Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 06

Misaki gets new followers and Usui more opportunities to confess, pyon~

Misaki suddenly finds herself master of five first-years (Inuyama brothers, the founders of Ayuzawa Cram School), who tag along wherever she goes. They are highly impressed by her way of life and thus want to follow her great footsteps.

After school they want to tag along to her part-time job as well. She tries her best to shoo them off but they are quite persistent (identical too, quintuplets at that!). The three delinquent regulars at Maid Latte swaddle in, shooing them off with their bad-boy looks. However, they were too quick to follow Misaki, causing mob-effect of stampede over them. Just when I was wondering where Usui was, he comes to pluck a running-Misaki to a hideout saving her from being followed.

Her new pupils are amazed by her speed while she hides with Usui. He accompanies her to the café, telling her that he has accumulated enough points for a photo taken with her. Misaki’s her usual fidgety self when the picture is taken but he’s fine with her natural expressions. All the maids fangirl Usui and how much Misaki’s loved by her master.Dear Misaki, you don’t know the half of it! XD

Next day at school, she is greeted by the full body of Ayuzawa Cram School, who flank her throughout the day as usual, stalking even in front of bathroom, while she eats her lunch and works in Students Council room. When she has had enough, she orders them to study rather than wasting time and they do exactly that, making her warm up to them.

When she makes her way out of school, they try to follow her again, only to be rescued by Usui. He asks her if he should reprimand and stop them from following her because she hates men. She tells him that even if they are bothersome she doesn’t hate them, making Usui quite amazed. Maybe his efforts are finally coming to fruition?

Few days pass in similar cat and mouse chase: her students try to follow her, while she’s repeatedly rescued by Usui. He compels her to tell them about her job as they would understand her circumstances but she wants to keep it a secret.

According to her, a maid can’t be a role model. To which Usui, Hmms and asks would she always keep on running like this?

At Maid Latte, the three delinquents show up to challenge her to a game of speed on cards to win a photo with her.

Shiroyan practiced till his fingers bled but he was still not up to the mark of her supersonic speed. The trio cried rivers lamenting the fact that they thought they could win because Usui did too. Manager chimes in to inform them that it was the first time she lost.

Heh, what is there that Usui can’t do?

Misaki wonders what he was planning to do with that picture, looking suspiciously at the three delinquents who have turned into her fanboys after knowing the truth about her job.

Yosh! Better luck next time, boys!

God help Misaki’s bunny ghost pyon~

Suzuna has a discount schedule diary ftw! You have to give it to her for being resourceful at such a young age.

After continuously being hated in general, the Inuyama bunch is quite appreciated by Misaki. She teaches them Aikido and has fun doing that.

She visits the school roof to cool her head, only to find Usui there–who was zoning out looking at their picture together. She sighs and tells him her intentions of telling the pupils about her part-time job. Usui gets directly to the point of she doing this because of them rather than herself. She explains that it’s better this way rather than finding out as a surprise. Their role model is not really role model after all, just a maid. She scared to be scorned by them because it’s painful to be disappointed by the person you look up to. (Clearly, she’s thinking about how her father disappointed her when he left them in debt). ‘I won’t ever be disappointed, whatever you do,’ Usui says quite seriously but turns to his deadpan chibi form to lighten the moment, showing her the maid picture.

Misaki goes bonkers and in the ensued scuffle the wind carries the photograph below. She loses it completely knowing that her pupils would see the maid costume before she could explain it to them. Usui asks if he should go and get the picture for her jumping from the roof. She tries to stop him from doing something so troublesome but he confesses his feeling before jumping off, leaving her totally speechless.

Way to go, Usui! You are the man! 😀

She rushes off to ground floor, dreading the worst and finds him beside the pool with scratches all over his body.

As expected of him. Surely! =.=

Inuyama brothers show up to check up on the ruckus. Looking at the chance, Misaki is about to tell them about the part-time job when Usui interferes to announce that she’s with him after school hours.Bodyguard?! This reminds me of Dark Angel! Heh!

When she goes to visit him in the hospital, he smiles his typical smile and tells her to keep their secret between the two of us or her fans would keep on increasing.

He requests her to nurse him in her maid uniform only for her to walk out all red in the face, cursing him.

Till when will you keep on running, dear Misa-chan?

Conclusion: A very cute and win episode indeed. Not to mention the fact that the studios didn’t make us wait excruciatingly for the confession or even the first kiss! Typical shoujo’s wait for the last few episodes to do all this and we get it on the 6th episode, nice nyaa~! Usui’s confession was awesome and straight forward! I was not expecting this so soon at all but loved it anyway.

Observation: Misaki over thinks a lot!

