Durarara!! – 12

Nothing is as it seems. Izaya has a lot of motives, even more than Mikado.

My reaction to this episode: “Gyaaabun~!!!” :eh (Nodame reference because I’m marathoning Nodame Cantabile these days—at Paris chapter right now.)

ARAAAA! What is happening after all? How can the storyline suddenly switch from deadly suspense to mush? Ok, it did switch back to the dark and deadly in the end but… ok, let’s leave it at that till the end summation or I will overflow with thoughts and rant on rather than reviewing this episode.

We are back to the thick of things when Seiji is ready to wound Mikado for finding out where Celty-Harima is. The crowd has gone back to being colourless. As predicted previously, Celty comes and intervenes to save Mikado. Seiji thanks Mikado for his assistance for getting Celty away from his sister and explains how he has been watching her since he was a kid. His love crazy and over-obsessive mind rant was a pain: “No one can stop the power of love, you know. My love will not be shattered by someone who relies on numbers. Even if I feel pain right now, it will not bother me at all!” (Is it me or Seiji just loves pointy things?! :eh2 )

Celty having enough goes for her scythe, only to be stopped by Harima. Yes, I can safely now put down the prefix of Celty because Oh My Gosh, it’s not really Celty’s head at all! Facepalm. :ehh: Mikado and Celty, you are spot on! And take that you, idiot Seiji! For killing a girl and having instant ramen just after that, this is you getting PWN’D by your own sister (tsk tsk tsk!) The face you love so much is now setup on your stalker, the girl you always ran away from! Divine judgment or twisted fate; name it to any of the two.

Masaka! my ass you numbnut! You got PWN’D!

In her own obsessive way, Harima Mika explains what really happened that made her look like Celty. There’s a flashback where—her over delightful face with ne ne ne~ rant is just disturbing—Harima very much like Seiji for Celty, is obsessed with him and lock-picks to enter his apartment. Reaching his room, she witnesses Celty’s head and tries to plead to Seiji that she wouldn’t tell anyone. However, Seiji beyond reason, smacks her head on the wall.

From all the blood that splatters, everyone thinks she’s dead but only Namie knows and along with Shinra fixes her up and with plastic surgery turns her into Celty-double. (Quite a twists, I must say! Narita had all of us fooled with the different skin-toned scar and the bloody head wound.) Harima went this far only for Seiji, on Namie’s coaxing though. (This proves Namie’s unparalleled love for her brother but to what extent? She creates Harima into Celty but then orders to get her killed just because she came too close? What now after the truth revealed? Would she let Harima and Seiji get closer?)

Izaya appears out of Seiji’s left shoulder (pretty poetic being his bad conscience), whispering, this only shows the real passion of Seiji for Celty that he couldn’t even recognize her. Seiji falls into Harima’s arms, getting mind locked, while Mikado tries to assure him that Harima is not that bad, few personality kinks aside (few? Are you kidding me?!), and she literally put her own life on the line to save him. She really loves him.

Celty on the other hand had stormed out the whole scene when Harima mentioned another doctor along with Namie. Before, she starts kicking Shinra’s butt, he pretty much explains why did he cooperate with Namie including reading all of Celty’s thoughts, off the bat.

“Because I love you,” he simply says. If Celty had gotten her head back she would’ve left him. Just to keep her with him he’s willing to sacrifice love, her feelings, life of others and even himself. Being a faerie, maybe she only materialized because she’s not whole without her head. She could disappear after getting it back and that is his worst fear. Celty calms down and tells him that she’s afraid of death. Her head being the core of her being controls her life and she’s afraid that if someone destroys it, she would cease to exist.

After all is said and done, both realize that they are afraid of the speculations alone. They punch and make up, deepening their bond. According to Shinra it was basically their marriage kiss.

He deserved more punches but Celty forgives him. Quite funny.

We go back to Izaya, who’s watching everyone regroup. Dotachin (Kadota) and his cohorts come to say hi to him. Interestingly, the group’s name does not come from the currency Dollar rather it originates from Japanese word duladula, which means to laze around. We are again reminded of Miria and Isaac with Karisawa and Yumasaki going sugoi, Sugoi, SUGOIII!!! after finding out that the Headless Rider is part of Dollars too.

Izaya goes over to Mikado and commends his quick thinking of using the number of Dollars. He needles him about his wish to escape the ordinary. He should either move to another country or keep evolving so not to get used to the ordinary.

