Anime Status: October ’09


AniStats for the month of October 2009~!

This is a really tough month of watching for me, so excuse for the lateness and the little amount of shows in the list. It’s lame because the time where I’m supposed to have my final exams happens to be a huge rain of new shows aka the Fall season of anime. But of course, studies are still my priority so I put aside some of the shows. The only time I did my catch-ups was the break after the exams, or this week, and it’s also a busy week because it’s Halloween and we went to cemetery and on and on. That’s why this post is quite late because I still have to extend catching up a lot. Gomen ^^;;

I’m on-holding Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and will continue holding Hanasakeru Seishounen as well, since my watch-list is already heavy for this time. I have to marathon Yumeiro Patissiere and I also decided to marathon Railgun instead of following it on a weekly basis, since I thought I’d definitely enjoy the show more when I watch it continuously so that the awesomeness won’t stop or something xD. And about Winter Sonata, uhm… hold it until it doesn’t fail anymore with the scheduled episodes.

On the shows I’m dropping, I’m not planning to continue Shugo Chara! anymore, since.. well, you know what happened with it. I enjoyed it, but suddenly, SC!! Party! comes along and screws the target audience HARD, and instead made the show for 4 year olds. Such a shame. And the shows I’m not planning to pick up anymore this Fall season are some sequels to some shows I’m not interested anymore, and that’s White Album 2, Asura Cryin’ 2, Koihime, and Natsu no Arashi 2. I’m also not planning to pick up shows that are irrelevant.

Again, this list is highly personal and subjective, so I don’t wanna hear rants. You can share your own list on the comments. Anyway, let’s get it on with the AniStats!!! ALL SHOWS except for Umineko and Hetalia are New Entries so there’s no need to put symbols before the number.

22: KIDDY GiRL-and


Oh lord… This one’s such an awful, atrocious shit and one heck of an embarrassing downgrade and humiliation to a popular show back then. Not to mention Ascoeur sounds too fucking annoying I just want to cut off my ears everytime I hear her. ASCOEUR SUCKS. This show is just POOR. Poor voice acting (except for Tweedle-sibs xD), poor pacing, poor everything. Only Tweedledee and Tweedledum are LOVE <3

21: Miracle Train


OMGGG KIREEEE BISHIES!!! #1!!!! …Yeah right.

This show is so fun to make fun of. But really, this sucks. It has one of the stupidiest set-ups ever in anime. Ugh, it’s also a shame that the director of this had done amazing jobs on his previous works though. Miracle Train is a huge piece of shit I don’t wanna ride anymore.  I hate how it makes us girls look like we need help everytime. I know it’s fun to watch at first, but it’s getting really lame. I’m SICK of this thing overdone everywhere. Miracle Train just goes to the trash for the weak and poor delusional fangirls to feed on. That’s why it’s so much fun making fun of this shit. Those who take this fucking shit seriously needs to get slapped back to reality.

20: Seitokai no Ichizon


^ Only thing relevant about Seitokai.. jks xD

Why the hell do some people like this shit? Is it because it’s a parody show that they think they will look cool when they watching it? LOL. Seitokai is indeed funny at first, with their references and parodies, but it gets old too quick. I find Seitokai just bland. Heck I even prefer Lucky Star over this one when it comes to the parody category… And that’s sayin’ a lot.

19: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~


This show is now much likely dropped from blogging since episode three because I felt that there’s nothing interesting in this sequel anymore, but I’m still watching and keeping an eye on this one. Season two most likely fails already now, because it’s just… overall meh, while the relationship between Haruka and Yuuto will probably take another fucklong time to move an inch with all the fanservice and cockteases everywhere. Episode four was cute though~

18: Sasameki Koto


One thing I totally hate about this show is that it has a very ugly girl who looks like Fumi from Aoi Hana as well (which is also another yuri anime). But in this case, Sumika is far more likable than than Fumi. Especially on how she drags along the trap Masaki with her. I don’t mind the shallowness but what matters here is that I laugh so much in this show and it’s definitely amusing ^_^.

17: Inu Yasha -The Final Act-


I’m only watching it via Animax Asia so it can get late sometimes and it doesn’t really bother my schedule and blogging plans. So yeah, it’s on TV ^^.

16: Kämpfer


I’m obviously dropping this show. I’ve only got entertained by a little bit of seiyuu jokes and listening to seiyuus but overall, everything else is MEH and bland.

15: Sora no Otoshimono


Oh my god, this one’s a way more notorious fanservice show than Kampfer. The fanservice is just all over the place xDD. Some stuff (ok, a LOT of stuff) are total nonsense, but I must admit that I chuckled a lot of times in this show. Not to mention that the animation is definitely better than most of the other shows this season. Overall, it’s definitely hilarious while it still leaves place for shipping~ I love shipping the two senpais together xD.



