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:kyaa: Guess who finally reveals what’s behind his bangs??? :kyaa:

Inside the Digest:

– Kimi no Iru Machi: Ch. 57 ~w/ coloring~
– Bloody Cross: Ch. 3
– Ao no Futsumashi: Ch. 5
– FLAGS: Ch. 4
– Livingstone: Ch. 2
– 07-GHOST: Ch. 51
– Karneval: Ch. 13

EXTRA: Karneval Drama CD news

TEASER: Watashi ni XX Shinasai!!: Ch. 4 ~w/ coloring~

[UPDATED 08/19] Extended MD is extended~! Added FLAGS, Livingstone and 07-Ghost. And as you can see, there’s no “Fresh Pick” for the meantime, but two new features are added ^^. Some extra manga-related news and a RAW teaser to some manga and a coloring as well!

Kimi no Iru Machi: Chapter 57


Blushing Eba FTW! [dA page]

OMG @ the pacing!!! It’s getting so fast at the start of the chapter but it suddenly went waaah waaah down at the last part. I lol’d so hard when Kikukawa got dissed by Haruto! XD I was like, “Haha, take that b*tch! XDD”. And also, it seems like Kanzaki-senpai unleashes his true colors. Is he just playing with Eba??

I literally want to throw my keyboard on my screen because of Eba rejecting Haruto. I hope she won’t turn into another Suzuka or else I would totally get pissed her. I despised Suzuka back then for being such a bitchy self-centered Mary Sue. But moving on, gotta admire Haruto for finally getting his balls back. I wonder what will happen next!!!

Bloody Cross: Chapter 3


Whew. Sure took a long time to get updated =__=. But it’s still worth the wait. I’ve read the RAWs up to chapter 6… err I meant saw, not read since I didn’t even understand anything XDD. But I’m so glad it got scanlated because I finally understand about them getting killed but they can regenerate again. OMG looks like our leads are kinda immortal now! Kewl~

And I can’t wait for next chapter to be translated. This manga is just HAWTNESS.

Ao no Futsumashi: Chapter 05


I’m still not completely sold in this manga yet… I find it hard to get what’s happening and heck, I don’t even know any of the characters’ names lololol. But it’s still cool though. The glasses guy is freaking awesome and I’m looking forward to see more of him ^^.

FLAGS: Chapter 4


I’m dead bored with his manga and I’m guess I’ll be dropping it. The character designs are funny. They look like monkeys the more I read on it, and the story is generic that it’s just boring. I won’t be bothering when this one will head on over since it’s too predictable already. It’s so stuffed with shounen cliches and I just can’t take it anymore so it’s better to drop it early than to stick and suffer for a long time (like what I’m facing right now with Reborn!).

Livingstone: Ch. 02


Moving on from a completely “meh” manga, we have this SUPER AWESOMENESS one that continues to impress me. After this chapter, it proves that Sakurai is MOE!!! XDD. Haha I love Sakurai already. And I also love Akano. Akano’s pretty cool with him not being a human. I also wonder if Sakurai’s not human as well. He kinda reminds me of those Shinigamis from Kuroshitsuji. So yeah, this just continues to be very interesting and it’s highly recommendable ^^.

On a completely random note, LOL I think I’m having a gloves fetish~ I find Sakurai so hawt when he shows them off xP.

07-GHOST: Kapitel 51


Am I the only one who doesn’t feel Ouka? I mean, she’s so bland =__=. I wonder what will she play later on in the series because this girl has a resemblance to Aya-tan.

Anyway, I find the scene with Frau fetching the two so cute XD. And Frau just continues to be a pervert even on Ouka xDD. Lol. It seems like Ouka doesn’t show any affections to Teito yet though (*sigh of relief*) and I hope she won’t. Bwahahaha!!

The confusing part for me is the art itself though, I almost can’t tell who’s who. The part where Labrador (It’s Labrador, is he?) getting tangled up just lost me actually, and I have no time to get back and re-read again T__T. Uh-oh~ I better go and find some summary of the latest happenings in here. I’m slowly getting lost =__=.

Karneval: Chapter 13


Shocking chapter is shocking!! I feel bad for the other twin to get stabbed like that in the end, and Hirato did it (he did, right?) T___T. This is such one painful cliffhanger. Poor Tsubame too. I think the arc will end next chapter, if the pacing keeps up. So far, so interesting ^^. Nice to see Gareki’s soft side to the twins as well ^^.



Karneval Drama CD!

Yep~ You heard it right! Apparently Karneval gets a Drama CD. The release date is unannounced as of now but some seiyuus are revealed~


Hiro Shimono will be playing the ever-moe and fragile cutie Nai! We know Hiro Shimono for having a perfectly moe voice as well in Kannagi as Jin and Tajima from Oofuri (who said the totally unforgettable lulz line ever about masturbation XD). Also, I AM SO AMUSED that Nai doesn’t get a female seiyuu. Hooray for no reverse trap VA-ing <3

Hiroshi Kamiya will be playing Gareki! I just love Kamiyan’s voice and I guess he can bring some Sexy back to Gareki too~ Kamiyan currently plays Koyomi in Bakemonogatari and the teacher in despair Nozomu in SZS. He’s also Tierda Erde from Gundam 00 too. So being hawt is a guarantee for Kamiyan~<3


I was totally happy about Miyano Mamoru voicing Yogi. I really predicted it. Yogi has this crack blonde bishie going on just like Tamaki from Ouran and Mamo-kun voiced him too ^^. Also, Mamo-kun is full of FABULOUSNESS as well so he just fits Yogi ^^.

