Spice and Wolf II: 05 – Leading Man


Ya dig~


This is yet again another Lawrence-centric episode. Our male protagonist is still taking one step after the other very carefully now he’s planning to crash the market and win Horo back from the young man Amarti.

Actually, the business part is pretty interesting but at the same time, I could really care less about it because it’s something I find myself hard to relate with lol. I find Lawrence showing and expressing his feelings more in this episode the real flesh of it. And at last, seems like he knows what to answer to Horo (yea, still not calling her “Holo”)’s question back then on their conflict.


I can’t seem to help but enjoy Deanna’s character already. She’s pretty interesting. I also lol’d at the part in when Lawrence asks her if human can mate with deities. Deanna cockblocks the question so much. Hah, I got intrigued XD.


Moving on to the day of the sales, Lawrence saw Horo in there, but gets shocked when Horo’s with Amarti all along.


Is it just me or Amarti really is a huge idiot? Doesn’t he feel like Lawrence’s already planning something behind his back? Or he’s just pretending to be goody-two-shoes and all? Also, Horo’s becoming really mysteriously interesting as of late. I wonder if she’s also a part behind of the Pyrite thing.

Overall, this episode really showed a vast improvement for Lawrence character, and I hope he’ll really win this fight now against Amarti. Well, I’m indeed rooting for him because I want to see him achieve at least something without the help of Horo. So yeah, I’m all for our lead, just not because of the obvious pairing reasons. Amarti, prepare to lose! Haha… Damn, I can’t wait for the next episode, just like always. I’m gonna die with all these cliffhangers happening 4 weeks straight.

Also, I’m thirsty for the lost of Horo. Is Koshimizu Ami trying to rest her throat or vocal chords or anything after her amazing performace from Episode 3? We really need to know how Horo’s feeling and going through right now after all the coflict with Lawrence. Seriously, the lack of Horo is ;___;.

And oh, Mark is awesome.

More screenshots on the gallery next page.


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5 Responses to “Spice and Wolf II: 05 – Leading Man”

  1. phoenixdown110 says:

    Actually watching this really carefully, it seems like Amarti knows what he’s doing. It is more likely than not that he bought the pyrite on credit from the gypsies before Lawrence did. This ruins Lawrence’s surefire plan of winning either way. Now Lawrence has to time the sell at the exact right time before Amarti does. Whoever sells first to offset the prices will win it all. They both have trumpcards to play. ❓ It’s extremely risky and I can tell that Lawrence is losing his edge, especially when he wasn’t calm and collected when he finished the buying on credit deal with Amarti in the morning. I’m thinking Amarti is using Horo’s presence as a distraction to throw Lawrence off. Really dirty move. Who knows. Lawrence might actually lose the duel :freeze2: , but Horo is known for being really spontaneous. We’re not even halfway through the series, so something good is still bound to happen. :thumb: Well, that’s my analysis.

    • tsuiteru says:

      Thanks for sharing your analysis. Those are pretty good points ^^. :thumb: Yeah, Lawrence often loses his cool while Amarti may be using Horo’s prescence as distraction. I’m really interested more on what’s really behind on Horo. It’s so hard to explain it, but for me it looks like Horo’s up to something as well. Yeah, we’re still not halfway but it’s already exciting. I can’t really wait for how this will turn out :runs:

  2. Smithy says:

    Was so shocked to see Horo there with Amati, what is she thinking? 😯
    Was pretty clear this episode that Amati looks like a knight but is quite the scheming little bastard, he’s set to ruin Lawrence just to get Horo because he claims to love her. Though it’s quite clear he at most loves a surface image for he doesn’t know her one bit.

    Really want to see Horo and Lawrence make up and get along again. :kyaa2:

  3. Llora-chan says:

    Lawrence did get lots of development. Geez~ I sure hope that Horo has something secretly planned out. Like~~ she’s hanging around Amarti more to see how Lawrence thinks of her.

    Anyways, http://metanorn.kokidokom.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/sw6_190942.jpg
    I thought that his hair looked so white (It was pretty ^^)
    .-= Llora-chan´s last blog ..KyoAni, troll, and Haruhi: The end of the Endless Eight loop =-.

  4. Chris says:

    I thought it was interesting that Horo had the white feathers in her hood, and Dianna mentioned that someone had come to visit her earlier in the day.

    Also, I really hope Lawrence ballboots Amati, can’t stand him seriously D:…

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