Moments of the 00’s #8 – Pantsu~


I LOVED Chobits. Believe it or not, Chobits was one of the first few anime I watched when I got aware what “anime” is. I remembered the first time I caught it was when it aired on Animax Asia back then on the 10:00 pm time slot Fridays, I think it was called “MegaZone” or something. Judging by the time slot it has, obviously it targets more mature audiences. But myself being a very curious little cat back then, I can’t help but sneak out from bed and give it a watch while my parents are asleep. And oh boy. Every Fridays, watching Chobits had been my habit. I loved this show back then. I thought it was funny, and there’s also a dark plot behind all the sweetness and comedy. Well, that was all back then. When I get reminded of this show, I remember the very addicting OP, how moe Chii was, and this scene below in particular struck me the most when remembering the comedy of Chobits…

Moment #8: Chobits (2002) – Pantsu… Pantsu… Pantsu…

(For those who haven’t watched/forgot about this one, it’s when Chii was asked to go buy some panties. Hilarity ensues when you ask a clueless robot to do that.)



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5 Responses to “Moments of the 00’s #8 – Pantsu~”

  1. Sanji says:

    How could I forget the time when going to buy chii pantsus, jajajajaja was incredible

  2. Trusx says:

    That was sure a good anime, and that seen has been with me for about 3 or 4 years. It was also one of my first anime.
    But still when someone says Chobits I remember Chii pointing to everthing and saying “Hideki” XD So cute

  3. Xiao says:

    xD I remember this. My friend made me watch it with her.
    But kyaa~, Chii was so cute! Her and her quests for pantsu. And all the chaos she leaves in her wake. hahaha

  4. fenixdown110 says:

    I remember her “on switch” location. roflcopter

  5. CyberPixie says:

    she’s very cute and natural, love her

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