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Recent: All confirmed Fall shows now  have updated trailers, air dates and episode information.

Kyokai: Domo minnasan~ Time to get busy with the upcoming Fall Anime season and it looks quite promising indeed. Welcome to our first Team post, we bring you a detailed Fall Anime 2010 Season Review! Including everything under the fall sun so sit back, relax and read on! ^^

Hoshi: Yay, Fall Season~! When I obtained this enormous list of animes, OVAs, and movies galore, I become really excited, and pretty fangirly ^^; I just hope all my expectations for this season don’t go down the tube~.

Overcooled: Hello, everyone! Thanks for reading! I didn’t even realize that so many series were coming out this Fall…Wow…Some of them have me really excited, and as usual, I shake my head at some of them as well.  Come, take my hand, and follow us on this journey~. We promise to entertain. *smirk*

Ryuuko: Hey guys! Well, well, well, looking forward to the Fall season already! I won’t deny that the amount of work that went into this review was huuuuge!! But please consider it as a present from all of us to you guys, especially the ones that keep coming back and leaving comments here and there to make the work worthwhile! It looks like it’s gonna be a pretty cool season; I’m excited and ready to tear it up when new series finally start rolling out! Hope you guys continue to stick with us. Ryuuko, out! >:)

Hato-kun: And so it begins! I’m finally here previewing anime for Fall 2010! With so many shows out this upcoming season will anything actually be worth watching? Well, we’ll all be sure to tell you, so read on! Maybe there will be a few hidden gems….

Masu: Oh joy, the season that I love the most has come at last. Oh autumn, how I wish to see your red-orange foliage, to feel your crispy morning air. Oh, how I love to wait in your cool embrace for the chill of winter. Oh, how I would much like just to bask and wait, to sleep and dream of fiery trees and snow covered lands. But, fall season also means new shows. And that means work. =3= buu!

Flags: Fall sure looks better than Summer, even better than last year’s lineup. I’ll be covering all the good shows so you know whose reviews to read… (>.<)b I’ll add in more when I get back from Toronto. Till then, get chance and luck!

Kyokai: Like always, the catalogue also includes a complete list of Movies and OVAs; also, as we have an extensive number of TV series, they have been divided into sections as per our interests and wanting to do something fabulous~.

>> Action Packed Circuit!: Here you will find all the action, mecha and shounen line-ups, which includes some very awaited while some not so awaited titles.

>> The Moe and Ecchi Club: All up for some moe and/or ecchi fun say, ah yeah~ here!

>> The Bishies Lair and Outcasts: Kanzie and Kyokai’s most beloved section. This includes all the bishies along with some supernatural, comedy and romance outcasts, not fitting in other sections.

>> List of Fall OVAs

>> List of Fall Movies

>> Roundups and Updates log: This is the final studio, seiyuu, sources roundup along with update notes on edits to be made.

Draft versions (not counting the individual comments): Show ▼

>>>> So, let’s get this show started!

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We are the deadly team of Metanorn. When together, we usually come up with long, informative reviews and commentary. After all, we take fangirling seriously!
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267 Responses to “FALL ANIME 2010”

  1. Mushyrulez says:

    My god so… so LONG


    Even CHARTFAG hasn’t posted anything


    • Kyokai says:

      *hands out first post cookie*

      Fufufuuuu~ We wanted to get it over with quickly as Summer was/is not that hot really. So, we researched well via MAL/ANN/Wiki and here we are. ^^

      • Flags says:

        I like how you can tell that I didn’t write my intro part because you used emoticons. When do I ever use emoticons?

