Durarara!! – 15

Shizu-chan returns to spotlight but he has more than his share of stalkers!

This time the narrator is Niekawa Shuji, reporter of Tokyo Warrior, who is in search of the strongest in Ikebukro (the same infamous reporter who Shizu-chan beat him up after asking too many questions about his brother, Heiwajima Kasuka.

While doing an article on the weird movers and shakers of Ikebukro, he was came to know about a big star’s brother who was a bartender; that is when he first met Shizu-chan. He actually flew when thrown by the raw strength of Shizu-chan.

Typical reaction. (What doesn’t make you violent, Shizu-chan-yo?)

Easily distracted, Shizuo goes with Tom to that pervert teacher’s place who can’t keep his hand off his students. Curiosity was the fuel for Shuji, which compelled him to know everything about the one who is strongest in Ikebukro even after that incident.

On his search, he meets up with Simon at his sushi place. “He’s my friend.” Simon gives his passive smile. “Strongest? What are you talking about?” Simon’s partner Dennis enlightens that he’s a pacifist who does not want to do anything with fighting.

Shuji’s lead to a ‘Specialist’ in fighting: Shiki of Meidi Awakasu. An Underground boss, who believes that the time of street fighting, is over. All that is left is mind games. They now work ‘clean’ but if someone meddles in their business they would be easily terminated. Nowadays, only kids fight in ‘Bukro rather than pros (Dollars and Yellow Scarves). They will remain unharmed until they stay out of their path. Urban legends (Headless Rider and Slasher) and what now, Shiki thinks the strongest is Heiwajima Shizuo. He leads Shuji to the information broker Izaya and prompts to remain silent about their little talk.

Shuji then visits Izaya’s apartment/office in Shinjiku, who is inquisitive about his source but brushes it off with full knowledge of magazine content of weird crimes and gangs. For his article on Ikebukro’s Year in Review, Izaya comments that Simon’s pretty strong in hand-to-hand combat but in a street fight strongest is Shizu-chan (you don’t say!).

While filing his nails quite diligently, he murmurs, he’s the one supposed to keep tabs on Shizu-chan. It’s trouble for him but has to do it. He turns the table on Shuji and asks about his daughter who transferred school (Niekawa Haruna, whose name scared the pervert teacher). He’s also aware of his almost being crushed by a lamppost due to Shizu-chan. He doesn’t want him sniffing at the wrong places when the city is already in an uproar with imminent gang war and supernatural attacks.

Before switching to watching cartoons (!!!), he warns him not to talk to Shizu-chan about his brother and leads him to Celty. We learn a bit about his daughter (second year of high school), who he has been living with after his wife ran off. Doesn’t think too much of him and is the reason for doing freelance writing for magazines.

Celty introduces herself as a transporter and tells him she’s good friends with Shizuo, who easily gets mad. She laughs at him when he points out that some people think she’s stronger. “No way, he’s like a devil or a wolfman without any technique; he wins on strength alone”, she states. Like a gunshot to the head, catching you unawares. Shuji is moved by her exact description of Shizuo as he personally feels that his power goes beyond human possibility.

On a curious note he asks her to take off her helmet. Even after seeing her headless orm he can’t believe it and deems her a magician.

Continuing his interviews, he hears about Dollars and Yellow Scarves strife. Dollars not reacting to Yellow Scarves’ increasing numbers, while the leader of Yellow Scarves “General” is rumored to make a move soon. He’s only known by veteran members and has only one directive, never to go near Orihara Izaya. Shuji wonders if it’s Shizu-chan himself? I don’t think so (too good to be true and Shizu-chan is not that organized).

Returning home, Shuji thinks that he would finally face his beloved daughter but is attacked by the Slasher instead. I’m quite sure now that this Haruna girl is the spammer on Dollars site and the Slasher herself. Red eyes and long hair are a big giveaway.

Izaya tells Mikado and Celty about the news of Shuji being attacked on Dollars’ board. Celty’s a bit perturbed by the news. Before they can further comment, Saika shows up, now spamming about loving strong people. Celty tries to be friendly and asks, “How are you doing, Saika-san?” Izaya tells her not to bother because she’s not going to respond. Mikado guesses with all her cutting talk that maybe she’s the Slasher and Izaya knowingly laughs.Spamming continues with: My goal is to love, Shizuo, which begins the tirade of I love Heiwajima Shizuo, the strongest in Ikebukro, while Mikado, Izaya and Celty gape at their screens.

