Supernatural gets its own anime

Some random summer updates and Supernatural news. Yeah, seriously they are getting an anime.

The summer season is tiring me and not just the heat wave but work in general (long hours becoming a norm =.=;;). Also, not a lot of summer titles are jumping at me. Till now I’ve seen first episodes of all the new titles released and only Occult Academy, Highschool of the Dead, Shiki and Kuroshitsuji II have made me bat my eyelashes. A big reason could be that I’m a huge horror and supernatural fangirl. Ookami-san and Amagami SS are comedy and fluffy shoujos (not that I’ve anything against shoujos but it has to have quality like Kimi ni Todoke, Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile, etc.) that I’m going to sample 2-3 more episodes. Mitsudomoe and Seitokai have too many innuendo-filled jokes that turn me off; everyone gets dirty jokes but when they become overwhelmingly core of a plot, I’ll go rather see TTGL, Ga-Rei_Zero_ or even Elfen Lied from my plan-to-watch queue. I might check out Legend of the Legendary Heroes for the heck of it (the first five minutes produced two chuckles), because well, it is LEGENDARY! ^^;

Out of the promising four, HOTD is impossible for me to review because of the ecchi, Flags is enough. I’ve already planned to episodically review Occult Academy and Shiki at Sekijitsu (because Kanzie might return to blog this here). I’ll have to see the pacing of Kuroshitsuji II to decide if episodic would be appropriate or not. Same for Kaichou wa Maid-sama! I’ve put it on-hold and would marathon at least three episodes together to get the Misa/Usui love back and hope there’s some development till then.

So, coming back to the news, a few days ago while randomly searching for some references on wiki, I happened to flit through Supernatural page (I love this TV show as some of you already know) to discover this brilliant news: Supernatural is getting animu-ted! Ok, so I went kyaaaa… but then was like, what if it sucked? I was quickly reassured with the fact that it’s Madhouse after all. I have some hope and by the end of this post, the supernatural/anime fans out there might get the same vibes.

*wears a reporter’s badge and starts sonorously* It was announced early last month that Madhouse (doesn’t need any introduction, Death Note, Hellsing Ultimate, Youjohan Shinwa Taikei, Vampire Hunter D, etc.) would be animating the highly popular live-action series for Warner Brothers. It’s co-directed by Shigeyuki Miya and Atsuko Ishizuka of Aoi Bungaku fame with Eric Kripke credited as the project creator, while Masao Maruyama (Madhouse co-founder) to serve as executive producer. Naoya Takayama (Night Head, Liar Game) is supervising the series’ scripts, and Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Trigun) is designing the characters. The anime will have 22 episodes and slated to release from 11th Jan, 2011.

Character designs: Is it just me or Sam looks more bishier than Dean?! Nande daayoo!? Personally I like Dean and would have a lot of expectations from his character along with the Seiyuu. Sam seems somewhat thinner as compared to the live-action version. Ah well, it’s too early to speculate because everything changes when it’s coloured and with the environment and light added; hopefully this would turn out to be awesome.

Sam: Show ▼

Dean: Show ▼

Jess: Show ▼

There’s an official site to boot and contains information that the project is not only a remake of best episodes, but would also depict original episodes not seen in the live-action version. Those original episodes will include prologues of the Winchester brothers’ childhood, anime-only enemies and episodes featuring secondary characters from the live-action version. The plot will cover the first two seasons and would also feature the well-known Impala and Colt along with known side-characters (no Castiel I think, because he showed up in season four).

Seiyuus to be the same who dub the Supernatural live-action series in Japanese: Yuya Uchida (Soul Eater’s Dr. Franken Stein, Saraiya Goyou’s Matsukitchi, Pandora Heart’s Rufus Barma) will voice Sam, while Hiroki Touchi (D.Gray-Man’s General Cross, Trinity Blood’s Abel Nightroad, Kuroshitsuji’s Bardroy) will voice Dean.

If you really can’t wait for the coming January like me, close your eyes, listen to the video and use your imagination:

I couldn’t find Sam’s seiyuu, but I certainly liked how the scene played out in Japanese; watching the video was hilarious because Dean with that voice…. LOL! If Madhouse keeps up with their awesome production, this can turn out to be one kickass show and I’ll be looking forward to it next year!

Interview Translation Updates:

Thanks to Cassi for the links.

PS: Let me know if I missed out anything from the detailed episode info at the official site. I can’t read Japanese so would appreciate if someone could translate the missing bits. Comment here or on Twitter. Thanks!

Sources: ANN for news, Supernaturalwiki for character designs and ontd_spnparty LJ community for interview links.


