The Book of Bantorra – 15

Yes, this show still exists.

I really hate why they made this show boring AND 26 episodes in total at the same time. Each episode only adds too little to nothing on the main centric plot, and worse is, I don’t care much about what’s happening with its stories. Patience my ass, I also felt like some character development isn’t really worth it at all. Heck I don’t even know if the next episode would be that significant as well.

But yeah, it was quite a nice episode overall. I find it very reminiscent of Kill Bill when Mirepoc fights with a sword in a gown. There’s also still the mystery but I still find it meh. Matt is still as awesome as ever, quite frankly he’s a much more watchable character compared to the rest. Probably he and Hamyuts are the only stuff I’m keeping up with this show, the rest are just blah.

P.S. – If Breastmilk Anime Seikon no Qwaser turns out to blogging-worthy, I’ll just drop this one and replace it with this. I’m in search for something to blog during weekends.

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2 Responses to “The Book of Bantorra – 15”

  1. kyon says:

    i know a show maybe is liked for some or no for others , and i understand i you don’t like bantorra but personally i liked this episode and bantorra is a interesting history for me

  2. kemal_1915 says:

    Don’t drop this series if you are interested in this:
    Show ▼

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