Umineko Character Song CD 1 – Jessica and Maria


Umineko no Naku Koro ni Character Song Single Vol. 1: Jessica Ushiromiya (CV: Marina Inoue) and Maria Ushiromiya (CV: Horie Yui)

Here’s the first volume of the Umineko Character Singles!!! We have “Dokkyun Heart” by Jessica, which she sang on Episode II-I while she’s cosplaying Marisa from Touhou there. The song is very fast and fun to listen at xD. Maria’s character song “Happy Halloween MARIA” by Maria (Horie Yui) is very cute ^^. I love the chorus <3. Ok, I can’t wait for Battler’s and Beato’s character singles soon too xD.

Download includes scans and another piece of the Umineko Tarrot Cards, this time it’s Kanon of the Hanged Man Arcanum. Enjoy~


1. Dokkyun Heart – Jessica Ushiromiya
2. Happy Halloween MARIA – Maria Ushiromiiya
3. Anthology Drama ‘Yamai ka Noroi ka, Nekomimi no Kai’
4. Dokkyun Heart (off vocals)
5. Happy Halloweed MARIA (off vocals)

>> Download Here


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7 Responses to “Umineko Character Song CD 1 – Jessica and Maria”

  1. Shi says:

    Such a cute CD <3 Thank you for sharing!
    I read on somewhere on LJ that the next song CD features Beato & George— damn you DEEN and your weird crack pairings ;w;

    • kanzeon says:

      LOLz really?! :XD:
      FCUK YOU DEEN!!!!!

    • maya-nee says:

      They just put George to a popular character so that he can get high reputation as well.
      WTH DEEN…

      I wish the next one will be Kanon and Shannon, then Battler and Ange ^^

  2. Hana78 says:

    Thank you very much for sharing :aww:
    I’ve been waiting to hear the full version of what Jessica sung back then 😉

  3. dood says:

    I hope this isn’t a redux of the Hanyuu character song (because Uus makes me want to stab my brain).

  4. Hitomi says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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