Durarara!! – 18

Cruel past comes to haunt Masaomi… It’s time to stand tall and get dangerous again

Previous episode ended with a typical cliffhanger of Masaomi taking back the reigns as Shogun of Yellow Scarves. This episode begins with him meeting Saki and a walk down memory lane.

It seems Saki knows that a friend of Masaomi’s been injured and hospitalized, she was sure it was a girl. He tries to make her jealous by describing how great she is and how he’s in a love triangle with her and his best friend. He ignores her comment of actually being a square including her, to say that they are over. Saki playfully replies that they can never be over, however many women he would like to have, he would keep on coming back to her and loving her even more. Masaomi leaves the room before he could hear her say, like Izaya said so.

Izaya god-modding with lighter liquid… Disturbing, very disturbing indeed!

The man in question is playing a god—stirring the pot and cackling like a witch—burning his weird game set and poking fun at the three leaders of ‘Bukro he has aligned for the ensuing war. Like a child too eager for the game to begin, can’t wait for the action to start.

Shizu-chan is King and Celty, Queen? How appropriate!

Anri’s finally back to normal, totally healed. The trio banters like usual after school but Masaomi has to run for an errand after receiving a call. Anri wonders aloud that he has been distracted lately, while Mikado doesn’t pay much attention.

While Masaomi runs off, the flashback begins entailing how Saki was involved in the gang wars. Kida started the Yellow Scarves in middle school, the only common factor being fighting among the members. Saki walked up to him one day complimenting his scarf. It took him by surprise how she knew his name and was not overwhelmed by the fact that he was the leader of a dangerous gang. She introduces him to Izaya, who clarified that he’s like her guarding rather than boyfriend.

In the beginning whenever the gang came up to something difficult, Saki would tell Masaomi to take Izaya’s help or induce his thinking in the decision making, which he followed eventually. Even without trusting him, he saw that whenever he listened to him things went well. He pitied how much she relied on Izaya. He once asked if Izaya would tell her to jump off a bridge and die, would she do it. She honestly replied that most probably she would. She knew for a fact that it’s her character flaw; however, she would like him to oversee this one flaw in her.

Another Baccano! reference. These guys would not quit! =P

Saki told him that he was the one who suggested her to like Masaomi at first but she really did start to after getting to know him. They officially became a pair after that. He wanted to save her from Izaya’s clutches.

There came a time that Blue Squares started beating up their members with numbers, a lot of them got bruised and injured. To keep his leadership intact and to have an upper hand, he started taking more of Izaya’s help. They had tactical knowledge over Blue Squares, giving them more chances of fighting better and winning more.

However, this high-handedness would soon be ruined by a call from Izumi, Blue Square’s leader. He threatened Masaomi to show up at a parking garage because they had kidnapped the one precious to him: Saki. They broke one of her leg during their conversation—her howls of pain and pitch of Izumi were very disturbing indeed.

Check out the cellphone strap:  M <3 S. DAWWW!

Like an addict, Masaomi dialed Izaya’s number for help, who deliberately doesn’t answer. He runs towards the meeting point blaming himself that it was he, who started all this. It was not a school fight but an all out war.  Saki who had a very remote connection to all this, got hurt due to him. Realizing the gravity of situation, he freezes beside a road. Without any help, it dawns on him that he’s just a helpless middle-schooler.

On the other hand, Kadota who was originally part of Blue Squares, hearing that they had kidnapped a girl to lure the Yellow Scarves’ leaders, snaps at the messenger and decides to quit the gang and save the girl.

Yumasaki very heroically jumps into the fray all ready to fire up the van and save the damsel in distress. And that is what he did, quite awesomely I might add. They transported Saki to hospital.

Upstanding citizen Kadota doesn’t litter, much to Yumasaki’s chagrin to look cooler

She lost a lot of blood due to bone injury, shock and internal bleeding, inducing a coma. At such a time when Masaomi was brooding over his incapability looking at her frail body covered in casts and IV tubes, Izaya paid a visit to throws some more salt on his wounds.

Rather than sympathizing, he provoked him for solely being responsible for what happened to her, mounting more guilt. He doesn’t believe in god but because past and present are traceable that is what a person hones around his life path on. That’s why Masaomi’s guilt would become his past, out of which Saki would become his god. And why not? He loves her after all.

After some time, Saki wakes up and her statement gets Izumi convicted for his crimes and both the gangs disband. Masaomi stands in front of the hospital everyday but doesn’t have the courage to go inside and visit. Kadota sees him one day and passes on Saki’s message that she thanked him for coming as she could clearly see him from her window. He also informs him that he had told her he was stopped by Blue Squares that night and that’s why he couldn’t arrive in time.