This reminded me of Renai Circulation again! Aaaah! =.=”

He quickly prances about and tells him he didn’t charge him for Namie’s number out of respect and would not reveal his identity because it’s his organization and he should deal with it.

Shizuo’s appearance seemed too fanservice this time around—even when I love it when he screams the typical I-ZA-YAAAA!!! It was not enough and only pointed to the end of Izaya’s dialogue with Mikado. Should Izaya be trusted that he would not reveal Mikado’s identity? I say, Hell No!!! He also knows Mikado’s screen name: Tanaka Tarou. Sneaky smexy bastard! :laugh2

The next day, Kida being his typical self tells Mikado there was a big meet up of Dollars! Awww, don’t you just love him?! *huggles plushie Kida*

We pan to Seiji, who confesses that he really doesn’t love Harima but as she reminds him of his love for Celty, he would accept her love for him. Until, of course he gets Celty’s head back. (Run, Harima, run! Save yourself from lots of pain, right now! He’s gonna ditch your butt as soon as he sees that disembodied head! Huh! WHY are you blushing?!) No use of reason for this one. :sigh

Seems like Celty is Setton on Dollars site, who’s interrupted by Shinra’s while chatting with Mikado (Tanaka Tarou). She leaves for downtown on an errand. Izaya intercepts her and says annoyingly, “What a flamboyant debut! But you’re not scary anymore.” Celty ignores him and doesn’t even ask about Yagiri Namie’s whereabouts. She revels in the normal day (listen to the background Irish music), accepting herself however she is. There she is and somewhere her head is too.

This was total win~

Seiji and Harima enter the class with a lot of hubbub. Seiji apologizes to Mikado while Harima thanks him and goes to snuggles up to him, joining the front seat. She smiles at Anri but she stands up and goes out of the room, leaving Mikado staring after her. Maybe she would not talk to Harima just like before when she started stalking Seiji, Celty narrates.

Izaya’s words swirl around his brain while Mikado finally gathers his wits to ask Anri to hangout with him and goes up to the roof to make it a reality.

Little did he know that at that exact moment, Kida was hitting on Anri. However, Mikado being bold kicks him away (poor Kida and his wilted flower!), in turn being asked to eat lunch with her.

They sit together on the rooftop bench, realizing their feelings. Would Mikado confess or wait? And of course, what of Kida who’s lurking at the corner?

All the brightness goes out and we hear the smack of a Go white piece… Araaa! Kowai, kowai! We are back to Izaya’s office where he’s playing a weird board game—a mixture of Shougi, Chess and Go. He’s lecturing Namie over the stupidness she always shows for her brother. Nebula would soon absorb Yagiri Pharma so she on the run with the head of Celty was no good at all. The flashbacks prove that indeed he was the one helping Harima in getting away from Yagiri henchmen in pursuit of her.

He compares himself to her father who was doubtful about afterlife while scared of death, still wishing for heaven. He talks about his belief of afterlife and the Norse mythology of Valkyrie armored female angels who would guide the souls of chosen warriors to Valhalla (heaven). The Valkyrie who roam the earth are Dullahan and that brings all to Celty’s head who is waiting for an awakening and war from which she would choose the brave warrior to be taken to Valhalla. He speculates the reason she’s not opening her eyes even after being alive is the wait of war and strife to happen.  Izaya wants to start a war that only he can fight in. He revels in his own badassedness with appropriate laughs that he came across an angel’s head even after doing so many questionable deeds. He would keep Celty’s head as insurance and invites Namie to join Dollars. (As suspected earlier, he’s the main reason of increase in Dollars members).

He sure is ready to shake the town with his next scheme!

All in all, this epi let me down a bit. It had the ingredients to be great but lacked in placed. Not that I don’t love it still. Narrated by Celty, it mainly revolved around Mikado and Izaya. We got to see many faces of love—more on the obsessive side—that are really not that sweet, except for Mikado’s. I thought Celty would whoop Shinra’s butt for knowing about her head and not trying to get it back to her. She has been in search for that for 20 frikkin’ years, give her some credit people! Forgiving is fine but so easily? Don’t even get me started on Harima Mika! She’s more than a stalker, Seiji, you Aho! But, of course, who am I preaching to when he’s so twisted himself. I want to know how Seiji and Namie’s father knew Celty’s name when it was not really communicating or did it speak before? Was it really Shinra’s father who had her head and then gave it Yagiri senior?

