Durarara!! – 14

Many new revelations and preparation for what is soon to unfold.

Slasher incident is making headlines when we dip into the stormy world of Ikebukro yet again. Mikado is chatting with Izaya and Celty online, when Izaya informs them about the recent Slasher incident. It’s not Anri he confirms Mikado but someone from his freshman year. Mikado signs out to meet Anri at the station because she witnessed the whole incident.

After the trio signs off, the Spammer comes back for a burst of mom, love, more again.

Pervert Shinra was very happy to peek at Celty, when he hears the shower running after coming home. Only to find his father bathing, still in his mask. Urrghh!

Yes, indeed!

The trio literally has a normal family discussion of Celty finally accepting Shinra’s feelings and his dad providing seal of his approval. However, business is business thus Celty gets paid for bringing him safely from airport, whether he likes it or not.

Oyaji inquires if she feels about not regaining her memories as a Dullahan without her head but for the first time Celty admits that she would be OK as she’s with Shinra (interestingly, her dark matter goes haywire whenever she is feeling strong emotions). The conversation takes some darker grounds, when he blurts out that he was the one who stole her head and gave it to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals.

Shinra’s expressions were not readable while Shingen ran for his life and Celty went for a wrong chase.

This Shingen dude is sure wacky and a psycho! And what is Shinra thinking cooperating with him? So many agendas!

Celty meets up Mikado who is zoning out over the Slasher incidents. He wonders if the rumours kept spreading about Slasher being part of the Dollars, while Yellow Scarves have become active anyway, the balance of ‘bukro’s peace would be disturbed (Ah, Mikado, ‘Bukro was never normal to begin with!). Celty tells him that she would look into it as she has a score to settle herself.

Celty also meets up Shizu-chan who gets livid after hearing that if she had not been headless, she would be dead.

Shizu-chan’s korros korros chant was hell entertaining! He was ready to get into one of his killing moods but Celty stops him.

She goes to Izaya to find more intel about the Slasher (Ah, if she only asked about her head, I would’ve loved to see the expression on Izaya’s face!)

I can’t get it up for a headless body or a head for that matter. (Smexy bastard, didn’t I tell you?!)

Next time you insult Shinra, you pay! Celty shows her possessive side and confesses her feelings of Shinra in front of Izaya, accepting that she doesn’t want her head back now. Izaya is quite shocked to find her really in love with Shinra.

He tells her about the katana known as Saika – a cursed blade that existed in Shinjiku. A blade empowered by dark power with a mind of its own, which possesses people. (I am reminded of Bleach’s Zanpakutou arc’s main protagonists Muramasa and the storyline here). The possessed person’s transformation is red eyes. Whenever the slasher incident happens Saika named user comes online and spams the Dollars board as well. Shinra knows something about all this but refrains from telling Celty and she knows it.

Oyaji threatens Namie and enters Izaya’s office only to show off his perceptiveness that he knew Celty’s head.

You are one to talk, Izaya! =P

Shingen has a company (in America?) that is quite interested in knowing more about Celty’s body rather than head. He would not let anyone interfere. Astonishingly, oyaji knows all about Izaya’s plans about getting a Dullahan muddled in a warzone. He advises, ‘Stimulate artificial turmoil to awaken Celty’s head or even soul, it would not be wise to involve her in someone’s else’s war but get everyone caught up in fighting for her body.’

Izaya decides to cooperate with him for now.

At school, before the pervert teacher hogged Anri, Masomi comes to save the day .

He’s such a crafty brat! Love him, nyaaaaa~

He threatens the sensei, saying Anri might transfer like Neikawa Haruna. He leaves him sweating like a pig, while shooing Anri off. Being the bashful self, Masomi tells Anri that his best friend really likes her and that is why he will be bowing out. Girls all over the world need my love after all. LOL!

Mikado catches up to them running as if Masomi would kidnap Anri if didn’t hurry up! I like this gullibility about him.

Noticing the ever increasing Yellow Scarves throughout, Masomi finally visits Saki.

Shinra tells Celty that his father had Saika (katana) for some time but sold it to an antique dealer. It’s used for stealing people’s soul and he used it to steal her head. He cut the soul that was keeping together her head and body.

What daunting news for Celty. She tells him to leave her alone. Love was confusing her more than ever.

Rather explaining her own grief, she narrates further of the night, the cursed blade Saika was trying to love a girl (Anri), who couldn’t find herself in reality.

Preview: Of course, Anri is alive. Now what happens with her and Saika is anybody’s guess. The reporter who got beat up by Shizu-chan is back (I was missing him!), while he himself is in action with Celty. What’s up with the black hoodie, I seriously don’t know. Dotachins will make an appearance too.