Masaomi becomes livid with anger and shame, protesting that why he lied to her. Kadota gives him a man-to-man advice: he either has to keep up with the lies, knowing the pain of his deeds to make it up to her. If not, then he has to face her and tell her the truth. It’s okay to run from the past but not from the present and future.

More points and cookies for the Dotachin gang!

After this incident Masaomi kept on talking with Mikado and persuaded him to transfer to Raira High. That is when he met him again after many years. Along with Anri, they made a special bond of friendship. He never wanted to come back to the gang but the Slasher incident made him. This time around he doesn’t want to be frozen in place but actually fight for his friends. Of course, he can’t tell them his identity, not even Mikado; his two lives would remain separate.

In meeting up with the gang, he gets more intel on Dollars, who’s leaders is still unknown. They were looking for more intel on Slashers as well. He’s also told sheepishly by Horoda (previously part of Blue Squares) that he was taken out by the Headless Rider while teasing some old geezer (Shingen), who’s presumably Dollars too. He didn’t say about being beaten by Shizu-chan out of shame, I can bet. The Shogun has one advice to give that they are kids so even with numbers they can’t win against adults. That’s why not to let old people in the gang as they use you, like Izaya used him and threw him away.

A gang member sees a girl looking in their hide out. Masaomi gets her followed, taking up the lead from back not knowing that it was Anri. Who in turn had seen him, now getting out with two major clues to the puzzle (Izaya and Masaomi).

End Thoughts: The ending has to be one cliffhanger or the other so I’m not surprised with Anri finding out about Masaomi. This was a very reflective episode and a lot of past/present back and forth that I tried to diffuse in my summary above.

Now, that Anri knows, would she tell Mikado or even Celty for that matter? Being a loner and always depending upon Saika, I’m curious to know what she would do with this information. It was also good to see her running rather than slashing manically ala Haruna, proving that she has completely taken over that blade and her children.

The thing I love about this series is that no character is spic and span, without flaws. Every person has shortcomings and thus, even when the plot involves a lot of supernatural factors and hard-to-explain powers, the character traits are real and recognizable. So, at the eleventh hour, Masaomi froze in fright, easily you can say that he chickened out but he’s ready to get past that with new determination. He won’t trust people that easy but would do anything for his friends. I don’t know what would happen to his trust levels when he finds out about Mikado’s and Anri’s secret but like himself they did it to protect the people they love. Of course, there’s flaw in that ideology too but hey, who can get everything?

It’s not clear how Saki knows Izaya. Being her guardian, does that make him a father-figure or someone she simply worships wholeheartedly because of some past kindness? At least, you have to give it to her that she knows it’s weird to always rely on him for everything: basically a flaw. After what happened to her with Blue Square, it’s good to see that she’s not very bitter. She also likes Masaomi a lot but would she ever realize that Izaya was simply using her to get to him?

I always knew that the Dotachin gang was cool but after this episode, oh man! RESPECT! Kadota’s so kakkoi~ Seriously, induced some fangirling from me after he made that speech to Masaomi about taking responsibility. Also, what a model citizen he is! XD

Yumasaki’s heroic entry was awesome! Of course, his plan revolved around make-me-an-anime-hero-with-happy-ending but he didn’t let the awaiting bad fate get Saki. His Gin-like features are definitely a plus point for weirding people out. His dream: “To be world’s savior with supernatural powers. I’ll get all the chicks and build my dream harem.” LOL!

Karisawa, didn’t have an awesome come-back after that infamous BL-gushiness but she was there throughout to support the gang.

Last but not the least the smexy bastard Izaya: I knew he was the mastermind but the depths he has gone to, we are still finding out. He doesn’t believe in god but ready to wage an all out war to go to Valhalla. He screws around with people’s head and tells them exactly what he wants them to believe almost as if he’s hypnotizing them. He’s gotten his claws under the skins of trio, finding all their weaknesses so that he can needle them. Definitely a high-worth adversary, I can understand now why Shizu-chan hates him so much. Maybe his inner animal instinct goes red whenever he sees him.

Preview shows Masaomi brooding and visiting Saki again. From the expressions of Mikado and Anri, it’s evident that they have found out something or are being pursued by Izaya. It also shows Kadota with Masaomi, is he pressuring him to give more information about Dollars or something related to Saki? We’ll find out in next episode. Till then, Ja ne~!

