Amagami SS – 1st Arc



I'm Hato, born and raised in glorious New Zealand and a self-proclaimed awesome person. I started writing here in July and I'm loving it so far! I'm Metanorn's go-to Moe Man (lol) and the games guru, so don't be shy to say hello!
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12 Responses to “Amagami SS – 1st Arc”

  1. bazerkaX says:

    hahah while reading this post i kept thinking of this song

    • Hato-kun says:

      I think that song pretty much sums up my existence xD

  2. Hanazuka says:

    Ahhhh Miya is sooo irritating!! I TOTALLY understand why he’d be irritating.

  3. Kyokai says:

    I hated Haruka in the beginning but by the end she was ok. I especially loved the Miya Cancan. Nishishishi~ xD

    Welcome to the team, Hato-kun, more members arriving in the first week of August. ^^;

  4. Flags says:

    I take all credit for showing people (Kyokai) that video. That and the Kaiba Can Can.

  5. Mint says:

    Ahh, hey there, new writer! And you’re from kiwiland, too! Don’t worry, you’ll become jaded and start to be critical and hate things soon… I mean, looking forward to seeing some more new voices here at Metanorn. I look forward to reading about romance anime from the POV of a manly man. :3~

    • Hato-kun says:

      Kiwi’s represent! (Or would Hobbits be more appropriate…?)Thanks for the welcomes, everyone!

  6. Bass says:

    Holy crap, you sound a lot like me :shock I’m from Wellington too and along with playing the guitar and drums, I play the piano instead of bass

    And great first review btw, your writing style reminds me of a certain person I know. Can’t wait to read more of the stuff :thumb:

    • Hato-kun says:

      I know, it’s weird! We’ve probably run into each other before and never realized it xD I’m also a drummer as well. This is just gettin’ creepy.


  7. Lloyd says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t realize there were many NZ’ers on here, nevermind actually blogging. I’m in Auckland atm, great first review. I’m also a manly man with a soft spot for romance anime (Kimi ni Todoke was awesome, no need to be ashamed). I really enjoyed Amagami, watched the first 4 episodes back to back, and think I will wait till episode 8 before I start the next arc. Will keep an eye out here though. 😛

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