FAIRY TAIL – Original Soundtrack

TV anime FAIRY TAIL (OST) – Original Soundtrack by Yasuharu Takanashi


1. FAIRY TAIL Main Theme
2. Elsa no Theme
3. Mahou Hatsudou
4. Dragon Slayer
5. Rakuen no Araragi
6. Yami Guild
7. MIRAJIEEN no Theme
8. Nigiya Kana Machi
9. Yousei no Shippo
10. Seirei Mahou
11. Lucy Ganbaru
12. Gray no Theme
13. Natsu no Theme
14. Shukumei
15. Shinobi Yoru Kage
16. RAKUSASU Bousou
17. Fairy Law
18. Nakama Tachi
19. Kokyou
20. Lucy no Theme
21. Kori no Senjin
22. Yuuki
23. Yami yo, Tsudoe!
24. Eisenvalt
25. Ankoku no Madoushi
26. Salamander
27. Hyoujin Mau
28. Mahou Taisen
29. Kanashiki Kako
30. Akuma Deriora
31. Titania no Yoroi
32. Moeagaru Kobushi
33. Saigo no Mahou
34. Guren no Ikari
35. Ifuudoudou -Rock ver.-
36. FAIRY TAIL Main Theme -Slow ver.-

>> Download Here


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21 Responses to “FAIRY TAIL – Original Soundtrack”

  1. Sebz says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! thanks so much for this! xD

  2. ? says:

    Once again, thanks a lot for these amazing soundtracks you’re uploading! I dropped Fairy Tail yesterday because I thought that it’s going to be a 100+ episode show, but picked it up again when this was released.

  3. Randy says:

    Thanks for the link! I like the cover art

  4. kewldude says:

    Thanks ^_^ Awesome cover art i agree 😀

  5. SimonSayzHigh says:


  6. Eva says:

    THIS…..IS AMAZING! THIS IS THE BEST ANIME OST I’VE EVER HEARD SINCE CODE GEASS!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!!!! :cheer: :oha: :aww: :kyaa: :kyaa2: :runs: I’m in heaven~

  7. ojunsaga says:

    Thank You Very much

    I have follow this for manytime yet.

  8. Ebullient says:

    Track 23 Yami Yo, Tsudoe! seems to be corrupt. ;_;

    Reupload plox!

  9. dwi says:

    aaaaaaaa Thank you Very much………I hope I can get the update again here……………oooo thank you

  10. Kana says:

    Hi there! 😀
    Thank you so very much, been looking for this everywhere. ._.’
    Track 23. Yami yo, Tsudoe! seems to be corrupted. o-o’ Is it possible for you to reupload this track? :3
    thanks again~ ^^v

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  12. Rawr says:

    the soundtrack is made by Yasuharu Takanashi, the same composer for Naruto Shippuuden

  13. ~kawaii_hana~ says:

    Thanx for the uploads! Ever since I watched the anime, I’ve been dying to listen to the music only. Coz it’s so good!!! And here it is! Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu!!!


  14. Hey, awesome blog.

  15. Tygrys says:

    DL link is down can u reup?

  16. daanny says:

    the dl link is down can you fix please asap! (:

  17. Aliccce says:

    I love Fairytale!!!!!

  18. Prinny The Hero says:


    these give me the chills 😮
    and not the bad one 😀
    these are just something, just tell me that im not the onlyone please ^^”

  19. yuro says:

    the link is OFF
    plz reload

  20. Jaxar says:

    Would you be so kind and reupolad the link again please! the link doesnt work anymore (try megaupload, theyre not as sensitive as the others…)

    i really wish to get the song from Fairy Tail ep 70 where Erza is fighting out in the desert (around 11 min in the anime). Anyone know the title? its so beautiful.

    Thanks in advance!

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