Nana Mizuki – Mugen (WHITE ALBUM 2 OP Single)


The title “Nana Mizuki” sells more than “WHITE ALBUM OP2 Single” xD… Anyway, she looks fiery hot in the cover! (literally).

Mugen PV:



01 – Mugen
02 – Tenkuu no Canaria
03 – Dear Dream

>> Download Here


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4 Responses to “Nana Mizuki – Mugen (WHITE ALBUM 2 OP Single)”

  1. fenixdown110 says:

    You must be referring to Windows 7 OS-tan. lol

  2. Faer1edust says:

    Thank you very much for sharing!! I’ve been waiting for the full version of Mugen~ Nana-sama~ :aww:

    *ignores the WHITE ALBUM OP 2part because this is more Nana Mizuki XP*

  3. Jamie says:

    Thank you for sharing :blush2:

  4. astrastasia says:

    Thx a lot >~< , i want this song from a long time ago…~

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