Hanamaru Kindergarten – 03

Rabu Triangle??

That’s one cute star-shaped bento!!! >.<

The first half of this episode is about Tsuchi-sensei’s life as a teacher and struggling with students as usual. This episode focuses on the love triangle (or what Anzu assumes) involving her, Yamamoto, and Tsuchida. Lol, Anzu has a very wild imagination.

Anzu of course felt rivaled by Yamamoto-sensei, so with the help of Hii-chan and Koume, Anzu tries to be like an ideal girl Tsuchida likes XD. It’s so fun to watch Anzu try and try until she dies xP!!! *shot* In fairness for Anzu, she’s delusional and trying hard when there’s no competition anyway (Yamamoto will clearly win! Go OTP!!! <3)

Anzu definitely wants Tsuchi sensei’s attentions xD.

Yamamoto-sensei GLOMP~!

She really wants to grow up very fast, doesn’t she? xD You’re too small young to get your boobs big hunnie.

It’s nice to see how Anzu’s bright sunny smile transitions to the dark hellish aura of her cooking xD.

Second half focuses now on Yamamoto-sensei. It’s nice to see some background for her. She lives with her sister, and her parents are working overseas.

I actually find her character so hilarious xD. She’s so dense as hell. I don’t think I find her annoying because there’s a difference between being dense and stupid, and being dense yet smart on something. Yamamoto is like, so perfectly nice it’s cheesy xD.

Lol I don’t know if Tsuchida is scaring Yamamoto or just asking her for a date. Well anyway, too bad for him because she indirectly declined his offer T_T Poor Tsuchi, even his student can clearly read him and his feelings for Yamamoto-sensei. Don’t worry, there’s always next time ^^.


Isn’t Hii-chan the cutest?!

This scene is so adorable!!! Anzu would have declared war already, but Yamamoto-sensei is too dense nice that Anzu suddenly fell comfy with she forgot Yamamoto’s should be her love rival xDDD.

If GAINAX would pull off something.. well, GAINAX-y in this show, I’m one of the first ones to bet this Panda Neko and Yamamoto-sensei has a deep dark secret that’ll keep the universe’ safety in its hands. I won’t be surprise we’ll get to see Panda Neko growing into a mecha with Yamamoto-sensei piloting it xD.

*stares at the Panda Neko to see if it’ll move*

Really, I’m becoming paranoid with that thing…


ED3: “Kusa no Yubiwa Hana no Kuni (草の指輪 花の国)” by Erino Hazuki (Yamamoto)



Awesome ep as usual!! x3 I think I’m always enjoying the second half of each episode where it doesn’t focus much on Anzu. Yamamoto is pure lulz xD;; she’s so dense. Now I wonder how poor Tsuchida’s gonna make a move on her? xD She’s freaking clueless to say that men aren’t interested in her xDDD.

I don’t know what to say about Anzu though, well sure she’s such a kid with the wildest imagination but I hope they tone down her addiction to Tsuchi lol because I really don’t want to be annoyed by her xP. On a good note though, I got so much Nodame vibes coming from her. Like when she asked Tsuchi to kiss her after she just puked, lol.

So yeah, I hope next episode would be better. Can’t wait for more Hii-chan in different costumes xD ~ This show is really fun to watch to lighten up a busy day ^^.

P.S. – Sharing something with y’all: Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa- Panda Neko~!


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6 Responses to “Hanamaru Kindergarten – 03”

  1. issa-sa says:

    If the Animal Yokocho manga wasn’t still ongoing I’d be oh-so tempted to change my mascot to the panda-neko XD

  2. Xiao says:

    Looking at that bento makes me so hungry. *lunchtime where I am* ^^;

    lol, and GAINAX can still manage some mild Gainaxing, even for a little kid like Anzu. Priceless. XDDD;;;

    I love how Anzu’s mom is all cheering Anzu on in her “love” but not doing anything else to correct all her huge mistakes. Talk about bad parenting. 😛

    And Yamamoto-sensei is like walking sunshine. She’s so shiny!dense (but cute at the same time), she can’t even see beyond the implications and tell what’s bad from good (lol, but it doesn’t matter since she seems to “convert” everyone to good anyways XD).

    And the failed rivarly scene was so cute, OMGAWD. <333

    Great, now I got that song stuck in my head cuz of that YT vid you put up. *imagining it as some giant mecha dancing, too* Stop giving me these ideas! :wah

    lol \D

  3. Demon_acker says:

    Did anyone notice the K-ON reference? Yui and Azu-nyan cameo at 20:20, in front of the restaurant/bar, lol!

    • Neko says:

      yeah i saw it i was really surprised
      actually i don’t recognize such sthings and i must almost laugh xDD

  4. Lucasa says:

    Hi. Where do you usually download anime series?

  5. No says:

    Doesn’t Anzu realize that if she’s touched, it’s considered LOLICON?!

    She is such a LOLI that she should be B*tch Slapped! Many times! and Licked! Many times! Damn LOLI! :steal

    Yamamoto is so dense that she’s stay a V*rgin for a LONG time :sparkle

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