Conclusion: Did you ever wonder why most of the episodes end at night with a cliffhanger? Well, it’s kind of a pattern anyway.  A mellow episode but with a very creepy bottom line, especially after the discussion between Shingen and Izaya. Celty seems to be the center of attention in many ways. I was a bit surprised of the information overload in a way – about the katana Saika, imminent war over Celty’s body, Shingen’s plans, missing soul of Celty and Anri being stalked by the Slasher.

It seems we have been given a lot of information beforehand, which can means a lot of quick action and desisting to happen. This would be an important arc because everyone would be playing their part in the war that seems imminent now. I’m curious to know what Shinra would do in all this. He can stand still while his father runs from Celty but would he let others manipulate Celty for their own good/experimentation? Izaya and Shingen for that matter? Would he have the guts the stand tall and take up his own father and Izaya?

To me Saki seems like Kida’s girlfriend after all, there’s history there, you can clearly see. Also, how Mikado and the timid Anri will play around this new arc. Will Dollars take up Yellow Scarves like Blue Squares did previously?  A lot to expect and secrets to unfold. I’m looking forward to it!


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12 Responses to “Durarara!! – 14”

  1. Jagd says:

    The “American company” the Shingen works for is actually Nebula at least according to my sub. It’s probably true anyway since Dotachin in episode 9 mentioned that it was a foreign company trying to buy Yagiri Pharmacy for the research on Celty’s head.

    • Kyokai says:

      That makes sense because Yagiri Pharma has been absorbed by Nebula and that is why Namie is nannying around Izaya and Shingen is back to ‘Bukro. So, if not the head, now Celty’s body is facing danger. Seriously! =.=”

  2. The condemned snowman says:

    cant wait for the next episode!
    i was really surprised that this anime would be fantasy.

  3. Staibdude says:

    the hood makes shizuo look kinda like roxas with glasses…heh…

  4. Ruby says:

    I can’t wait to see what’s between Saki and Kida 😀 Maybe Kida was the leader of the yellow scarves and Saki was leader of blue squares? and they had a fight or something? Shingen is so funny wearing the gas mask all the time xD I love all the mysteries in here, it makes everything so exciting~

  5. amado says:

    here’s a major spoiler for what is izaya’s plan(finally figured what were those 3 pieces on the board represent).
    dont read if you want suprises in the anime.
    Show ▼

    oh yeah, saki was masaomi’s girlfriend before he quit the gang

  6. Xiao says:

    I doubt Shinra, even if he wanted to, has enough power to stand up to his father and Izaya, let alone possibly the biggest gang war about to take place in ‘Bukuro. But I doubt he even cares what happens to city as long as he gets to stay with Celty…ah, but that would be the problem, wouldn’t it? Since there’s no telling what might happen now that everyone is fighting for her head/body that sounded so wrong that might severe their ties together once her “soul” (the one she had before Shingen took her head) is activated.

    Yea, that’d be a big problem for him. Since he hasn’t displayed any potential for fighting whatsoever nor does he seem clever enough to weave his way around people like Izaya does. Then again, you never know what he might pull out of his sleeve. *shrug*

  7. amado says:

    here’s what really happened between izaya and shingen’s talk on his plans:
    its divided in 3 parts from top-bottom.

  8. cyberpixie says:

    izaya so smexy bastard lol
    what’s with the weak-looking anri? i can’t understand her at all! she’s so confusing!
    who is she and what is she? ❓

    • amado says:

      she’s your average silent,cute and busty girlShow ▼

      • Kyokai says:

        Cyberpixie-chan, Ah yes, as usual! The Anri mystery deepened even after epi15, studio is sure milking the Slasher angle but I think it’s more complicated than it looks because of multiple hosts. :S

        @ amado, you don’t say? Show ▼

  9. Kyokai says:

    @ The condemned snowman, Drrr’s a very twisted fantasy type of its own. An awesome mixture!

    @ Staibdude, yo~ ROTFL! XD

    @ Ruby-chan, I got spoiled so I know that Saki was with him Masomi while he was in Yellow Scarves, dunno much about Saki’s past. Still waiting for that to be revealed. Shingen is just so unexpected, his nutty aura yet genius-level IQ and knowledge. Hope you enjoy the epi15 review.

    @ amado-chan, Show ▼

    Xiao-chan, I was so disappointed with Shinra in this episode! He just let everything slide. Of course, it was clear that he knew about what his father did but would he seriously remain silent even after growing up? If he really loves Celty, he should come clean and really help her get through the hard times that are coming. I’ll look forward to how her soul gets activated – it’s a weird theory that her soul was cut in two, is it still there or parted between her body and head. I might just read up Valhalla on wiki. I’ve started liking Shizu-chan better with Celty.

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