Kimi Ni Todoke – 23

New Year’s Eve, Sawako and Kazehaya finally on a date!

Previously, Kanzie reviewed Epi 17 of Kimi ni Todoke, after which the Chizuru arc ensued and ended. I won’t go into details but I really loved this small arc that centered on Chizu, Touru and Ryu. It told a sweet tale of puppy love that finally ended with time. I can’t even go and smack Touru for being hidoi! Because he seemed decent (maybe because he resembles Kazehaya?).

So, without any further ado, below are few highlights that I couldn’t miss before I got to Episode 23 review:

Sawako’s adoration for Kazehaya’s bedhead. Kawaaaaaiiiiiiii…!!! :blush2:

Yano-chin breaking up. =.=’’

We finally see, the Aniki Sanada, Chizu’s first love

The typical Sawako, can’t help but feel friend’s pain

Chizu, finally cries her heart out; Ryu had a big hand in this. (I loved this scene!)

It’s hard to get over the first love, be it puppy love or not. In Chizu’s case, it was very hard for her because she’s been infatuated with him for the longest time. To her, Ryu has only been a friend, but I think even she doesn’t know the extent to which how much she depends on him and how he takes care of her silently. I liked the fact that he was man enough to call his Aniki back for a closure rather than being a jealous boy. Ryu says he’s more of a match for Chizuru and I believe him. It is enough for now that he comforted her when she needed it the most.

PROCEED to the Review of Episode 23 (GIF heavy)

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8 Responses to “Kimi Ni Todoke – 23”

  1. umi_no_mizu says:

    ^__^ this epie was super cute =) GAH i love kazehaya XD

    I too want the anime to come out quicker! BUT i dont want it to end >_> a second season would be a good solution to that problem ^_~

    love the gifs btw!!! <3

  2. Wofie says:

    ooooo….. Sawako is sooooooo beautiful… one word to describe… really really beautiful….!

  3. Ritz says:

    A second season of anything usually ruins the original show. sage on this.

    Besides, the manga series itself is about to end.

  4. Xiao says:

    I really like how Chizu’s arc was settled in the end…much more than I thought I would. Out of curiosity, I read ahead again and the manga was great but I think for once, the anime wins cuz they gave us that scene where Chizu asks Ryuu to comfort her and who cannot go “aww” at that, huh? It was sweet…well, maybe a little bittersweet for Chizu’s heartache but everything worked out fine and she can move on which is all that matters. ^^
    I also agree on what you said about Chizu not realizing just how much she depends on Ryuu. Hopefully now that she’s over the blind puppy love she had for Tooru, she’ll come to realize this sooner or later and then yay~ <3

    OMG, when Sawako lifted her cellphone up to the Heavens made me LOL so hard, I don’t even know what happened after that. lol xDD; God, she’s so cute! <3

    Always nice to see Kurumi again. Kurumi~

    And…I think I would like to give an award to Yano and Chizu for being the best female BFFs like EVAR of the year or something. They tease Sawako good-naturedly about her adorable crush but support her to the fullest and OMGAWD, I just realized I can’t really describe them for all their awesomness so not going to bother continuing. xD;

    Kyaaaa~!!!! Post-makeover Sawako looks so cute!!!!! *runs around and squeals everywhere* Technically, this is her first unofficial date, hmm? Hehee~ x3

    Haaa…yea, I find it a little sad that this awesome series will be ending in 3 episodes but I’m confident that they’ll have a sequel maybe next year or so. Given how popular the manga is and how well the anime is doing, it’s simply idiotic not to have a second season. It’s also one of the few shoujo adaptations that hasn’t gone utterly wrong so yea, they better animate the later arcs. I want something to watch on Wednesdays! haha

    • Kyokai says:

      Xiao-chan, that is the reason I covered it. Chizu arc was too good to pass up! Btw, the comfort me part was there in manga, did you miss chapter 23? The hug scene was epic daww-ness! :blush2:

      Let’s ship Chizu and Ryuu ahead so they realize their feelings mutually. Ryuu, gambatte ne~

      Chibi Sawako is always kawaaaii~ Sawako is kawaii period! People just have to look the right way! XD I’m sooo looking forward to the next epi, only one day to go to see Sawahaya in action. Full of dawwwness I can bet.

      There better be a season 2 of this for sure! Show ▼


  5. Kyokai says:

    @ umi_no_mizu, Arrigato~ I dunno what is it about this couple that I wanna just glomp them! Supper cuteness for sure! XD Only two epis left, I don’t know how they will give closure to this couple when so much development is left. Let’s see what Production I.G decides.

    @ Wolfie, Sabarashi ne~ :aww:

    @ Ritz, I agree 100% on season twos but if you’ve read the manga, there is a lot of development still left in the characters and I don’t think 2 episodes would do it justice. Let’s see what the producers decide. o_O

  6. iynn512 says:

    at the end right after sawako said that their friends can’t come and kazehaya said “let’s go”, there’s a background music playing… i’ve been searching for that BGM… please if somehow u found it can u kindly post it here? please? thanks alot…..

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