2009 Year-Ender – Anime EDs


Part 2: Anime Ending Sequences

We’re now on the second part of METANORN’s series of special 2009 year-end posts. Yesterday, I posted the top twelve Anime OPs, now it’s time for my favorite EDs this year. Again, I picked the top twelve for you and it’s on your hands to vote for your pick! I’ll admit that I find it quite hard to look for EDs since there’s only two or three really notable ones in this year I could only think of. So anyway, here we go with the 12 choices in no particular order:

1. Bakemonogatari – “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” by supercell


Opening the list for the hottest ending themes of the year is supercell’s “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” from Bakemonogatari. I just LOVE the song sfm. It’s just freaking awesome. Not super crazy about it lyrically, but vocally and the melody is just so nice. The video is also cute~ But there’s nothing really much to expect since it’s one of those “scrolling credits” endings.

2. Spice and Wolf II – “Perfect World” by Rocky Shack


Ok, I love both Spice and Wolf EDs because of its extremely CUUUTE art :3 Even though I must say that I still prefer the first season’s ED, this one still rocks~ The song is just refreshing and relaxing, it simply suits the anime’s feel so much.

3. Eden of the East – “futuristic imagination” by school food punishment


Amazing ending theme to one of my favorite anime this year. It’s cleverly done, having use only pencils, papers and stuff. It has an awesome story-related concept, and the song OMG. School Food Punishment rocks so much. This is one ED theme I never get tired seeing again and again.

4. Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ ED2 – “Transparent” by KOKIA


I love this ED to bits. KOKIA and Phantom enters the list once again~ We can’t deny how I lovee KOKIA so much and I must say that they produced one of my favorite OP and ED this year. In this ED theme, it’s simply quiet, atmospheric and stunning. The video is also pretty awesome.

5. Pandora Hearts ED1 – “Maze” by savage genius


I like this ED so much particularly because savage genius is pretty good. Not much a fan of Xebec’s animation for the anime but I still how the execution and I can see the picture it’s showing and I think it’s pretty cool ^^.

6. Haruhi Suzumiya 2009 – “Tomare!’ by Hirano Aya, Yuki Goto and Minori Chihara


Again just like what I said with its OP, the first season’s still better in my own opinion, but it’s still one or my favorites this year (because obviously there’s not much amazing-ness happening) so uhm yeah~ Oh btw, I really like the part where they go start running in the whole ED sequence ^^.

7. Trapeze – “Shangri-La Y. Sunahara 2009 Remodel” by Denki Groove


This is actually the last thing I thought of adding on the list (yeah, I scramble my picks to no particular order when I post here) so it’s here just for the sake of filling the last slot. But hey~ I like the song, Trapeze is really bizarre and has the retro style, and the ED seals the deal.

8. Tegami Bachi – “Hatenaki Michi” by HIMEKA

There’s no available video right now that I could put up thanks to licensing =___=… (ok, found one now) Anyway, I really love this ED both song-wise and visually. The visuals are just gorgeous, and the song by HIMEKA is just stunning. Nothing much to say but this is simply one of the EDs I like listening to this current season as well.

9. BASQUASH! – “Futari no Yakusoku” by Eclipse


BASQUASH is from the same creator of Macross Frontier, so the idol thing is really in there. I really like it. The animation, the robot (lul), the girls singing. It’s very… idol-y and it should be. I really like it to bits.

10. Maria+Holic – “Kimi ni Munekyun” by Yu Kobayashi, Asami Sanada, and Marina Inoue


This is very different because there are only few ending themes that are given attention to, and this one is just plain awesome. Great 8-bit video game concept, SHAFT is just freaking creative. Not to mention that the song is super addicting too~ ^^.

