Anime Status & Summer 2010

Get into gear for a very loooooooong post: Ani stats and Summer Reviews

Another round of Anime Status and something new: reviews of Summer Season! I kept on postponing the May ani-stat for such a long time that June is at its end while I sit to write this (first draft stage). I decided I’ll scrunch the two months together – two birds with one stone. I don’t know how long this post would take me to draft and compile but hopefully I would end it soonish… like within the two remaining days of June (Fail! Its 1am of 2nd July right now T_T). So, I have to start with a joke, eto… What do you get when Senjougahara gives you an innuendo-filled thigh massage? Show ▼

Fufufuu~ Let me tell you, I adore Bakemonogatari. I know it’s not a surprise as I’ve been sporting Senjougahara’s Gravatar for some time now; even my twitter account has a “Watch Your Step” (that actually is not very visible =.=;;). More of this later below and back to the current babble: Summer is almost upon us and there are at least some titles that are looking increasingly interesting with time. Big reasons of that is some of my favorite series are ending or already have ended this month so I’m feeling a bout of melancholy…. Before I spiral down to depression though, let’s have a quick wrap up of Ani-stats for May and June together, then move on to cool titles of coming season.

Disclaimer: This is particularly a very personal list so expect biasness, favoritism and fangirling. Also expect spoilers regarding titles I’ve nominated. So, if you haven’t been keeping up-to-date, skip them for spoilers. Also, if I bitch about your favorite show, gomen~, I get my choice and so do you! ^_^

From the last ani-stats list, few additions have been made while some titles completely vanished off the list. Two of them are Working!! (Still on hold after 3rd episode) and Senkou no Night Raid (no subs available after 6.5 episode and I couldn’t go on after 2nd epi anyway).

16. Bleach (273/?): So Ulquiorra has moved on to greater pastures, whatever they are for Espadas though the ending with Ichigo’s transformation was indeed awesome. I would be looking forward to the captain’s fight, especially Kyouraku and Shinji’s but currently not a very regular of this anime.

15. Uraboku (12/24): I’m still watching this and not only for bromance. I get a strong dose of Shizu-chan in Hotsuma (Daisuke Ono) after all! Not to mention Takahiro as Zess, Shinichiro as Tachibana, Hiroshi as Kuroto and Mamoru as Shuusei—some of the seiyuus I really like.

14. Kaichou wa Maid-sama (13/24?): Oh how have you fallen, my pretties! I still love Usui and Misa-chan and think they are total WIN but due to the recent lackluster episodes, I feel like just leaving it for a while and marathon epis later so that I might appreciate it more. Currently, the barrage of side-character arcs is making me snore. Mint-chan agrees blogging the same series and so do a lot of readers.

13. Naruto Shippūden(166/?): The recent Hinata episode was one of those moments that I was really looking forward to in the anime after Naruto’s sage mode. It was done nicely and my heart really went to her for scrunching up her courage for that long awaited confession. The animation was a bit wonky though, the light swirl on her head almost felt similar to flash animation. I dunno what Perriot is doing but they better check their quality and soon. Do they even have a QA department? *shrugs*

12. Hakuouki(12/12): Now, this is one of those anime that has delivered and came to par with my expectations of: Period drama with an array of Bishies, an interesting storyline around Oni and their bloodline and Sword fights! Now, I’m a girl who likes action and even after believing and banking on words most of my life, I do agree that a simple look or touch can make a hell of a difference in communication. This was what becomes apparent in this series, mind you, there are many dialogues and few action sequences dawdling on conversation alone. But, if you are looking for a Samurai short series dealing with human emotions and likable characters, this one is for you. Joojoobees (blogging the same series and some other favorite shows of mine) and I would follow its second season to air in Fall.

11. Darker than Black OVA (3/4): Whenever I see a new episode of this, I get depressed. Xiao-chan (also blogs Katanagatari and brilliantly so), pretty much sums up everything nicely about the current episode. I do love Hei and Yin pairing and going over all that Izanami explanation after season one is just sad that’s all… T_T (Best music to hear after this is Jesus Cloud from the season two OST release.)

