Kuchu Buranko OP/ED Single – Upside Down

tcover 1

Kuchu Buranko (Trapeze) OP/ED Theme Songs – “Upside Down”/”Shangri-La (Y. Sunahara 2009 Remodel)” by Denki Groove

Upside Down PV (yep, this is actually the PV):



01 – Upside Down
02 – Shangri-La (Y.Sunahara 2009 Remodel)
03 – Yarisugi Koji OP
04 – Upside Down -TV Version-

>> Download Here


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2 Responses to “Kuchu Buranko OP/ED Single – Upside Down”

  1. Kiseki says:

    …And the Shangri-La PV contains a bunch of high sweaty guys only wearing towels.

  2. Sa-chan says:

    I love love love the opening song Upside down!
    Thanks for shring their new single^^

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