Eden of the East The Movie II: Paradise Lost (Trailer)


Here’s the trailer for the second Higashi no Eden movie: Paradise Lost. WARNING! The trailer may contain spoiler from what happened on the previous movie and who’s still left on the game.

Looking forward to the second movie (and the first movie to be released in Blu-Ray too.. ”orz. Though I already know what happened on the first movie, I’m still gonna watch it if it comes out subbed). Comes out on March 13 in Japanese theaters.


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4 Responses to “Eden of the East The Movie II: Paradise Lost (Trailer)”

  1. Kiseki says:

    Ffff when will King of Eden be released on BD? :’D

  2. it’s good, i

  3. V. says:

    Hey, where did you see the first movie? ><, where can i see it?

  4. anonymous says:

    Dattebayo fansubs released it (rlly good quality)

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