Celty and Shinra: Not that I don’t love both of these characters to pieces, Celty really let me down with her simply falling into the arms of Shinra (not that it wasn’t nice but didn’t fit her overall personality). I mean, is she the same self-assured monster who just an episode before unleashed her true self to the public after such a show of unbelievable whipping of henchmen? Though, I liked Shinra’s change from adorable doctor to a scheming one, based on a lot of conjectures but it tells you that he really cares for Celty.

Mikado, Anri and Kida: This was pretty much expected but I have to give it to Mikado for mustering the courage to kick away his best friend! It was quite funny, the whole blushing and flower dropping. The forlorn Kida with a wilted flower stalk was classic while the main couple sat on the bench! 😆 (Unrelated banter: It just made me notice that Mikado is quite tall, maybe around Shizu-chan? Izaya sure is shorter than them both!)

Izaya: He sure is up to no good! What scheme(s) he’s concocting can be anybody’s guess. These are the things that compel me to go to the dark side and spoil myself because anime is just taking too long! His twisted reference to exist in heaven or even hell gives us a glimpse to his real motives. He’s about to start something big and the catalyst to that would be Celty’s head.

Note: Episode 13 would be aired on 8th April rather than 1st, most probably with new OP/ED. Look forward to it! Also, apologies for the late review; Saturday was on for work. So, Aaarrgh! :rage:


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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18 Responses to “Durarara!! – 12”

  1. Ritz says:

    I found Selty’s change into mush quite charming, to be honest, because it shows her priorities have changed. While the execution could have been handled better, I think having her remain the same badass for the entirety of the series would have led her to become deus ex machina-like, rather than a believable, likable character.

  2. Mitsuki says:

    I don’t consider this episode bad…. but hell, it had me scared that it was the last one :eh2
    it sounded sure as hell like one of those let’s end the anime story here, although it would actually go on, episodes. Good thing it’s going on.

  3. Jagd says:

    Part of reason Celty was able to accept Shinra was because she feared the samething he did. They never actually talked about before which lead to this mess.

  4. Staibdude says:

    When I saw Izaya holding Celty’s head, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jenova….heh…

  5. Joojoobees says:

    “(few? Are you kidding me?!)”

    Mukyaa! (I totally support the Nodame references, BTW). Mika gets crazy points (and I do mean that two ways) this episode, not for standing in front of a headless reaper to protect the man she loves, not for carrying a lock-pick gun to get into Seiji’s apartment, no, not even for being willing to get her face altered in back-room plastic surgery. She gets crazy points for saying, “Whatever kind of thing you’re into, I’m cool with it!” I could not have imagined that with all the other people in this show, she would make such a bold play for seriously effed up.

    Oh, I completely agree about Shinra, as well, but I’ve thought he was a creep all along. ShizuoXCelty FTW! :thumb:

  6. edru says:

    maybe that speech did this to mikado or maybe mikado was already this awesome:
    please animate this :tantrum

  7. Xiao says:

    I also didn’t like how quickly Celty forgave Shinra, even if she did love him, but I think 20 years of living together and for her to know that Shinra believes her every word speaks out loud enough that they didn’t need to continue being mad at each other. People are stupid and make stupid mistakes. Shinra was just extra stupid and extra selfish. Therefore, he gets an extra hard punch instead of a slap I would’ve preferred a slap.

    Tbh, I found Celty to be the “victim” and the one with least fault in their whole mess so I couldn’t get angry at her because she had all the right reasons. I wouldn’t go so far as to call her a monster. She has an existence of one but we already know that she’s quite friendly with all her human companions and exposure to that made her human in a way. Perhaps more human than normal people are themselves since she can forgive Shinra despite him lying to her.

    I’m more pissed at Shinra, though. Yea, I get why he loves her so much that he’s willing to sacrifice anything so that they can stay together but him being an idiot didn’t even had the guts to discuss this with her. And he’s all grinning about “I understand you. I’ve loved you for 20 years, after all” Like hell you do! You can’t say that and go around their backs doing things they sure as hell wouldn’t like you doing!

    But at least they got over that problem of communication now and I’m happy that Celty’s satisfied with just being herself without her head. Though I hope she’s still a little concerned about where it is.

    Mikado’s drop-kick at Kida made me :cute: him even more! <333

    And knowing Izaya, a lot of chaos is going to follow in the wake of his plan for an all-out war in Ikebukuro. It should be interesting and he will be one hell of a bastard. Oioi… :dot

    • Kyokai says:

      Xiao-chan, Just as I said to Ritz, I like the humane side of Celty that is quite endearing. No way, I want her as demon, I just wanted her to be a bit more badass in front of Shinra – after all, she announced it in front of the whole ‘bukro that she would unleash her true self onto them. Sure, I didn’t like the execution of the whole I-forgive-you-instantly. It’s good that both of them have worked out their differences but was this all? I’m not quite sure. I saw Shinra in a totally new light and I guess there can be more secrets lying around him.

