And Saimoe 2009 Queen is…


Who got crowned this year’s SaiMoe queen?




1st 1332 Taiga Aisaka @ Toradora!
2nd 1278 Yui Hirasawa @ K-On!

I’m quite happy with the final two already if you’ll ask me. Saimoe this year had been dominated by Saki characters from the start, even filling half of the top 8 with them, but ended up getting cut one after the other until the top 4.

So after some exciting and some bland and boring match-ups, we’re now left with the final two, Taiga and Yui. It’s tsundere-moe vs dojikko-moe again just like last year, and this time, a tsundere won again. I gotta say I was expecting Yui to win, but Taiga winning is fine for me. We still gotta give props to KyoAni for still making adorable moe characters that also dominated the competition lately.


So that wraps up this year’s Saimoe ^.^

Next year, I’ll be prepared for the contest to be flooded with Umineko characters, really. And I’m currently making my Sawako and Kobato campaign like, now.

But before all that, you MUST not forget to vote on the Shoujo-Only Moe Tournament!!! SoMT’s now on its fifth match set of the Quarterfinals so go and vote vote vote for Rima!!!



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17 Responses to “And Saimoe 2009 Queen is…”

  1. Kiseki says:

    Pfft what about Lisa?

  2. Faer1edust says:

    :cheer: Hooray for Taiga!!! Congrats to her!!! But yeah, lol @ winner being tsundere again though. Oh well, at least I still like the final 2 ^^.

    Umineko characters next year GO!

  3. meteorhouse62 says:

    Meh… I wanted Yui to win 🙁

  4. Hitomi says:

    YES! Taiga won! I’m really glad about it because I never really like Yui in the first place. WOOOOOT!!

  5. Xiao says:

    Congrats, Taiga! And for me finally being able to comment again! *throws more confetti over here and gets smacked by Taiga’s sword* XDDDDD

    Woot! Yes! I haven’t watched Saki nor do I plan to so can’t really judge them too harshly but… real moe beats out cheap moe anyday. DESHOU?! :thumb:
    Haha, I was actually leaning more towards Yui for seiyuu-bias reasons (bad Xiao 😳 ) but since I knew both, I went either way as well.

    Haaa…next year…why can’t my Stake girls have more screentime for better of chances of winning?! NUUU~!!! 😥
    But oh yea, Kobato FTW all~ the way… :omg:

  6. warriorhope says:

    I liked this year’s final two better than last year I think.

  7. Those who follow Saimoe 2009 since the beginning know how scary are Saki girls, I’m glad Taiga representing the moe icon this year, Toradora is a show where moe blends with good drama and plot smoothly. Though honestly I’m a bit disappointed with how Nodoka didn’t make it. She would be the first queen of moe with boing XD

  8. gungrave32 says:

    HELL YEAH TAIGA!!! :omg:

  9. hashi says:

    Hey, not bad. This year the finalists were both actually moe, rather than just attractive in some other way. I think moe has to involve a feeling of vulnerability and needing to be cared for.

  10. TJ says:

    LOL not a surprise. Taiga would have kicked Yui’s behind with her wooden sword. Congrats to the Palmtop Tiger!

  11. kyon says:

    i am very happy for taiga , for me taiga ws a very better character compared to yui

  12. DrJackalX says:

    Yeah! Congrats to the new tsun-tsun dere-dere queen!

  13. Seinime says:

    Congrats to Taiga!

  14. tflops says:

    🙁 Mai ex-waifu

  15. Mukki says:

    aww… well i like both of them too but i think i was leaning a bit more towards Yui. 3_3 but it’s okay cause Taiga’s cute in her own way!

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