really happened. Either way, Nii-chan is a terrible influence. XD
    Kinda wondering who that old man really was, was he the head of the Trancy family? Alois' so-called "father"? They probably said something about that in the episode, and I never realised. orz
    I probably would have made that same perverted face seeing Alois like that. XD obby.
    Part of me is still hoping that Alois will come back to life , maybe that stupid whore Hanna will bring him back? ;w;'''
    Ahhhnnn… I'll miss himmmmm. ;A;
    Thanks for the review. ;w;

    • Hoshi says:

      Yeah, if someone else would’ve killed Alois, I probably would’ve been sobbing, and it’s just more sadder to see Claude kill him than anyone else.
      Luca was so adorable!.>
      Hahahah FLYING CIEL FTW<3

  2. ichigopocky says:

    I am still in shock too :shock
    I didn’t like Alois at all but that was … yeah but my friend is crying over his death
    that was a very sad wierd good episode
    and ahhhhhhh zomg I want to watch the next one
    thanks for the post

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I was in such a shock, I couldn’t even concentrate the whole day. I was in such a daze |’D
      Now I’m excited where the rest of Kuroshitsuji is gonna end up now that Alois is dead and Claude is sort of like free @[email protected]
      you’re welcome, thanks for the commenting!

      • ichigopocky says:

        I think he is gonna steal… or try to take claude and of course seby is gonna be freak out evil demonic power mode which will end in demon v.s. demon but they have mentioned it before that Sebastion is as strong as he used to be because he hasn’t had a soul for a while soooo I wanna see how that turns out

  3. Eva says:

    I was shocked that I even cried for Alois because really I didn’t like his character! But I was crying so much I had to get tissues.
    . __ . ? I actually thought Claude crushed Alois’s head seeing all that blood fall and the amount of his hands. And then in the end we see his head still there so I’m like, “HUH?”

    I’m curious to know if we’ll see both Sebby’s and Claude’s true demon forms, and boy speaking of Sebby, he looks SUPER pissed off in the preview.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Awwww, I loved Alois but I couldn’t even tear up ^^; It was too quick, that death scene.
      Yeah I’m not sure what Claude did to kill him…I thought maybe he opened his wound up more or something .____.;
      Oh Sebas-chan looks SO PISSED, I was gonna have a caption of that but forgot xD

  4. Bárbara says:

    I you look clearly the ring on ciel’s hand is the same one that claude stole, or so it seems O.O
    Can’t wait for next ep!

  5. Toma says:

    I didn’t know Hannah was a demon and if so why hasn’t her eye regenerated yet?

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah Grell says ‘Oh another demon’ to Hannah really quick, I’m surprised I caught that. That is true, maybe she’s just acting like she doesn’t have it?

  6. Freak1990 says:


    • Hoshi says:

      I hope he comes back alive or something!

  7. lalala says:



  8. Namika says:

    whoa :frozen the outcome I expected the least. Maybe because I let my guard down after the disappointment from the last episode…

    However, I’ve got WAY too mixed thoughts and emotions piled in my head now… :sigh

    The first thing I’ll say, that this episode was utterly bitter. As much as I detested Alois from the beginning [even though I knew he had a pretty difficult past] now I feel really sorry for that kid. He’s still a crazy bipolar idiot, that is disgusting to watch sometimes, but now he has an excuse for that in my eyes. The boy just didn’t have anyone to rely on, to teach him, just anyone. Baby-brother doesn’t count, because you know, he died before he could offer any kind of support to anyone. [he WAS Alois’s, or may I say Jim’s reason to live on and such, but hardly any conscious mental support] And he most certainly wasn’t the type that learns and matures completely on his own. Unfortunately, he wasn’t strong enough to stand alone, but he wasn’t a bad person either, he just grew up in a bad environment. So, I actually felt bad when Claude killed him. [I didn’t like him from the very start!!!! :kill I know, demon is a demon, but there’s something about him that is just so detestable! urgh…]

    Even though we got a bad quality goods a week before, this episode made up for it completely. There were small details that “displeased” me, but let’s put that aside….. So I think Kuroshitsuji II is moving in an interesting direction now. And quite tricky one! The preview was really intriguing…. like, why the hell was Ciel flying, why did he have Alois’ sing on, and what’s the matter with Sebastian acting deamon?.. >> fushigi naa~

    I once again have high expectations for this show, and I hope it will overcome them the way nor I, nor anyone else would’ve expect. It will get much trickier, now that Claude became a completely independent player and + Ciel’s revenge material is now useless…. [I know, I’m heartless… T_T]
    SO interesting to see the further development! I can’t bear it!!! :wah

  9. anaaga says:

    uh, wait. didn’t claude took alois’s soul, but didn’t eat it? i think i saw something like “this might be useful in the future” or something like that when claude took the ring and put it in his pocket…so i assume that he took alois’s soul but didn’t eat is because it’s full of “love,” right? i think ^^;

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah I have friends who say the same thing o.o That would be more interesting than him just dying, hmmm.
      Thank you for pointing that out! ^^

  10. umm says:

    I just wanted to point out that in your summary you stated that Sebastian burned the village down under Ciel’s contract, but I recall the episode stating that it was indeed Sebastian’s doing, but under the contract of someone that’s already dead. Ciel is just his current charge.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Oh really?! Opps, my mistake ^^; I fail at reading subtitles correctly sometimes, hahaha.
      Thank you for pointing that out to me!

  11. Beulah says:

    We all thought Ciel was dead at the end of S1…and he clearly is not. I’m sure the same will be true for Alois.

  12. Tara says:

    Shock? I was actually happy he died >ww< Thank you Claude, for ridding the world of that brat :love:
    I'm not so sure he's really dead for good though, Chiel's soul was in his ring or something since he was brought back using that and Claude took Alois' ring… darn brat might come back at some point *crosses fingers and hopes he won't*

    • Tara says:

      A part of what I wrote is missing O.o Not like it was that important, just me hating on Alois a bit XP But yeah, here’s the full first part, I hope it’ll all show up this time.

      Shock? I was actually happy he died >w< I've hated him from the beginning, he's a vile, annoying brat. I used to dislike Claude too but now I kind of like him for getting rid of Alois ^^ I felt happy from the moment I saw Grell in the carriage, it was obvious then that Alois was as good as dead. Thank you Claude, for ridding the world of that brat :love:

      • Hoshi says:

        ~Ahhh, so you’re an Anti-Alois fan! xD That’s perfectly fine, he was an insufferable brat at times but I personally grew attached to him.
        Yeah I have many people telling me that maybe his soul is in that ring that Claude had, and it’s going to be the same thing like with Ciel, like you said.
        Hahaha well, we’re just going to have to wait |’D
        thanks for the comment!

  13. little1 says:

    Hmm, for some reason, when you put the name Hannah’s and Grell’s name together in your review. For some reason the name Hansel and Gretel popped up in my head.
    I’m sorry,Ack, I must be really odd… :bow

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahaha it does sound like it! ^^ You’re not odd, after you say their names together a bit it really does sound like it :3

  14. Lalala says:

    I’M SO MAD I COULD DIE RIGHT NOW!! (I just finished this series). Seriously, Alois was my favorite Kuroshitsuji character T_T WHY CLAUDE!!! I HATE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!

    Actually, I am beginning to think that I love Alois just cuz he’s so pretty XD And he has a bad past. Haha… I love girly guys with bad pasts, I’m weird that way… But one way or the other, he DID NOT DERVE TO DIE!! It was a horrible death!!!! *kills Claude*


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