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31 Responses to “Supernatural gets its own anime”

  1. cassi says:

    Nice to see somebody as excited as me! The only thing you missed is the character design for Jessica and somebody was so nice to translate the interviews of the official page. 😀 – Scriptwriter Takayama Interview

    • Kyokai says:

      Hehee. I’ve been a fan of Supernatural since its first season so it’s been a great journey. Really looking forward to the next one and thanks for the links! ^^;

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  3. Namika says:

    oh, I’m soooooo looking forward to this! :kyaa: and + I’m reassured that the Madhouse will produce it, less reason to be nervous about anime being bad. :tea

    can’t wait! :cute:

    • Kyokai says:

      It’s around a sixth month wait but no worries, hope it would be good as Madhouse is one awesome studio! :glasses

  4. cassi says:

    :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :kyaa2:

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  6. umi_no_mizu says:

    I think I haven’t been psyched up for an anime so much for a loong time!

    I agree… sam does look more bishie… but then again in the live-action thats sorta what he’s portrayed as.

    AH if only Cast was in it T__T that would make my day many times over

    I have to say the seiyuu are AMAZING! two of my favorites and they nicely fit the roles IMO ^_^

    • Kyokai says:

      I literally went berserk when I found this news out and squeeeeed after seeing the art. Being a Dean-fan I’m still a bit jittery about his design but hopefully, his seiyuu would do a good job. Btw, I did like Castiel’s seiyuu, if only he could’ve been a part of this. Oh well… T_T

  7. Mikoto says:

    I’ve known about this for a while, and I’m pretty excited too. Supernatural is a badass show that would make for a badass anime. It’s pretty much the only show I watch on the CW whenever I have the time on TV, along with two and three other shows.

    • Kyokai says:

      I was asleep when this was announced last month; finally I did wake up! xD

      I used to watch Smallville from CW but oh well, it became so meh… so only watched this and Vampire diaries last season.

  8. Flags says:

    As far as western TV shows go; Supernatural is perfect for an anime. It’s:

    A) Full of staring, eye based emotion.
    B) Full of occult, folklore-based action.
    C) Finished. (Kind of)

    Personally I can’t wait to hear Sam call Dean “Nii-san” especially considering he is constantly saying “Dean!” in the show.

    • Kyokai says:

      Agreed and Madhouse was perfect to pick this up. Btw, I would rather Sam call Dean “Aniki…” :pfft

  9. Eri says:

    Supernatural got its own anime the moment Occult Gakuin was released :pfft

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL! Maajide?! I heard about it late, this was announced last month… 🙁

  10. Grim says:

    When Flags told me that supernatural was getting it’s own anime awhile ago I was like OMG!! since it is one of my favorite western T.V shows most likely because it was so anime like in some regards. But anyway I can’t wait to watch this.

    • Kyokai says:

      Flags keeps forgetting who he told and not. I found this via wiki and I literally accused him of blasphemy of not telling me knowing pretty well I’m a sucker for Supernatural. I’d be waiting for it on tenterhooks! ^^;

  11. Chanda says:

    I am in love with supernatural and have been loyal since it started airing..
    I just hope the anime doesn’t disappoint!
    and im also kinda worried about the length.. hm. but lets wait and see ^^

    • Kyokai says:

      Seeing some Madhouse animes have given me hope that they would treat Supernatural nicely. In case of the length, they will be covering the first two seasons and if you remember that whole yellow-eyes chase and a lot of stand-alone episodes came out so, keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

  12. Bass says:

    You definitely should check out those series on your plan to watch list 😛

    And a Supernatural anime sounds really promising. The art looks good too and with Madhouse, it can’t really go wrong. It’ll be really weird listening to the brothers with different voices in a different language though..

    • Kyokai says:

      TTGL and Ga-Rei_Zero_ are on queue of dl but Elfen Lied’s done and I’m thinking of marathoning it on weekend because the first 2 epis really hit me.

      Being used to the Winchester’s brothers voices, it would be a tad strange to hear them in japanese like I thought Dean’s seiyuu has a heavy voice but who knows, they may gel well with the drawn versions of them so I’m keeping an open mind. ^^;

  13. DDM says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait, as a huge fan of supernatural, and anime, this is a marriage made in heaven!

    I’ll have to try and find the episodes when they come out for my website,

    • Kyokai says:

      Supernatural is definitely going to rock! I have lots of hopes from Madhouse! Good luck with your website! ^^;

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  15. Chris Calta says:

    Hi – It’s good to find such cool stuff on the Web as I have been able to fiind here. I agree with most of what is written here and I’ll be returning to this website again. Thanks again for posting such great reading material!

  16. Nevermore_az says:

    it was very interesting to read.
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

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  19. Feminissimo says:

    I, envy you. Your blog is much better under the maintenance and design than mine. Who to you the design did?

  20. Great job on the site, it looks outstanding. I am going to save it and will make sure to check often

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