The Book of Bantorra – 16

Zombies ftw.

Is this episode anime-original, or not? I’m asking because it felt like it is, on the parts about Minth and his friend. Well whatever it is, this episode is pure awesomeness. I’m impressed and I have to say that this show is back on track to awesomeness.

We have two new additions with the cast, Yukizona (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) and Yuki (CV: Satō Rina). Their introductions seems to be like they were from a wealthy family, as they show up whining and complaining on everything Minth took them to. Their character designs are just fantastic. Yuri’s now definitely the hottest female character in the show. I can’t believe they called her flat. Pussies… Damn look, those proportions are just perfect. She’s also awesome and hilarious when drunk. She might be that seductive-looking but she sure fails on flirting (lol “hold your hand“). She uses guns, while Yukizona uses some kind of a powerful force which is awesome as well. They are still mysterious though, like their background and what Yuri did to Yukizona on the bed scene.

We go on with Minth, and this episode definitely took him to the spotlight. He’s now up being my third favorite Armed Librarian. He’s the typical “big guy with a big heart”, and his power on looking at the souls of people just matches his humble and kind nature. Though I really have a very bad feeling about Minth after this episode because Hamyuts seems like she’s plotting him to die and then feed his book to the tree.

Awesome episode overall. I think we’re getting closer and closer to the core of this show. I hope they are not gonna beat around the bushes anymore. That book-eating tree sure is interesting, and the fact how the Armed Librarians took care of it adds on the mystery of this show. Also, they’re bringing the greenhead back next episode. I think now we might know what the point of his character. lol.

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