Starry☆Sky Gets Anime


With its huge popularity, it’s no wonder why this delicious Otome game Starry Sky is getting an anime adaptation. I’M SO FACKING HAPPEH <333 Geez~ why do they always grant everything I want~? x3

(UPDATE: Anime website opened! | Animation Production revealed!)

I really love the game’s concept. I do read horoscopes sometimes when I encounter one on magazines, but I don’t really believe them at all. I just love how they’re basing the boys in here having each of the Zodiac Sign’s personalities and attributes. Looking forward to see my star sign guy Shiranui (Aries… Yuu-kyan~). And oh, a Ryunosuke (Scorpio) and a Suzuya (Cancer) is fine too~ <33

They should really carry over the seiyuus of the game and I’ll be one happy fangirl. Show Characters and Game Seiyuus ▼

~ UPDATE [12/11] ~

>> Official Anime Website opens!

>> Animation Production: Studio DEEN.

DEEN also happens to be animating Hetalia, which is another bishounen anime. I love their choices of anime to be adapted but they always end up being meh, looking at the situation of Umineko and their previous works such as 07-GHOST and Vampire Knight (which will have the same director btw)… UGH =__________= DEEN :\ …OTL


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38 Responses to “Starry☆Sky Gets Anime”

  1. Kairu says:

    Why does this remind me of Persona?

  2. Kiseki says:

    Sagittarius looks suspiciously like Japan.

    As long as the character designs won’t be screwed, I am watching this. 😀

  3. fenixdown110 says:

    Errr… Since I’m a guy, it’s an obvious pass. :XD:

  4. CyberPixie says:

    i’m a sagitarius and the person who will voice kinose azusa (sagitarius) is FUKUYAMA JUN! YEEESSSS!! GO FUKUYAMA JUUUNN!

  5. AOKO says:

    Yooo!! I am watching it too ^^

  6. Xiao says:

    XD The bishie business is getting out of hand alright. But why Miracle Train before this is what I’d like to know…
    Anyways, looks interesting. Will check out. ^^

    …I wonder if the seiyuu got their roles according to their own signs, too. Gotta check birthdays now. lol xD

    • kanzeon says:

      XD OMG now that you mentioned it… Jun Fukuyama’s birthday was on 11/26 and it matches Azusa as the Sagittarius one ^^. Lol he’s so special <33. Some others doesn't seem to match, though~

      • Xiao says:

        Aww, that sux. It would’ve been cool if they did (and Junie is always special~ <3). =3=

  7. Keo says:

    Haha yeah it’s really cool and stuff~

    But um ^^ you’re using my scan, the last picture you have up there. Since I can see my watermark, and it has the same split up there. Did you happen to find it off another site that put it up? D: Since I had put this up with a no sharing and yeah

  8. Rena says:

    mmmm i not sure which one is mine since i been told im cancer and gemini but those two are like my type.

  9. Top Animes says:

    wow i love this anime, i’ve been watching it like a hundred times already! :kyaa2:

    nice blog :thumb:

  10. Shi says:

    I’m Leo~
    I like Capricorn and Taurus more though =v=
    I wonder what anime will be like and whose route will it take. I’m still hoping that it will not become like Miracle Train though ;w;

  11. Miken says:

    I was sold at the first mention of Hikaru Midorikawa~

  12. mitsuki1o1 says:

    :aww: i like the scorpio guy scorpios rule! i can’t wait hopefully it won’t end up like miracle train

  13. issa-sa says:

    Please don’t make this into another Miracle Train…

    (Lol, SugiTomo as Pisces XD I somehow feel a bit misrepresented…)

  14. LuluChan92 says:


    I’m an Aries, plus a HUGE fan of Yuuichi-kun, so I’m getting happier for only this reason, but whatever! And Shiranui-kun seems kinda cool, too…!

    This signs-oriented theme gets me interested enough, but I don’t really know about the game to judge further. So I’m just waiting for this one to come out!!!

  15. kuri says:

    Horoscopes and bishonen? Excellent *_*

    Why does my Leo look more like a lion cub…? XD

  16. heyheyho says:

    So my sign(scorpio) is a Tsudere?
    Aww man…

  17. Jamie says:

    Will diffidently :kyaa2: watch

  18. Rapture says:

    :blush2: Oh my goodness! I think I’m going to pass out, this is too amazing~ :love:

  19. kirapika says:

    Words cannot explain how excited I am for this. Kyaaa~ Oh and my guy happens to be Shiranui too since I’m an Aries (woot!) xD

    Though I’m still wondering just how it will turn out. I mean, she can’t possibly end up with just one guy. I think I’d like it if she ends up with all the guys but in different unrelated arcs.

  20. Dokimasu says:


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