        • Kyokai says:

          That was supposed to be a joke. I msg’d you to edit it out when you were next online… -__-

  2. Hoshi says:

    ~I’m still sad that there isn’t much info on the Deadman Wonderland anime series ;A; I’m looking forward to that so much. I need some blood and gore!
    I’m already fangirling about the Kuroshitsuji OVAs too o3o Those characters designs are just lovely<3
    Also, after seeing the pictures to some of these anime series, I want to change my opinion on a lot of them, hahaha. But who knows I might have been right after all, I'll just have to wait and see.
    Awesome job Kyokai, you certainly did work hard!<3 Now you need to rest ^^;

    • Kyokai says:

      Thank you, Hoshi. The team effect has been awesome! ^^

      I have been looking forward to Deadman, Shirei and Arakawa the most. There are of course a lot other and like I always do, will definitely sample everything. And you can always change your mind now that you know what others said on the titles discussed. XD

    • Ryuuko says:

      Too true Hoshi! There’s a couple of series I’d like to take a second look at now, especially after seeing everyone’s opinions of them lol. Btw I like how we don’t all overlap on the same things lol. Can’t wait until we get our series allocated, I’ll probably start losing sleep the closer we get to fall! :woo

  3. Overcooled says:



    Ok, I’ve calmed down now. lol at everyone liking Kuragehime but me. I feel like my tastes are weird. *bites lip* Let’s hope that everything we blog about turns out awesome. =D (I had way too much fun reading everyone’s comments)

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL~ It is indeed a very promising season. Also, none of the writers at Metanorn have weird tastes, we rather bend towards some genres more than others. This actually helps in the long run with diversity rather than everyone talking about the same thing. So, you are good to go, Cool~! ^^

      • Ryuuko says:

        Orr… we all have weird tastes lol. Looks like Hato and I are similar in the sense that we’re moe + ecchi friendly. To some extent anyway lol. Huge… hugeness still scares the crap out of me.

    • Kyokai says:

      Masu, you are a confirmed lolicon. *straight face*

  4. BlackLagoon187 says:

    My goodness, so many titles I want to see but oh so little time :-[

    Definite watches: The World Only God Knows, Arakawa 2, Index 2 >__<, Railgun OVA ~Nyaaa~, Deadman Wonderland

    Give a shots: Bakuman, Goulart Knights, The loli imouto one, yQuartet

    LoL at the yQuartet pic cuz I mistook the main lead guy and the girl to the left as Mikado and Anri respectively on my first skim.

    • Overcooled says:

      There’s a lot to see, right? =D Watching a bit of everything is always fun~ I’m excited for Arakawa 2 as well~ What a busy fall it shall be~

      lol omg Mikado and Anri, I WISH THAT WERE TRUE!!!

    • Ryuuko says:

      Muahahaha I’m totally gonna follow your ‘Give a shots’ too. Looks like we’ll still have some interesting discussions coming up.

  5. Kami-sama says:

    I want to see pretty much everything in the moe and ecchi section. Nothing can ever compare to tits and lots of cute girls.
    Sadly, I’m a bit disappointed by the outcast section. Usually I find lots I want to see, but there’s not much for me in there. Too bad.
    I’m trying to decide whether or not to watch Togainu no Chi. I know the game was a pretty hot yaoi, but I hear the anime was toned down to just a few “friendship” moments here and there. Tch.
    Although I hate to say this as a Marvel/DC hater(I have a friend that’s addicted and never shuts up about it), that Ironman trailer looked pretty cool. The art was good. But I might pass, just to save my pride…
    Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt just wtf is that I am so watching wth.
    Thanks for the update, adsadfsf can’t wait for Fall.♥

    • Kyokai says:

      After we were done with the comments, it was an overall feeling that we simply CAN’T WAIT FOR FALL!!! Aaaaaaaarghhh!

      In case of Outcasts, do check out Arakawa, Psychic Detective Yakumo, Kuragehime, TWGOK and Soredemo Machi. Now that you’ve said that I want to go look for this Togainu no Chi game… >.< And I agree, dunno wtf is PnS but I'm sure watching out of curiosity. There's loads of moe and ecchi galore this season so plenty for everyone. Thanks for becoming a regular commentor here. Good to see you around! 😉

      • Masu says:

        PnS ALL THE WAY MAN, i dunno whats up with you two. r.r

        • Kyokai says:

          Lol, nothing. We just can’t be PnS all the way! We gotta see other stuff too! =P

  6. Zenbaka says:

    OH MAN you guys are FAAAST.