Daisuke Ono will play Hirato. Does OnoD needs any more introductions? Hello? Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, Itsuki from Haruhi, Hosaka from Minami-ke, Battler from Umineko and freaking tons more of bishies! Can’t wait for him to voice Hirato as well~

Overall, excellent choices for seiyuus!!! I also want to have Takahiro Sakurai get a role in here though, oh well T ^ T I hope he’ll be Karoku or that hawt doctor in the final listings lol. But other than that, I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!! GCIKETGCNJAYDG!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!! SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111



WnXXS!! Chapter 4

This is the corner for some yummy spoilery stuff taken from manga raws~ Since it’s called a “Teaser”, I’ll only show one scene/panel (can be colored or not) that will just well, err.. tease us and make us suffer and wait!! I won’t be putting up some spoiler button sh*t since Chapter 4 is wayy too early anyway. XDD Hehe~ Am I so ebil?

Akira – bangs = HAWTTER.

This time, I’ll feature the chapter 4 of Watashi ni XX Shinasai!! Thanks to Xiao-chan for providing the raws and sharing to us a glimpse of what Akira’s gonna look like WITHOUT HIS BANGS >8DD~!!! Here’s a colored pic with Akira made by me!~ Hope you’ll love it:


~dA page~

I think his hair color is grayish-white? Yep~ I saw it  on some colored page in WnXXS! I just gotta love bishies with grayish/white hair <3. I don’t know the eye color of Akira yet so I just tested blue ^^. And I tried to get rid of that text in the bottom part but I failed so I just covered it up with a title and it still failed ^^;; I also blocked the dark shadows with pink ^^. Hopefully nobody’s gonna notice them anyway ‘coz Akira’s just the attention here XP. Kyaaaa~~~ Oh my god I’m sorry Shigure but… Kyaaa!!! *bumps Shigure and glomps Akira for today*.


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9 Responses to “Manga Digest”

  1. […] METANORN » Manga Digest: Karneval Drama CD!! […]


    07-ghost – I like Ouka though . . . I want this series to be less shounen-ai-ish T_T

    yay for karneval drama cd xD

    I absolutely agree that sakurai is moe xD haahha!

    I only read flags for the prince >_> . . . xD


  3. Faer1edust says:

    Livingstone: I agree with you as well on Sakurai being so moe xDD. Haha he’s just so weird and that makes him so cute~ I lol’d so hard when he pretended that he’s Akano’s brother xDD. Akano’s awesome too ^^.

    07-GHOST: OUKA DO NOT WANT!!! Not to be really cruel but I sure hope she gets killed later on or in the end. UGH. UKE TEITO IS UKE!!! XDD

    Karneval: Oh my god that Drama CD casting was pure win!!! I’m contented with that. Kamiya Hiroshi voicing Gareki will be so hawt~ And I haven’t heard Hiro Shimono for a while since Kannagi too. And MAMO-KUUUN AS YOGI IS FABULOUS!!!!!

    WnXXS!: I totally fangirled seeing that OP pic. I was like, wait-who’s that… Then I read ‘bangs’ and OMG AKIRAAA!!! :kyaa: :kyaa: :kyaa:

    Your coloring is so awesome!!! Blue eyes~ :aww: I can stare at it for like, forever~ D’awww his hair too~ Silver <33 I LOVE bishies with silvery hair. Kyaaa!!!

    :kyaa2: KYAAAAAKIRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 :kyaa2:

  4. mikan-sakura says:

    The Akira coloring you made is just LOVE. Great job on it. The hair is so awesome and the eyes just makes me melt~. I haven’t checked out the raws yet because I just go read straight into scanlations xD. Oh my gawd~ I feel like a rabu triangle is coming with Akira coming out of his shell bangs xD.

  5. Delaney says:

    Hi ^^ First time comenting here and I gotta say that your taste in manga is totally awesome. :thumb:

    Bloody Cross is so hot indeed. I don’t know what’s happening but I’m so sure that I’m reading it because I’m so entertained by how the two leads ae interacting with each other.

    Need to catch up on 07-Ghost manga since I’d been stuck with the anime. Haven’t read Ao no Exorcist yet, but it looks good basing from how people had been describing it. Livingstone is very promising. Sakurai’s my favorite character because he already shows so much character developmnt already and he’s kinda cute as well with all his awkwardness.

    On the upcoming Karneval Drama CD:

    I also want to have Takahiro Sakurai get a role in here though, oh well T ^ T I hope he’ll be Karoku or that hawt doctor in the final listings lol.

    I also wante Takahiro Sakurai in there. I almost thought he’s gonna play Gareki. It would have been bliss if that happened :/

    I agree ^^. Miyano Mamoru’s a perfect choice for Yogi. Don’t know Hiro Shimono much but heck I’m glad Nai doesn’t get a female seiyuu either.

    And that’s a very nice coloring both fo the purple=haired girl and the guy. I have yet to read those mangas. 🙂

  6. mikaino says:

    Hey kanzie, I miss ya!
    I see that you are now coloring some black and white manga stuff, huh? I’m impressed! Those colorings are neat!

    I can’t wait for your next exciting installment! Ta-ta for now.

  7. Limiale says:

    Hello, sorry but as I download the chapter 4 Watashi no Shinasai XX! ?

  8. Limiale says:

    I’m sorry for asking a moment ago, I found a page where there is a small spoiler of next chapter:

  9. Limiale says:

    and sorry for my clumsy writing that’s because I speak Spanish and I’m writing a translator. enjoy besos

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