  • Exhibit A: Pondering what Usui would do with her picture? Of course, he would not show it to anyone else. You are his personal maid after all! 😛
  • Exhibit B: Fidgeting over being scorned by her pupils when they respect her so much and would not be bothered by her choice of job. They are the founding member of Ayuzawa Cram School for nothin’!
  • Exhibit C: Always running away whenever confronted with strong feelings. Be it Inuyama brothers or Usui. As I theorized earlier, Usui’s influence is definitely affecting Misaki positively and she seems to be coming out of her self-made shell.
  • Conclusion: Subject needs to spend more time with Usui to dispel all superficial worries.

Preview shows some kind of competition with another school, introducing some new characters, while Misa-chan and Usui very hot and heavy. I’m definitely loving the pace and development of this series. Gimme more! Can’t wait for more next week!


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20 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 06”

  1. Mint says:

    Yesss I was so, SO happy to see a straight forward confession! The hospital scene was just plain adorable~ And is that some genderbending I see in the preview? I want to see megane Misa, too. Also, love the gifs- you managed to capture all the best scenes of the ep ;D

    • Kyokai says:

      Heheee! It was adorable indeed. Well spotted, Mint-chan! Indeed it’s genderbending theme at Maid Latte next episode. You all are definitely urging me to go read Maid-sama manga, will do soon.

      Arrigato~ 🙂

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Very cute episode, probably my favorite so far.

    Usui’s ability to come straight out and say things is impressive. And usually characters that are as confident as he is are incompetent, which he decidedly is not. As soon as I saw him looking at the photo on the windy rooftop I knew something bad was going to happen, but I definitely wasn’t expecting a confession. His “as expected of me” when she finally got to the bottom of the stairs was hilarious.

    As you say, Misaki is having a much more difficult time being honest about her emotions. At first it was understandable for her to be suspicious of Usui’s true motivations, but now I think she is just embarrassed by her own feelings.

  3. Joojoobees says:

    Hmm. Don’t know what happened to my comment, but the gist of it was that I admire Usui’s ability to speak his mind.

    Very cute episode.

    • Kyokai says:

      I totally agree about Usui. He just gets some awesome lines and totally out of the blue. Now that cat’s out of the bag, it’s Misaki’s turn to be truthful and accept it rather than keeping up with the tsun tsun attitude.

      PS: your comment somehow ended up in spam but I rescued it! ^^;

  4. awesome episode!
    lotsa character developement

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh definitely, now it’s Misaki’s turn to shine and she should not be swayed by other bishies or Usui fangirls will beat her with an anvil. Fufuuu~

  5. nagi says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaaa~ this is why i love Usui so much~ 😉 and I’m happy that they’re faithful to the manga. 😉

    • Kyokai says:

      YEYEEEEEEEE for Usui’s awesomeness! :thumb:

  6. LuluChan92 says:

    Okay, I have no complains about the adaptation of the anime so far (not that I’d mind if it went well, though)!!!
    USUI’S THE BEST! Had me fangirling over his confession for several hours (yes, I’m a hardcore otaku, after all) was something I appreciate!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      Usui is awesomeness! I’m glad to know not much of a difference is there in case of manga/anime.

      Definitely appreciate your otaku-ness! We are on the same boat! XD

  7. cyberpixie says:

    i love you five dudes lol

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL, definitely amusing! 🙂

  8. Xiao says:

    Hmmm…the kiss was certainly nice and good placing it there, J.C. STAFF, but I dunno. I didn’t really “feel” any excitement for it. Maybe it’s because those 5 dudes, who were not originally there, brought it down but they’re okay. Still a bit of waste, though, for using them on only one episode even though the fact they are all exactly the same and quite forgettable. 😛

    *sigh* But next episode should be more interesting. Yay for plot again! ^^

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahaa~ Your memory of manga overshadows~ But, it’s good, someone should always there to check things are going on right path or not. I’m so reading the manga now, you all are seriously compelling me to do so.

      Preview seemed to have loads of development, let’s see what’s next after some genderbending! ^^;

  9. fenixdown110 says:

    Liking the new banner Kanzie. :thumb:

  10. Nejibana says:

    wow. the preview shows the maids in… suits!

  11. BlackLagoon187 says:

    ~kyaaaaaaa~ finally Usui kisses Misaki >__<

  12. Kyokai says:

    @ fenixdown110, kanzie sends thanks and a big smile! ^^;

    @ Nejibana, fufuuu~ meaning more fun! XD

    @ BlackLagoon187, Ahh, love’s in the air :love:

  13. I enjoyed your post, I’m sure many of my readers would enjoy it also, I’ll make sure to link to this and bookmark it, thank you.

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