    I actually would take a stab at watching most of these!

    Bakuman- The manga kiiind of got boring but I’ll definitely watch the anime. Is it wrong to hope for Death Note-esque EPIC DRAWING scenes?

    Deadman Wonderland, Kuragehime, Otome Youkai Zakuro, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru and Tamayura I’m definitely trying. Especially Kuragehime. Brains Base fffffff

    Togainu no Chi-…Must…supress…inner…fujoshi…

    Mirai Nikki- YES. I never got to catch up with the manga but I can’t pass down this psycho horror. It’s amazingly INSANE.

    Megane na Kanojo- Just picked up the manga recently, it’s adorable ;w; I can’t wait till this comes out ♥

    Kuroshitsuji Special- Okay, so season 2 hasn’t been all that…sane… but I would DEFINITELY watch Ciel in Wonderland. Oh what I wouldn’t give for more Trap!Ciel…♥ KUROSHITSUJI FOR LIFE♥

    MAYBE: Goulart Knights, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Just the title (of Panty and Stocking) has me giggling.

    Also Yozakura Quartet- I guess why not? Although it can hardly compare to Durarara!! I would still give it a try.

    And is that a second season of Letter Bee I spy? OH HELL YES.

    Super special awesome job guys *A* The chart is neat-o and you guys are AMAZING! Can’t wait till fall now♥♥♥♥

    • Kyokai says:

      Zenbaka-chan~! We at Metanorn humbly thank you~! ♥♥♥

      I’ll be checking out almost all the ones you mentioned and most of my mates here too. My fangirlyness goes on super-drive with the expectations that I have for these. I would love some Death Note-esque action but J.C. Staff being the busiest studio in fall, I’m actually scared for Bakuman’s fate!

      Btw, Is Megane no Kanojo good? I might just try it out if the main lead is voiced by Kana Hanazawa! :3

      • Zenbaka says:

        Oh Megane no Kanojo is cute, I wouldn’t call it super good or anything but if you’re looking for a tame kind of cutesy shoujo-romance type of thing then you might want to try it~

        I hope it’s Kana too XD

        • Kyokai says:

          This means I will definitely check it out. Hopefully it’s a cute version of what we saw of Kana in Occult Academy. xD

        • Ryuuko says:

          Oh man, looks like I’ll be checking it out too lol. Life purge through cutesy shoujo-romance! ^^; Sounds like something for me 😉

  7. Dana says:

    I wouldn’t write off Togainu No Chi just because it is based on a Yaoi game; if it is as good as the trailer makes it out to be at least.

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, I’m a big yaoi fan (shh don’t tell anyone) so I’m all for it. But just like everything else, I’m going to have to see episode 1 before I can cast any final judgement :3

      • Kyokai says:

        Fufufuuu~ Don’t you worry Dana, there are many fangirls here who like BL. It just has to be good and at least OC and I would be testing this out. ^^

  8. oplover says:

    Fall season wil be so so so so so so so so so GREAT!!!!
    First, ALMOST all anime in Moe and ecchi section. 9. Then, As SHAFT lover, we have arakawa and Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, and kami nomi for plus. It makes 12. In action, Bakuman, Deadmen wonderland, Tegami bachi 2, Index 2. 16. In OVA, railgun, Air Gear, Bungaku Shoujo, Koe de Oshigoto, Megane na Kanojo, tamayura, seikimatsu. 23. Movie (If the DVD or Blueray are out actually :P) are gundam and Orgel (I hear this movie has 7 minutes more long than the original, so i want to see it). 25. That’s A LOT.
    But ika musume and otoshimono : forte are my first priority. You know, they are BLUE, TSUNDERE, and MOE (I’m talking abou nymph and ika of course)

    • Overcooled says:

      I TOO AM VERY EXCITED, YEOSHHH! I’m not a big moe and ecchi fan, so someone else will probably cover those but as for action YEAH I’M IN!!!! I think I have like 17 shows I want to see at least the first episode of. Wow, 25 for you…So much anime!! You have a lot of watching to do~

      I hope your blue+tsundere+moe = win~ I hate disappointments >_<

      • Ryuuko says:

        No worries, we’re sure to cover the moe and ecchi ;D Hato and I are prolly gonna have to throw down over a few series but we’ll get them covered I’m sure. Personally I’m looking forward to Ika Musume, I hope its hilarious!

        • oplover says:

          Well, i’m a healthy boy after all. Little fanservices won’t hurt xD

        • Hato-kun says:

          I will fight you for that moe and ecchi, Ryuuko. I will FIGHT to the DEATH. :3

          And good reasoning, Oplover. I like your style of thinking.

        • Ryuuko says:

          Lol there go my adult sensibilities! Fighting a teenage guy over moe and ecchi… Looks like I’ll put off acting like a grownup for a while longer :runs:

          Way to go Fall season! Sheesh 😛 Ah well at least it looks like we have some nice titles to fight over muahahahaha!! >:)

  9. bakuhasu says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!

    *Can finally rest while needing a dose of the next fall season*

    That was….GREAT!!! Great list guys! It takes a lot of work and coordination to compile this loooooong list of yours. Very informative and now I know what to watch for this fall season..

    *compiles selflist for the next DDD ep*

    One of my “going to watch” anime (sadly forgotten or not mentioned in this list) is Super Robot Wars: The Inspector.

    O and….. if you were to look closely at Flag’s opinions of certain shows, you will sh*t bricks.

    Till then….. SEEE YOU MAI-CHAN in the fall season!!!

    • Grim says:

      lol poutine?

      • Kyokai says:

        Domo Arigatou ne~ Baku! ^^

        Hopefully this would give you more stuff to talk about in the upcoming DDD epis. Btw, Super Robot Taisen is on our skip list at page 7. ^_~

        And we’ve become so used to Flags’ biasness that it doesn’t even produce a raised eyebrow. Problem is, most of his predictions come true, damn it! :sigh

        @ Grim, I think this was his polite version… >.>

    • Ryuuko says:

      Hey hey it’s our mate Baku 😛 How goes? Haha I love that there’s so many people dropping their opinions here so we can all fangirl/fanguy together about fall :XD: It’s gonna be more than awesome.

      • Kyokai says:

        *fanboy. Btw, a lot of fanboys actually fangirl. Go figure. xD

        • bakuhasu says:

          EHEHE… *sniffs* That would be me and Flags.

          I fangirl for anything VA/Key, and Mai Nakahara, and Flags fangirl anything for TYPE-MOON/Sakamoto Maaya

        • Ryuuko says:

          Lol fanguy is a newly christened Ryuu word! Like zomaagaaa~ :woo

      • bakuhasu says:

        I don’t know what your Ryuu word is, but I hope my fangirling don’t spread through all the inches of the comment section….

        AHHHHHHH~ Nakahara Mai (don’t know will the show be good…) :shakesfist

        • Kyokai says:

          Baku, LOL, I so know! Let the fangirling spread to all corners of Metanorn. We are a bunch of fangirls anyway and proud of it too (including the guys!) :fangirl

          Now to Otome Youkai, seriously can’t make up my mind about it. Seiyuu are awesome but J.C. Staff… Let’s see.

        • Ryuuko says:

          Nakahara Mai! Mai-Hime!… Another series I’m embarrassed to like. My best mate reckons I only like anime guys would like. And not just regular guys either… WEIRD guys. Ego goes boom! I also liked her in StoPani, Sola and that one where the girls play baseball (which I really liked but I’m playing that down by being blasé about it) ;p

      • bakuhasu says:

        @Ryuuko, HAVE YOU SEEN CLANNAD? Sorry… Fangirling about Nakahara Mai and KEY is acting up…

        • Ryuuko says:

          Lol unfortunately not but I did somehow get addicted to the dango song. Dango dango dango dango. Except it was the actual song… not just dango typed four times with me humming.