Anri is shown having an ideal dream about her parents but it’s just a dream because five years ago they died in a horrible incident. She still thinks about it, the first time the Slasher appeared in Ikebukro. She’s weak due to her predicament and withdraws into herself whenever assaulted by the pervert teacher. She thinks of herself as a parasite feeding off Mikado and Kida’s friendship, always standing beside her. For a bit, Shuji with red eyes is seen stalking Anri as she takes off from school (insert some jaws movie music here).

There’s a time lapse of when Shuji wakes up in the hospital after getting slashed not remembering things clearly but runs off even after the nurse tries to stop him as if on a mission. He follows Anri because the voice inside told him to.

We are back to where we left off in last episode, Masomi finally going to meet Saki, while Shizu-chan doing his kill kill kill chant with Celty. Now, we know it was not Haruna but Shuji who goes after Anri in an alley. Oh yeah, this goes from creepy to creepier. Speculation on this at conclusion.

Shizu-chan’s waiting with Celty for the Slasher to show up while Celty tries to calm him by down telling him that he really didn’t have to come (LOL, that black hood was a helmet! DOH!). Whatever or whoever the Slasher is, Shizu-chan wants the end of it. He’s so impatient that he starts jumping on the bike:

Awesomely funny! Shizu-chan being an impatient kid. I lurve him!

The three stooges from before (who assaulted Shingen) have a bad timing for their lives. Shizu-chan goes after them even when Celty tells him it’s unnecessary. The main hoodlum tries to feel up Shizu-chan with blank stares and questionable looks, one thing does register: Bartender clothes.

Looks can kill, period! Run for your lives cockroaches! Cue for Celty to start scratching her helmet.

Anri seems to be sleepwalking when she’s stopped by a cop to remind her that its 11 o’clock and she should head home. She becomes aware of her surroundings and apologizes to them. They offer to take her home but due to a call of gang unrest at central park, they leave her behind.

Dotachin gang comes in with Yumasaki, wailing about unfair youth and their shenanigans. Seemingly, he once published his own book criticizing the ideologies of youth. Kadota asks the pair to join Dollars, which Yumasaki declines frivolously, wanting a peaceful life. Kadota tells them to have some empathy because another of Dollars was cornered by the Slasher. It seems they are on the hunt as well. Kadota comments seeing Anri walking by that girls like her get attacked and quickly notices the stalking Shuji with red eyes. As Togusa swerves to make a u-turn, Shizu-chan and Celty are shown taking a detour seeing Kinnosuke tailing them.

Anri is back at the place where she witnessed the slashing of her bullies, not knowing why she was there in the first place. Shuji makes a move to slash her when the Togusa rams him on Kadota’s urging with the van. Before Yumasaki can whine about killing him, Shuji stands up picking the knife (made in Japan 2009) as if possessed and slashes about.

He makes for Anri but is stopped by the in-time arrival of Celty, who knocks him down with her bike. He rises up again, possessed by a spirit that’s in love with the Ikebukro’s strongest: Heiwajima Shizuo.

Shizu-chan rips the door of Togusa’s van and goes after Shuji with the intent to kill.

Preview: Haruna meets Anri—woo boy! Maybe we finally find out about what exactly happened with the pervert teacher. Beginning of Anri’s reveal. Some talk between Shinra/ Shizuo/ Anri with Celty.

Conclusion: Talk about weird endings and creepiness! Durarara!! always leaves me wanting and guessing for more. This series has become a standard on its own. I decry the people who will marathon this rather than watching like us – waiting painfully every week for a new episode. There’s definitely too much mystery and thrill here but that is what we love and talk tirades about it, don’t we?

So, finally, Shizu-chan episode! But, this Saika business is going just way beyond! From Anri to Haruna and Shuji and then back to Anri? I can only guess that Saika is a mystic katana that can take possession of host bodies that can be changed on its will. In case of Haruna and Shuji, we see the fact that there is some lucidness left (grainy vision), but very less semblance of thought. It was simply creepy when Shuji says, he loves Shizuo. Saika is hungry for power but then why does it always show up around Anri? What is she hiding exactly is where mystery deepens. I’m still awaiting the awakening of her badassedness (like what happened with Mikado). Another fact is the blade length: when recently Haruna and Shuji used it, it was a 2007-made knife but the one who attacked Celty (in flashback of ep14) had a proper sword and seemed like a silhouette of Anri with short hair rather than Haruna. Does the shape changes with the user? Are there two or multiple slashers or Saika changing users?

What would I give for Celty and Shizu-chan pairing?! Aaargh, why did she have to end up with Shinra?! Who is not doing anything for her knowing full well all the background betrayals that his father has done to her. Not to mention the many conspiracies happening around her.

