Denpa Teki no Kanojo OVA – 02


Welcome to the Yandere Girls show!


They’re keeping it up with how disturbing this really is. When you thought we’ll just be having regular new additions to the cast that’ll add harem and fanservice, but that’s a HUEG NO. We have Shirai and Ayase, the student council president and vice president respectively. There’s also a game that collects happiness points from everyone, and that played the plot of this episode. The game is currently crazed by the youth, and some are getting them in the wrong by, be stealing… or worse.

After moments of Ayase looking like there’s really something wrong with her, it was revealed that Ayase leads the “Happiness Game”, collecting “happiness points”. Simple rules, but her strategy is that she takes people’s happiness so she’ll be the one with the most points. That’s why the ‘pranks’ on Juu are happening. She’s already mentally wrong. You know there’s something wrong when a girl puts a dead animal on your locker, or blows up a building killing a woman and her young son, or even setting up a room full of girls on fire. Not to mention that she keeps her mom’s corpse on one room of her house, filling it up with so much flies because of the stench (and Ayase thinks she’s only sick… wtf! *pukes at this scene*).

Shirai comes to play when she’s actually the one who could Ayase this. She’s the one who ‘took her own happiness’ first, by causing Ayase’s brother to kill himself by slitting his throat with a cutter because he finds out that Shirai’s currently dating him while having an affair with another guy. The depressed Ayase had an overflowing grudge on Shirai and how much happiness she’s getting even after Ayase’s brother’s death.

The atmosphere was just really heavy for this show. Not to mention the dialogues are just chilly. Ayase threatening Shirai to cut off her ears, take of her nose, pluck out her eyeballs and slice of her breasts with her kitchen knife was just pretty disturbing to begin imagining with while hearing. Though I lol’d a bit when she said it would cause a mess when she dies, because indeed that would be hard to clean~ D’aww @ Ame trying to make Juu calm down in the middle of the morbid scenario though.

Moving on, Ame is really intelligent for providing a very logical explanation to the mystery. It turns out that Ayase’s brother was the real one who took all of their Happy Points when he killed himself. That explains the smile on his face before he died (what an idiot).

And oh, what an ending that was. My jaw just dropped to the floor. This OVA series just continues nailing it with the dark atmosphere, violence, and being quite a mindf*ck/though-provoking. This show should really be renamed to Yandere Girls OVA to be quite honest, lol. Looking forward to the third (and final?) volume. Sad that the anime can’t cover all volumes of this. Maybe the other arcs are too disturbing to be animated.



Meido Ame ftw. Nice to see her with cleared bangs.


Blushing meido Ame = much much more ftw.

Actually, Ame gets more and more cute as we get to see her eyes a bit beneath her bangs.


Yukihime wins on my list as much as Ame. This big ribbon-ponytailed is awesome. Love her scene where they assaulted the apartment with her rushing in with a knife towards the guy’s throat. She’s just… surprising. Yanderes ftw.


Hikaru (Ame’s sister) was also moe. Typical tsundere, suddenly kisses Juu on public to save him. Quite a bold move, but ends up denying it’s her fault to start the kiss. Also ends up being sexually aggressive too all of a sudden. But she probably backed away after knowing Juu is Ame’s manbitch. I think she seems too scared to make Ame mad ^^;



Her look will give me nightmares…


Why the face?


“Give me your happiness points.”

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5 Responses to “Denpa Teki no Kanojo OVA – 02”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    Oh I don’t know the second volume was out -_-; Gonna check it out.. But judging by the post and pics, it really looks scarier than the first one O_O

  2. fenixdown110 says:

    Why didn’t I notice this before. I’m getting the 1st and 2nd. This should be entertaining. 🙂

  3. X says:

    Ya quite true! This OVA continues to surpass my expectations, and I already had high expectations from watching the first one! Amazing show! Too bad it is only in OVAs, I would’ve like it if it was a whole series, too bad we only get 3 OVAs. Oh well, the quality is very good anyway, so cant complain. All in all, amazing characters (in their own way lol), great plot and the twists, and good background music!

  4. fenixdown110 says:

    Finished watching 1 and 2. This is one of my all time favorites now. I’m blown away by the similarities with Kara no Kyoukai.

  5. Yumeka says:

    Just recently watched and wrote about this episode too. I was thoroughly impressed; it kept me in suspense and offered a lot to think about. The ideals behind the Happiness Game and everything were pretty interesting.

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