It’s very entertaining and crazy hilarious so I guess it’s alright. It’s just really hard to take the show seriously with them though. Fairy Tail is quite a disaPlus, I need MOAR GRAY-SERVICE <33

13: The Sacred Blacksmith


One thing I learned about when I’m watching this anime is that Manglobe DESPERATELY NEEDS MONEY. That’s it. And Luke is still awesome, that’s it.

12: Shakugan no Shana S and Specials


Oh my god, this special is actually better than the whole second season of this anime. It’s nonsense, but entertaining. Plus Yuuji in Shana’s body definitely makes a much more moe version of Shana xD.

11: 11Eyes


Lol 11eyes got the 11th spot xD get it? 11? 11? xDD;

Ok anyway, this one’s definitely good for an eroge adaptation so far ^^. The action stuff is fine, it reminds me less and less of Persona 3 as it goes by, I like lots of characters in here and yeah, so much stuff to like. My favorite character is Takahisa~ Idk why, but I just love kickass bishies xD.

My only problem about this show is that there’s so much things unexplained and I worry that 12 episodes won’t be enough for it. I think that we’ll have a second season for this one, or a rushed second half.

10: Trapeze


The top ten for October opens up with Kuuchu Buranko/Trapeze. This is very much a WEIRD show, yeah, everyone knows that. Really really REALLY really weird. I can’t say that it’s brilliant, but I cannot say that it’s awful either. Maybe I just don’t get the appeal so much, but yeah, it’s still entertaining and the eccentric art style definitely caught me in this show.

09: Nyan Koi


^ Oh lol the Saki girls!! xD

Ok, Nyan Koi gets quite a high spot because of its great start. I enjoyed the start so much and I thought it’ll be one of the top tiers this Fall. But as the series goes, it’s getting more and more like your typical generic harem with lame jokes and everything. I might be dropping this sometime now, but I still love the start ^^. And cats are win~

08: Hetalia Axis Powers


Hetalia is already pretty consistent in the Top Ten, so why not? I’m never getting tired with it, I’m enjoying it more and more. This month’s actually a great month for Hetalia because it animates some of my favorite strips ^^. It’s also nice to see Chibitalia back. But last but not the least, CHIBI AMERICA hsdngfskdmfdlrtdtugj;lj *AAA* KYAAAA SO CUTE I WANNA GLOMP!!!!!! >___< UK and Chibi USA = just D’AWWWWW~~~

07: Kobato


Kobato is definitely one fun, clean and refreshing show this Fall season~ Kobato is such a very funny and adorable character, but at the same time, she’s very intruiging and mysterious. Though what’s about her will still be kept distant for we’re only having different stories from different characters in the current episodes first. Everything else is also nice, I love both the OP and ED, Ioryogi makes the show on fire (literally), and Fuji-tan’s always here to save the day for Kobato. Also, a week for me isn’t complete when I don’t hear “KOBATO, GAMBARIMASU!!” xD.

06: Letter Bee


Yum Lag licky-licky~ *shot* xD

Letter Bee is good cheese~ I enjoyed the most the start of the show, well, of course thanks to the awesomeness of Gauche (oh where art thou?~~ T__T). Now we have Lag with Niche. And Niche seems to be a pretty cool dingo~ I love the relationship between the two. It’s definitely interesting to watch. Overall I find the show refreshing ^^.




05: Tatakau Shisho -The Book of Bantorra-


At first I thought this wouldn’t be one of my top faves of the next season. Maybe on 20-15 spot, but this show just gets better and better. I also love the multi-level storyline this show has. Overall, it’s really intruiging and mysterious.

I kinda rage’d though at Colio’s death D:<… Poor Colio T___T I hope he and Shiron would be happy together though. And oh, I’m lovin’ the Armed Librarians more and more. Volken is still my waifu, Matt is smexxayy~ because I just love men in formal wear xD. Hamyuts Meseta also turns out to be one awesome bitch <3

04: Aoi Bungaku


This show is HAWT. Too bad it’s super underrated on its first weeks. Now I’m glad it gets subbed fast and it definitely caught up. Good work for its subbers ^^. Ok now, Aoi Bungaku is a total gem for this season, most especially that this season is full of useless moe shows, this one shines. The first arc is already fantastic. Can’t wait for the other arcs now, which will start this month ^^.

03: Kimi ni Todoke


Haha, I’m not biased this month xDDD; You thought this is gonna be #1 huh?

Everytime I watch this show, it just gives off a light and fluffy feeling~~~ What I love in here is that we get to sink in the fluff and the feel-good atmosphere. This one also has the most likable characters this season, each and every main one can be someone people can relate to. I’m definitely loving Yano and Yoshida so much, aside from Sawako and moe kettle-Kazehaya <3. Not to mention the production overall, Kimi ni Todoke wins for literally washing away all the horrid shoujo shits on the past and makes a new refreshing standard for them.