PS: I’m sorry for being slow on replies. Had to attend a seminar or Saturday so didn’t have much time. However, definitely will get done today! So, keep ’em coming. I love ’em! ^^;

PPS: The Jasc Animation Shop that I was using expired so I’m looking for a new one. That’s why didn’t do any more with the backup after crappy result on Izaya going crazy. Hope I find a new one! =.=;;


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29 Responses to “Durarara!! – 18”

  1. nagi says:

    i must agree that Shizu-chan being king and Celty being queen is soooooo appropriate! *shipper mode activate* anyway, smexy bastard Izaya mentioned about who is the Joker but he did not continue to say the name and he seems pissed (a powerful enemy for him i guess?). is it Simon? or anyone else? what does anyone think?

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh yeah! I’m very strongly shippy about Shizuo/Celty. They just suite each other too much! :spark

      I think Shingen could be the joker as he’s quite unpredictable and nobody seriously knows what’s he up to. Izaya should be the strategist god-modding rather than participating in game. I’m not sure he would be dip into this whole mess until the last move.

  2. amado says:

    the obviously izaya since he didnt bother with continuing in naming it(saying simon, anri or kadota is pretty easy enough to say).
    joker is a wild card and is usually a trick or trap in card games(either way its usually not good for the one who has it) so it fits izaya’s character.
    saki worships izaya just like a few other girls(mika, that girl in ep 2, haruna and probably more).

    • Kyokai says:

      He had already named Simon and Shinra in the beginning and he’s too narcissistic to not mention his name. I think it’s Shingen because of his unpredictable nature. If you watch that scene, Izaya’s brow creased as if he hated whoever it is (I would’ve guessed it to be Shizuo if he was not already mentioned as the King).

      Anyway, aren’t there too many stalkerish girls in this series? Why does Saki has to fangirl on Izaya so much! Uggh, less points for her in from my eyes now. :/

      PS: Would definitely give the Masaomi/Saki conversations a read.

      • edru says:

        I have also read some parts in the novel(anni_fiesta)
        its impossible for it to be shingen since he doesnt seem to appear again after talking with izaya, at least in vol.3.
        so candidates are:izaya, kadota and maybe anri.
        though I think its likely izaya like Amado said but kadota could be counted as a wild card like what this episode showed us, plus kadota was izaya’s classmate back in the old days.

        • Kyokai says:

          Actually, now I don’t think it’s Shingen either. Might be someone from the Dotachin gang, who knows? A wildcard like Yumasaki can be it as well. Kadota or even Shinra seem a possibility, though I have issues with the latter having no guts whatsoever! Even Izaya seems a possibility now.

          Aargh, we’ll have to wait and see the upcoming episodes. :sigh

  3. amado says:

    oh and heres the novel version of saki and masaomi’s meeting(some parts not included in the anime):

  4. amado says:

    hmm… I think there is a problem if you comment with links

    • Kyokai says:

      I always rescue them from spam so no worries! ^^;

  5. Flags says:

    How the hell is Hiroshi Kamiya the final boss?
    How the hell did this happen?
    How the hell did Dota-chin get Dragon Ball Z eyebrows?
    Did Izaya not call himself the joker out of fear of lawsuit?
    How is Masoami the leader of a gang?
    Why did Saki’s hair change so much between shots?
    Why did ef-a tale of melodies have such a bittersweet ending?
    :wah Nande? Nande? Nande? Nande? Nande? Nande? :tantrum

    • amado says:

      ok ill try to answer those:
      because he’s causing the conflict between the slashers, yellow scarves and dollars
      izaya manipulated the events and people(like he always does)
      ask the writer Narita Ryohgo
      if I answer this one, itl be a spoiler so ill hint, he’s good…
      most likely dyed her hair yellow like masaomi but since hospitalized, she cant dye it again

      well I tried answering all of it…

      • Kyokai says:

        @ Flags, I ROTFL’d on your comment! Lemme go one by one.

        – I seriously don’t know but Hiroshi Kamiya being himself always takes awesome roles, like don’t you love to hate Izaya? XD
        – So, Izaya’s been masterminding all of this, godmodding on the pieces of puzzle. Like amado said, Narita knows best! :/
        – Kadota always wore that hat, so who knew he had weird eyebrows? But he sure looks badass to me after this episode!
        – LOL! I seriously dunno about the Joker bit, could be anybody and after amado’s comment, I’m not even sure of Shingen now. Hmm!
        – Because, he started it in middle school and being the prominent guy he is (refer to his antics throughout the series), the previous and converted guys in the gang respect him. Though, I was quite sad hearing his story because his had more shame than the other two. Anri wins in pain while Mikado is the goody-two-shoes.
        – I would agree with amado on this one, she might just have grown out off her dyed hair.
        – ef is still on my watch-list, if it’s something bittersweet like Bokura ga Ita, I’m staying away from it!