          Obviously the shows I (so do not!((do)) fangirl over are different to yours 😛 Well in all honesty I only fangirl over Mai-Hime. I have Hime/Otome/Sora Kake Girl Weiss Schwarz cards @[email protected]

        • bakuhasu says:

          Haha Could sing that song all day with my sister.. ~Dango Dango Dango Dango Dango Daikazoku~ But Seriously if it’s any role that Nakahara Mai is known for then it is CLANNAD/AS… NAGISAAA!!!!!

          Damn should review that soon in the show..

          (I really need a Dango Plushie….) :cute:

        • Ryuuko says:

          Omg yes, review it and I 100% promise I’ll listen in! ;D I thought quite seriously about watching Clannad… I think I might have bailed because I thought it was going to be too sad 😥

    • bakuhasu says:

      J.C Staff despite the horrible adaptation that is Tsukihime, and the awful awful Shakugan no Shana can do romance pretty well…

      Currently watching Kimikiss: Pure Rouge and loving every moment of it, and loved Toradora. I guess I do have a love hate relationship with J.C

      • Kyokai says:

        I feel the same way but J.C. Staff > Studio DEEN any day. I loved their treatment of Nodame Cantabile, Honey and Clover and even Toradora! (though I liked the latter more because of Ryuuji).

        Let’s see how Bakuman goes, I certainly have very high expectations of it. ^^

        • Ryuuko says:

          Nodame was hilarious!! Tbh I actually came to watch the anime since I loved the jdrama live action one so much @[email protected]~ That’s one series I’d definitely openly fangirl about! :love:

          • Kyokai says:

            I loved Nodame’s character! So unpredictable yet lively. xD
            We’ll properly fangirl it the next time we chat. :fangirl

  10. Chibiru says:

    I guess I should say I’ve lurked metanorn for the past year or so, but never actually commented. ;;;; However, I will thank you guys for the awesome updates you always do! I’m terribly excited for the fall season. Starry Sky, Arakawa, the Kuroshitsuji specials, etc.

    Though I’m also commenting to say that I’m flattered you guys posted up my Starry Sky video as the fanmade trailer. <3 I never expected it! Thank you! /bow.

    • Overcooled says:

      There goes your posting virginity~ kekekeke~ (It’s ok, I used to lurk here too). Thanks for the compliments! …Even though I just started writing here at Metanorn…so can’t take credit for ALL the awesome, ne? Wooo, another Arakawa fan!

      Oh wow, you’re the one who made that trailer?? Wow! I think I should be the one bowing, that’s some nice work there! Thanks for making it! \^o^/

      • Kyokai says:

        Chibiru-chan~ I’m glad you are out of the lurk-more and let me tell you, I simply lurved your video. ♥♥♥ The reason I included it. ^^

  11. Yukiko says:

    WOW. So much to comment on but like O_O I don’t really know where to start lmao. Thanks for the huuuuuge update. *sitting in awe*

    • Overcooled says:

      Don’t be reserved, TELL ME EVERYTHING O_O *intimidates*

      No really, don’t be afraid to make a huge comment. It’ll match our Godzilla-sized post. Teehee, glad you liked the update ^__^

      • Ryuuko says:

        @Yukiko She’s right, huge comment away! Or throw in lots of junior sized, baby Godzilla comments >:) We’re happy that a team as big as ours gets readers as cool as you guys to hang out with!