      Mikado was AMAZING! I can bet we find out more about his awesomeness as the story progresses. Izaya sure will remain the smexy bastard we love to hate. XD

      genki de ne~

  8. Kay says:

    Lawlz. Nah, I’m pretty sure Izaya is taller than Mikado.

  9. eerikoko says:

    there will be a new OP and ED!!

    OP: complication by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D
    ED: [no title yet] by ON/OFF
    for more info about the ED, go here. http://www.onoff-net.com/


  10. CyberPixie says:

    ah i love this episode! shinra so cute!

  11. LuluChan92 says:

    Durararararara (oops, I slipped!) never let me down, and that goes for this episode, too. Heheheh, Seiji got PWN’d, lol (well, all of us did)!

    I really liked Shinra and Celty cuddling on the couch, it was so KAWAIIIIIIII!!! Izaya his evilness was plain charming, as always! And, way to go, Mikado! Shove your best friend Kida out of the picture and get the girl!!!

    Yeah, I ‘m glad Izaya His Evilness is up to no good even after all this ruckass caused by Mikado and not by him only. He wants more of the spotlight and he shows it! “Let’s all go to Heaven together” YES, YOUR EVILNESS, I’M COMING!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  12. Joojoobees says:

    You know what’s kind of weird? I was watching iCarly with my nephew & niece tonight, and they had a plot that reminded me of ShinraXCelty. Carly had a chance to go to some fancy school; her friends don’t want her to go, so they conspire to screw up her interview with the school administrator. See where I’m going with this? When Carly finds out she acknowledges that they did it because they like her, and were afraid of losing her companionship, but insists that it was her decision to make, and that they had no right to prevent her from making it. She rightfully calls them out for acting selfishly.

    • Kyokai says:

      Your iCarly reference was quite intersting, I think that is how Celty should have reacted. Forgiveness is all good but there’s tough love too baby! Check out the new OP/ED and dying to get the subs of Ep 13, loads of intersting things are happening. Shinra definitely is not innocent as he looks. :/

  13. Kyokai says:

    @ Ritz, I definitely do not want Celty to go all deus ex machina! I like the humane side of her that is quite endearing. I was just a bit miffed with the execution. I loved Shinra standing up to her, for me his change over was better than Celty.

    @ Mitsuki, I didn’t hate it but was a bit disappointed. I still love all the characters. The two week wait seems appropriate for all the development that happened in this particular episode. Waiting for more! 🙂

    @ Jagd, They were kind of over guessing each other, which is quite understandable in their high strung relationship.

    @ Staibdude, Ehh~ Definitely creepy!

    @ Joojoobees, *glomps* finally found a nodame nakama! XD Harima Mika is plain psycho, no qualms about it. Shizuo/Celty seems interesting! I always wondered about how they cancel each other’s weirdness and talk on the same level.

    @ edru, Mikado was always awesome, I think! 😉 Hopefully, your wish would come true before series end!

    @ Kay, fufufuu~ I know! I noticed my own made gifs later. X_x I guess, happens when random thoughts crowd over while reviewing. *shrugs*

    @ eerikoko, Thanks for the info. OP is sure mellower than Uragiri. Will see how it sets off.

    @ CyberPixie, Heheheee. There is going to be a lot more to Shinra from now on I think. Not so innocent now! 😉

    @ LuluChan92, fufufuu~ It’s almost like Ararararagi-kun! XD Brilliant comment I might add! You definitely fangirl Izaya (who doesn’t? When’s he’s the smexiest of evilness!) Let’s see how the story progresses, can’t wait for the subs to be out!

  14. Roger says:

    (Unrelated banter: It just made me notice that Mikado is quite tall, maybe around Shizu-chan? Izaya sure is shorter than them both!)


    I dun think so.

    • Kyokai says:

      Hey Roger, I’m happy you went around and read through my old posts! ^^;

      After writing this I quickly realized that this was not so, checked out my own Shizu-chan GIF featuring Mikado being shorter than both Izaya and Shizuo! xD

  15. Requiem says:

    ………..Yeahs its nice Seiji accepted her, but shouldn’t she be in love with a guy who loves her for who she is as opposed to someone who likes her for what she has or who she looks lik

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