10. Angel Beats (13/13): I had big expectations from the series, as a lot of you, yes you constant reader, who made sure I see it. I was glad that I finally did because things picked up from third episodes, until the last one I guess (they had time to sing anthems and hand out certificates, yet no time to explain about angel player and how was Kanade there before Otanashi?). I was overwhelmed with Iwasawa’s song, adored Otanashi, Kanade, Yurippe, Hinata, Shina and TK (not in any specific order). To me this was 10 episodes too short and there was so much I wanted to find out about some lovable side characters but, oh well.

9. Katanagatari (6/12): Now here’s a series that I really ignored after second episode, until I was totally trolled into watching it and except for facepalming in episode four (due to no apparent fight between Shichika and the mighty warrior Hakuhei), I was a happy camper that I stepped up. Yoshimasa Hosoya has done a pretty good job as a new seiyuu in voicing Shichika Yasuri. He can be funny yet brutal at the same time with no change of expression yet damn adorable while sniffing Togame’s hair or doing meager work for her. Togame is a paradox, calling herself a Strategist yet being a total klutz. There’s definitely a lot of development between the main pair and that is always cute to watch! <3 I would continue to watch their journey of finding all Shikizaki katanas.

8. House of five leaves (11/12): I’m so glad I picked this up! From my series selection, it’s quite clear that I like period anime, all the better with Samurais thrown in (no wonder, Samurai X and Champloo are one of my favorite). Though, you can’t really call House of Five Leaves a ‘Samurai’ anime per se because it’s not central to the plot. The best thing about this is that the story sucks you in. You are curious about Sei’s (Yaichi) and his foggy past; also who can forget adorable and timid Masa? This has grown on me to the point that I empathize with the tsundere side of Sei and how his past has affected his present choices in betraying the group he belonged to and start Five Leaves to kidnap heirs of different influential families for ransom. I would look forward to the last episode and hope that Sei gets some actual happy moments that he can look back to without any remorse.

7. The Tatami galaxy (10/11): Now lookie here, I would’ve loved to see Hiroshi Kamiya as Watashi but one can’t get everything so I’m happy to get Maaya Sakomoto as Akashi at least (sadly, in very small doses). This is that kind of series that grows on you. It becomes so that you can actually keep up with Watashi’s superfast dialogue delivery and what’s happening on the screen simultaneously (you need to see an episode to know what I’m getting at). Have you experienced a piffany? A sand particle that shines when it catches light? A rare sight of something that you never knew it existed? This is a story about that piffany, which is shrouded within a 4.5 tatami room. With only one more episode to go, I just hope that Watashi finds what he’s looking for. Mattaku! It’s Akashi, right there you idiot, what’s making you wait for so long?! Grab that chance always dangling in front of you! Flags shares my enthusiasm for not only this series but most on the list, while blogs episodic-reviews (and very regularly so!) of Tatami Galaxy, House of Five Leaves and Giant Killing. So, do check his wacky reviews out.

6. Evangelion 2.22 – You Can (Not) Advance: I finally got around watching this and wow, I’m glad I did because this is total WIN! I started from 1.1 – You are (Not) Alone and even without seeing the anime series I was embroiled in the world of Shinji Ikari with a distant father and his association with Evas that spawn various relations for this lonely boy. There’s no dearth of fleshed-out characters that engage you from the moment go: Misato Katsuragi, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Soryu, Mari Makinami Illustrious and Gendo Ikari are to name a few. If you haven’t already, check this out and you don’t have to be a Mecha fan to like this.

Ready for the top 5? Clickity, click!


Show ▼

On-Hold: Rainbow (1/26), Kara no Kyoukai movies (3/7-these are my nuggets of happiness that I’ll watch, slowly, very, very slowly) Working!! (3/13), Buccano! (4/16) Hetalia (25/52), MariaHolic (1/12), Kuroshitsuji (8/24) and Mushishi (2/26). You can check a detailed list at MAL.

Note: Below is not a complete list of anime that are releasing in Summer rather a scaled down version of the titles I’m personally looking forward to. Therefore, no kiddie anime and season two of those which I haven’t watched the first. Movies and OVA list however is complete as not many ani-bloggers post about it so adding the full deal here. The titles are compiled with ANN and MAL as sources.

Honestly speaking, Summer is nothing compared to Spring that brought a bevy of shows to gorge upon; though, Fall is looking pretty good with many adaptations that I’ve been looking forward to: Bakuman, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, Kuragehime and Togainu no Chi to name just a few. Hope you enjoy the summaries and what’s in store for summer. I haven’t decided which titles I will pick up for reviews so you are welcome to suggest.

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