        @OC … I have no words. But please know I lol’d for quite a long time <3

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  13. NobleX says:

    MM ? Marines and Marauders ?
    I’ve been playing a lot of Starctaft 2 lately… o.o

    • Kyokai says:

      Try double-powered Masochism for this one… >.>

  14. Shuu says:

    Well, I had a lot of stuff to comment but I forgot it. Anyway, thanks for the news <3~!!
    Koi☆Sento sounds weird but I want to watch it <3
    Goulart Knights looks really cool~
    And the bad guy of Iron Man looks so smexy, that's worth watching~

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks! ^^ I’m definitely checking these and no worries. You can always come back to whatever you want to say. 😉

    • Ryuuko says:

      “but I forgot it.”

      … story of my life! My brain should have a rec button. I’m kind of looking forward to Koi Sento especially because it sounds weird lol.

  15. Pastel says:

    You guys are amazing. I think this site is the first to post a preview of the upcoming fall anime season roster. Good Job!

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks Pastel-chan~! <3
      We wanted to get the info out as soon as possible as we were brimming with the news of awesome Fall on the horizon.

  16. Carl says:

    SWEEEET!!! Fall list is long and I have a long list. My watch list will probably be too long for me. Ah. Can’t wait for TWGOK, Mirai Nikki, Bakuman, Index II (WHOO HOO, been waiting for this), and Sora no Otoshimono is the epicness for the laughs. Probably be checking out Deadman’s Wonderland. Violence? Sounds like some High School of the Dead to me! sweet! IF I get really bored I’ll go marathon letter be s1 and watch s2 since I love the manga. and since I stuck with the manga to the end (only because the author recycled some characters from Black Cat!), I’ll check out the To-Love Ru. I’m so gonna fail my senior year just cuz I’m too busy watching my anime. So cannot wait! I sound like a freaking fangirl when I’m a boy, but manga and anime is one of my few passions. I can’t wait to hear the metanorn’s team’s thoughts on the anime’s I’m gonna follow. Good luck to you guys!

    • Kyokai says:

      Hello there, fellow fandom-connoisseur~ We love our readers who go bonkers like us and watch/read excessively. Though, we so don’t want you to fail your year, we’d feel guilty of luring you in with our reviews… =.=;;

      So, gambatte~ for a balance diet of animu and studies. 😉

      • Ryuuko says:

        Yo Carl~

        haha I totally second Kyo’s comment, my fave readers are the ones who get outwardly get excited about the shows along with us! Good luck with school and remember, there’s a delicate balance that’s all about watching juuuust enough anime that still allows you to avoid epic failing your exams >:)

        Hope to hear from you again! 🙂

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  18. BK201 says:

    There’s at least a dozen I will be following up on now. lol

    • Kyokai says:

      Your username just reminded me that there won’t be anymore DtB, now that even Gaiden is over… TAT

      • BK201 says:

        Yeah, I know. We’re all very sad. 🙁

        • Kyokai says:

          Even when the story was so depressing I am amazed at how many people still like it. I guess you can’t really hate Hei and of course it was still EPIC WIN~. xD

  19. foshizzel says:

    Wow! lots of great stuff this fall can’t wait to see them! mostly looking forward to Index2/Star Driver/Motte To-Love-Ru/Sora no Otoshinmon and a few movies/ovas!

    • Kyokai says:

      Fall looks awesome if you compare it to the meager summer. ^^ I would checking most of the stuff you mentioned. I still have to get into Index series though.

  20. Hypothermic says:

    What!? no Gundam Unicorn?
    or would that be in OVA’s?
    but it’s not there either!

    • Kyokai says:

      There’s no Gundam Unicorn because it’s not a Fall release because it started airing from February and ending next year. ^^

      • Hypothermic says:

        my bad
        the first one was pretty epic!
        can’t wait for the 2nd OVA XD
        finally see that NT-D kick some ass

        • Kyokai says:

          Wow, another Mecha fan like TSRL. You should definitely check out the DDD podcast on Gundam (epi 3 if I remember correctly).

    • bakuhasu says:

      More like check out us then check out [email protected]!!!

      Couldn’t love mecha without THAT podcast…

      Thanks for the shoutout Kyo! I feel all giddy inside!!! :oha:

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