11. Hetalia Axis Powers – “Marukaite Chikyuu” by Daisuke Namikawa


Speaking of addicting, we move over to this ending theme that caused many character renditions, internet memes and it’s just… viral. Of course, the 5-minute controversial anime comedy Hetalia Axis Powers gives one of the catchiest ending songs of the year. The animation? Our countries get chibi-fied walking around, then circling the Earth accompanied by bright colors. World Peace, anyone? xD

12. K-ON! – “Don’t Say Lazy” by Yoko Hikasa and co.


Last but definitely not the least, we have K-ON! saying “Don’t Say ‘Lazy'” to forget that this should be added on the list. Seriously, haters are just bitter to face facts, this ending theme rocks. Catchy song, accompanied by the music video-esque concept, we have one of the most memorable ED themes of the year.

It’s time to VOTE!!!

You can vote up to five picks! Voice out on the comments section which you chose and tell why ^^.



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25 Responses to “2009 Year-Ender – Anime EDs”

  1. […] View original here:  2009 Year-Ender – Anime EDs « METANORN […]

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    DON’T SAY LAZY FTW :cheer:

  3. Misu says:

    I didn’t like the Trapeze ED, but then I did. Quite odd, really.

  4. BlackLagoon187 says:

    OMFG K-ON “Don’t Say Lazy” hands down best ED I’ve seen and heard this year. Sic tune and lots of MIO time :nosebleeds: :kyaa2:

  5. Alex says:

    supercell is just pure win in my book; Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari is still on loop even after all these months. Shangri-La is LSS-worthy (yume de kiss kiss kiss?), Hatenaki Michi has some stunning vocals, Don’t Say Lazy is made of awesome although quite tiresome to listen to eventually.

    I actually like most EDs this particular season more than the previous ones.

  6. Kiseki says:

    I had too much to chose from for the OP, but the ED list isn’t as good…

    Oh man why isn’t Eden’s ED winning. ;3;

  7. Supercell should be the winner of it all since none of the others have succeeded in being as catchy. So it taking the number one slot wasn’t really all that of a surprise for me.

  8. Shi says:

    Supercell is awesome, their songs are so nicely composed and have really refreshing tune~ So I voted for Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari. And futuristic imagination, it rocks. =v=
    ‘Don’t say Lazy’ is love as well. <3

  9. wildfire808 says:

    ahh kimi no shiranai monogatari by Supercell is totally epic. instrumentals were crazy and Nagi’s singing knocked it out of the park. that would be my #1 choice no contest.

    i have a feeling don’t say lazy will win tho =P dont get me wrong, its an awesome song, but that would come second =)

  10. Xiao says:

    Haha, Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari’s been on my ipod for a while so of course I would pick that as my top choice. Nao piano sheet WHERE?! 8333

    I think Don’t Say Lazy is good contender as well. For just its ED, not K-ON! itself but it’ll probably win for its fanbase.

    And YES! Kimi ni Munekyun! <333

  11. CyberPixie says:

    as expected supercell won! hell yeah kimi no shiranai monogatari is freakin’ awesome! the graphic is very cute and simple, the song is great, and it’s very unique! anyway it’s AWESOMEEEEE!!!

  12. forex robot says:

    Nice post & nice blog. I love both.

  13. fenixdown110 says:

    Eden of the East and Maria+holic FTW! :cheer:

  14. Wave says:

    Maria+holic Is Great..As For K-On! Ed Kinda Great Too.
    But Bakemonogatari’s Ed Is Still The Best For Me..

  15. warriorhope says:

    Hatenaki Michi” is just too pretty. The song is pretty good too concerting it’s done by French-Canadian too.

    Don’t say lazy is super epic though…so I’m torn.

  16. zetsubou says:

    Don’t say LAZY!!!

  17. mikaino says:

    Hands down to Eden of the East and Maria Holic.
    Trapeze has a catchy ending too, but the animation was so random. Anyways, I voted for the three of them ^^

  18. trebors says:

    kimi no shiranai monogatari and don’t say lazy for me

  19. LuluChan92 says:

    “Don’t Say Lazy” 4LIFE, guys!!! (I’m way too specific on my opinions, aren’t I?!!!)

  20. LuluChan92 says:

    Just K-OWNED!!!

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