I think there was some timeline issue with this episode because Celty seemed so calm even after knowing that her soul was cut in half with Saika and that is the reason why her head and body are existing in different places. Ah well, we’ll find out more later. Also, I’m curious to know what happens at her next face-off with Kinnosuke.

Namie is playing Izaya’s housewife! Oh how art thou have fallen! XD

Masomi and Saki meetup was nowhere in preview but I hope they show something at least. This arc is giving a lot of information but still is very disjointed as ever like a spider web. I’m waiting the points to meet. Till next time, Ja ne~ 


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18 Responses to “Durarara!! – 15”

  1. Nejibana says:

    OMG! the underground boss’ voice is the same as Jiraiya of Naruto!

    • Kyokai says:

      This was the first thing I noticed when I was watching but forgot to mention while reviewing. I miss Jiraya in Shippuuden! 😐

  2. amado says:

    all of the slashers use diff blades
    butShow ▼

    I read yumasaki replaces the the door with another one that has manga/anime drawn characters.

  3. […] enough about that, as Kyokai said on MetaNorn: What would I give for Celty and Shizu-chan pairing?! Aaargh, why did she have to end up with […]

  4. Joojoobees says:

    Can’t agree more about Shizuo X Celty. It was awesome to see her gushing about how awesome he is. Maybe some day she’ll drop the doc.

    “Namie is playing Izaya’s housewife!”

    Ha ha. I saw her serving tea, and I thought, damn, she used to be the big baddie! And WTH was Izaya watching as the reporter left, Hanamaru Kindergarten?

    • Kyokai says:

      Celty and Shizuo are <3! They were even more overactive in the current episode. I hope she can see the spinelessness of Shinra soon enough!

      I can't imagine Izaya watching some cartoon show, a person who is into weird board games and crossword puzzles. Maybe this was added by anime studio people for some laughs. Who knows? :S

  5. amado says:

    “Namie is playing Izaya’s housewife!”

    I second that, they are my fave durarara pairing.
    my next one would be mairuXkururi
    Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      Finally, I’ve spoiled myself enough about the Slasher and their origins. That would be so typical of otaku Yumasaki to merchandise everything possible with anime-stuff.

      Also, Show ▼

      I think Namie suites Izaya perfectly but the fangirl in me would love some Iza-Iza and Shizu-chan love. XD

  6. Xiao says:

    I love how everyone is supportive of ShizuoxCelty (they make a nice pair). I’m not so active in shipping as far as this series goes but YEA, I’ll never understand CeltyxShinra anymore.

    Anyways…there’s a chance that Saika might have left its original host which might explain for the use of those 2007-knives instead but my guess is as good as anyone else’s. I’m kind of murky on what happens around here but no doubt Anri is going to have a confrontation with Saika soon since it has something to do with her past. Though I wonder if it’ll really be as badass because it seems like a very depressing backstory for her.

    And finally: Namie IS Izaya’s housewife! KAHAHAHA!! xDDDD

    • Kyokai says:

      Celty and Shinra are comfort couple that I’ve abandones for good. I hope she comes to her senses soon!

      This Saika business was so strange. No wonder it will take around 4-5 episodes to cover. But I finally get the Anri angle now. Poor her for depending on others for everything. I’ll look forward to how she came about the blade and how the mass breakout happened.

      I would like to see some more spunk coming from Namie against Izaya. :15:

  7. Flags says:

    I wanna know what happened when Kida went to meet his girlfriend. Also, since they seem to be building Kida as the leader of the yellow turbans scarves, I can’t wait for the showdown between Kida and Mikado, who seemingly has Celty, Shizuo, Izaya and the almighty Dota-chin on his side.

    • edru says:

      yeah, it sure was*sarcasticaly* :sad2 :sigh

    • Kyokai says:

      @ Flags, It seems that Masomi/Saki meeting has been delayed till this Saika business is taken care of. The studios have finally prioritized the trio’s reveal and I was thinking, it would be Masomi after Mikado but I guess we have to wait for another 2 weeks for that. The three facing off would be the climax of the series. I’m wondering would Izaya actually take part in this or witness from the stands?

      @ edru, Hahaa, are you referring to Namie being housewife for Izaya? XD

  8. cyberpixie says:

    lol izaya, he said shizzy-chan and the reporter burst ROFL

    • Kyokai says:

      He must have rememebered how it hurt to be hit by Shizuo and here was someone calling him Shizu-chan as if he’s a mild mannered kid. Lol!

  9. TomPier says:

    great post as usual!

  10. I wish receiving more than a broken heart is usually so simple as following a few steps.. but its not…

  11. My sister recommended this blog, and I found it very useful, thanks a lot!

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