Kimi ni Todoke Movie

First look at the Kimi ni Todoke Live-action Movie.

First off, still no announcement/update of the second season of Kimi ni Todoke and I am pissed Production I.G! You better come clean or I’ll troll you… tabunn ne~ =P

When I first heard about the live-action movie (there were even talks of turning this into a dorama), I thought it to be a good sign for the franchise to get more attentions and sets of eyeballs watching for increased hype. Karuho Shiina has been one lucky mangaka to get popularity during a very short time. Hopefully, we would see more from her once she finished with Kimi ni Todoke. On a side note, those of you who are pining away after the first season, go read the manga NAO~ Chapter 46 was the best out of the whole series. I haven’t kyaaa’d and DAWWWW’d so much while reading a manga.

Movie Plot: (For those of you, who were living under a rock…)

Show ▼

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Director: Naoto Kumazawa
  • Writer: Karuho Shiina (manga), Rika Nezu, Naoto Kumazawa
  • Producer: Takahiro Sato
  • Release Date: September 25, 2010
  • Production Company: NTV, Toho
  • Distributor: Toho

Start Cast:

  • Mikako Tabe – Sawako Kuronuma
  • Haruma Miura – Shota Kazehaya
  • Misako Renbutsu
  • Mirei Kiritani
  • Natsuna Watanabe
  • Haru Aoyama
  • Yuta Kanai
  • Yasuko Tomita
  • Arata
  • Masanobu Katsumura


More trailers can be found on the official site.

Thoughts: Looking at the available trailer and teasers, it’s quite clear that the storyline follows the first anime season or till chapter 24/27 of the manga, which has a chance of having an original ending. I’m now curious enough to actually give this a try because I was totally off live-action after trying out a J-dorama previously. The characters look likeable enough and something is better than nothing ne~?

Spoilers ahead; read only if you have watched anime/read manga. Show ▼

I still miss the weekly dose of KnT… Need Season two announcement NAO~ T_T

So, would look forward to this in September and seems like I’ll be getting a delightful double whammy on my birthday month with Supernatural’s sixth season and KnT movie. Till next time, Ja ne~

Sources: ANN & Wiki


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25 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke Movie”

  1. Mikoto says:

    Wow, she even has a similar name to Sadako from the Ring. That sucks for her.

    Dunno if I’d watch the live action adaptation seeing as I never touched the anime and manga yet, but i’ll get around to it. xD lol

    • Kyokai says:

      Aww, you should definitely watch this. One of the most endearing thing in anime/manga ever!!! <3

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  3. Flags says:

    Kimi ni Todoke isn’t anywhere near the same without Noto Mamiko for me. Even before the anime was close to being announced I had her down as Sawako. Kimi ni Todoke without Noto Mamiko is like Bakemonogatari without Senjougahara; unacceptable!

    • Kyokai says:

      Who can replace Noto Mamiko? No one! But I will still check this out for the heck of it.

  4. berrish17 says:

    yay~i have this manga and i love miura haruma.hehehe :7:

    • Kyokai says:

      How is Mirua? Do you think he will fill Kazehaya’s shoes properly?

  5. Xiao says:

    “You better come clean or I’ll troll you…”

    Omg, you’re so awesome. 8DD

    As for this movie, I think this is the only live-action adaptation I’ve ever been interested in. The actors seem to resemble the characters pretty well (especially Ryuu but he’s kinda easy, lol) and the trailer was decent. Though it will never come up to the level of inducing “awwww…”s out of you like the anime did (yes, I miss the seiyuu cast very badly *sniff* T.T).

    But I’m happy KnT is being made into a movie. I was kinda expecting it actually since the series is perfect to base a drama off on. ^^


    And your birthday’s in September? Happy early birthday to ya, hun! <3 Remind me again around that time so I can say happy birthday to ya again. x3

  6. Kurone Takuma says:

    Yay a movie! I missed Kimi ni Todoke after the anime series. Personally I prefer waiting for the anime than reading the manga but I do both for that extra sting. Now that a movie is announced, I am going to watch it!

  7. Joojoobees says:

    I usually can’t stand J-dorama, although there have been some exceptions.

  8. pixi-gurl says:

    Looks awesome 😮
    One tiny thing that is nagging me however, as with many anime/live actions that come from manga, the tiniest points are different; thus wrong?
    Here it is the colour of the uniform, although I can’t quite recall the uniform colour being shown in the manga, after seeing it as blue in the anime, would of been nice to see it in blue in the live action aswell :<
    But still, can't wait <3

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  10. bakuhasu says:

    Hmmmmmm a live realistic take on Kimi ni Todoke!!! I find the girl to be a nice fit in portraying Sayako. Other than that…man it’s good to see another live-action adaptation of anime!!

  11. puchiko01 says:

    they should’ve made the kuronuma’s role to the real actress from the ring!! so that it would be really realistic ^__~

  12. ichigopocky says:

    Major fangirling going on :woo
    I actually have nothing much against lice actions so I am now extremely excited
    but we have to wait till septmber :shakesfist
    why is everything good coming out in the fall why :orz
    cant wait 😀

  13. scol says:

    hehe im a guy but KnT is probably my favorite shoujo and yeah I read up to 46, was a good chap. looking forward to seeing some closure with a kiss maybe? hopefully??? LOL

    anyway, i dunno bout those uniform colors, but the actors seem okay .

  14. nagi says:

    OMG it’s Haruma Miura! I’ve watched Bloody Monday (he’s the lead character) and he’s so hot! I feel that he’d give justice to Kazehaya’s hotness. 😉 Can’t wait for the movie! 😉

  15. huamulan03 says:

    Awww-some XD Can’t wait for the movie ^^ The trailer’s making want to reread the manga

  16. oranish says:

    where is the movie??!!!

  17. FlutterAwayy says:

    When i first read the manga, i thought it was really good, but the anime was okay.. yeah, okay so up to what ive watched, the anime does follow the manga, but the anime seems to develop really slowly.

    Im excited about the movie, Miura Haruma- i loved him in bloody monday! 😀

  18. rukiashito says:


    • Kyokai says:

      The movie will be releasing on 25th September in theaters. Let’s see when it would be scene released and subbed.

      • shohei says:

        its december abd i missed the movie.
        where or what website can i find this movie in real?
        i mean the cast of miura haruma and mikako tabe…

  19. chiyo says:

    waaaa,i’ve never so much on anyone like i agreed with u!!!
    really2 dying to see the movie but sadly im not in japan… so sad so sad,so people in japan do watch for me…
    i’d like to quote:
    “I haven’t kyaaa’d and DAWWWW’d so much while reading a manga.” kyaaa me tooooo!!!

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