02: Umineko no Naku Koro ni


Last Month: 06 | Peak Position: 02

Wow~ Umineko is so close to the top, isn’t it? Well, Umineko definitely deserves it ^^. It had been getting more and more better as we get further with the story, and everything is always interesting. I love how each arc is always better than the previous one, and that alone, the third arc is great. Lots of WTF again and flips, from Evatrice to the bunny girls and their rabu-rabu beam, to Beatrice going MOE MOETRICE for Battler (KYAAAA!!! Shipping ahoy~!) also, we now have Ange too. The fourth arc is here and now I’m really excited for more surprises this show will bring ^^.

01: Darker Than Black 2: Comet of Gemini


At first I thought that oh man, this sequel’s gotta suck…… but OH BOY I WAS SO F*CKING WRONG. DTB2 IS WEARING ME OUTTT!!!!!

I’m so amused with the new season, I think it definitely tries its best to be better than the first one, so we’ll still see how it turns out. The action is still amazing. It’s so awesome how they killed off characters like flies on the table. Hei is still F*CKING EPIC WIN in so much many many levels. Oh god… *fangirlgasm*… New look for him in this season too! How’s everyone diggin’ the new dirty look for Hei?? XDD Yeah, he needs to shave a little though -shot-. And yeah, needs more Yin, her whereabouts are still mysterious… Yin!!! Where art thou?!?! I want my OTP together again PLOX!!!!!



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10 Responses to “Anime Status: October ’09”

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  2. Shi says:

    I totally agree with you, DtB2 is definetly awesome! I really enjoy watching it so far. BONES never dissapoint~
    Umineko’s getting better and better, even though people are saying that DEEN cuts a lot of stuff from the VN *didn’t read it myself so I don’t know*
    Kobato is love, as well as Kimi ni todoke and Hetalia.
    The only fun things about Seitokai are lame yaoi jokes, lol.

  3. Metalsnakezero says:

    DtB2 started out strong and it keeps going with it’s seriousness and comedy.
    Kimi ni Todoke and Kobato is full of love and cuteness :blush2:

  4. Misu says:

    I heard Yin is dead. On /a/. Therefore, it must be true.

  5. kirapika says:

    Uwaaah. I really should start marathoning DtB S2 then 🙂

    I agree, Umineko has gone through a big surprise in the 3rd arc. And yep, it gets better and better. DEEN is just making it worse with it’s crappeh animation

  6. fenixdown110 says:

    YAY! DtB2 got number one! Finally someone agrees with me. :thumb: Kanzie, you rule. 🙂

  7. Xiao says:

    🙂 No need to apologize since school is school (bleh…) and you still got this out in record time. I haven’t even started on my halfway-season post yet. *very bad* <D;
    And DAMN, girl, I didn’t know you had so many shows on your watch-list. O.O; …well, that’s not true cuz I do know but it’s still amazing how you can handle them all, backlog or not. I’m rather picky so I just choose 8 at the most or something. Heh.
    Well, anyways, good for you for dropping some bad ones! Who needs them really? :thumb:

    Okie, onto your list…

    lol, so glad I did not watch that fake excuse of a host cart.
    And Lucky Star is like gold compared to Seitokai. -_-;

    Same here on Haruka. It's suffering rather bad second season symptons.

    Haha, if Fairy Tail actually wanted people to take them seriously, it'd be way lower on your list. xD;

    11eyes manages to be decent. I'm basically staying for the character designs (everybody is so purdy~) and the blood…and the overly sappy rabu (YET NOT OFFICIAL, ARGH!) relationship between Kakeru and Yuka. Oh, and TakahisaxYukiko soon, plz. <3 If they're going to have a second season, I want more characters. *sucker for moe eyes* |D;

    Haha, I love how you it's a screencap of awesome Nagi over the actual couple for NyanKoi. But yea, it's turning very typical with every new episode. And we still have the twins to go, oi… @.@;

    "KOBATO, GAMBATTE!" is all I have to say for this awesome show. :4:
    Letter Bee is also a jewel for me. Bantorra, I MISS MY COLIO-KUN! :baww2:
    KnT for the SoMT 2009/2010 title. Shit, wtf am I doing with that now? *gets shot for major delays* XD;
    Sea-cats is self-explanatory (GYAHAHAHA!)
    And I need to marathon DtB~! :huhu:

    Huzzah. Fall needs to keep being awesome with its good shows and that is all.

  8. Faer1edust says:

    Lol, I knew that your opening pic for AniStats are always misleading xD; oh @ KnT not getting number one though T___T, I’m gonna check out DTB now that I’ve heard lots of great stuff about it~

    But nonetheless, I love your list~ I checked out Sora no Otoshimono and I guess it’s the best fanservice show this season and it’s better than Haruka (which turns out to be a shame now). Kiddy Girl is a pain to watch -_-;

    Umineko better get that #1 spot next month~ Go Seacats xD!!!!

  9. Auntie Heng says:

    i’m so going to start watching aoi bungaku

  10. issa-sa says:

    Your list is totally devoid of cake pR0n!!!! Start marthoning Yumeiro Pattissiere stat! XD

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