        @ amado, thanks for the input. <3

  6. […] Episode 18 of Durarara!! focuses on the Yellow Scarves’ shogun, Masaomi Kida, revealing just how much he has been played by Izaya. For a detailed description of the events, and lots of good screen caps (including an animated GIF of Izaya’s insane actions with the match seen above) check out Kyokai’s review at Metanorn. […]

  7. Nejibana says:

    what sub group do you download from?

    • Kyokai says:

      For Drrr! I use HorribleSubs or CrunchySubs, whichever arrive first. If the subs are late, I even go and download RAW.

  8. Karin says:

    what sub group do you use?

    • Kyokai says:

      I usually download HorribleSubs or CrunchySubs, whichever arrive first.

  9. Flags says:

    Haha, you got spam!

    • Kyokai says:

      Happens mostly when I’m not around :sigh

  10. Xiao says:

    Anri feels that she can’t tell Mikado precisely because he and Masaomi are best friends though all the more reason NOT to keep secrets from them but it’s not like that’s going to happen so it’s going to be one tough jam. Moreover, she already has an idea of set up this whole fiesta in the first place and that’s Izaya so we still have to go over how Anri and Izaya know each other before anything else.

    On Masaomi, his return really shows how much he’s changed from the time he was just another middle school kid looking for a place to belong by fighting on the streets to someone who finally has something safeguard. In a way, he has matured and grown smarter since that incident with Saki but at the same time, his insecurities are still there which is a disadvantage to him if the other members don’t see him fit to lead them anymore and can possibly use this weakness against him.
    Adding on to that, the biggest problem that will continue to grow is his fear about telling and confronting the truth with Mikado cuz that will just make him (them) more vulnerable to being played around by Izaya. Izaya pretty much knows Masaomi is too shameful about his past to want to tell Mikado about it, and with Mikado seemingly unsuspecting of him, it gives him great leverage to go “Hey, Masaomi, I wonder what your best friend will think if I told him…”
    *sigh* It’s going to be a while before these three can resolve anything between them. Damn you, Izzy.

    As for Saki, I feel bad for the poor girl. Even more if she really does believe it when someone tells her that Izaya was using her to get to Masaomi, she probably wouldn’t hold a grudge because she’s too neck-deep in her creepy admiration for Izaya (he tends to have that effect on many, apparently). Basically, he’s somehow managed to completely brainwash her into viewing him like some sort of god or something so it’ll be difficult to try and clear that mentality out of her when it’s been there so long.

    Finally, Dotachin and Yumacchi RAWKS. That is all.

    And I think anyone’s animal instinct would go red at the mere presence of Izaya. Lol xDD

    Looks like next week, we’ll be getting more dorama. Oh noz, that’s no good. ^^;

    • Kyokai says:

      The trio dorama is too good, like a spider web slowly unfurling. Too much there to even over analyze. Anri seems the key here and I would look forward to her meeting with Izaya about how she takes up with him.

      It seems as if Masaomi’s completely ruled by his past, whether he likes it or not. I don’t see him telling Mikado or even Anri about himself. Until the end I expect him to try keeping everything in and not taking anyone’s help, especially not his best friends. It would be such a shocker when he finds out about the rest two. <.<

      Drrr!! And stalker women rule, unfortunately for us Saki is one too. I still like her though even when I was very bitchy about Harima and Haruna. There's definitely a spark in her that cause others to empathize with her.

      Dotachin and Yumasaki definitely rocked this episode. Like WOW!!! I fangirl'd them a lot!

      Izzy being Izzy would keep on standing on the sidelines enjoying the fray, I would love to see his role revealed!

  11. nagi says:

    that’s one cool way of wrapping up things, Xiao! anyway, what’s your opinion with the “Joker” Izaya mentioned?

    • Kyokai says:

      I was once so sure about Shingen but I think it could be anyone from Dotachin gang or even Izaya himself. Dunno… <.<

  12. hammerhammer says:

    the cellphone strap: M <3 S. DAWWW!

    also the stickerphoto inside his phone!

    • Kyokai says:

      Definitely kawaii~! MasaomixSaki rock, but alas life is not a bed of roses sadly. X_x

  13. cyberpixie says:


    • Kyokai says:

      Hahahaaaaaa!!!! Such a fangirl you are! ^__^

  14. KINGRPG says:

    Your website is really cool and this is a great inspiring article. Thank you so much.

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