First Look: Tatakau Shisho [Updated]


Light Novel series Tatakau Shisho gets an anime adaptation this Fall. Promo trailer, and info about this one all in this “First Look” post~.

Update [08/18]: Added 2nd Trailer and airdate

In the story of the light novels, all the dead people of the world have been turned into “books” stored in the Bantorra library. A boy named Koria Tonisu has had his memories erased and his chest embedded with a bomb. He is sent to kill Hamyuttsu Meseta, the world’s most powerful armed librarian. However, he falls in love at first sight with this beautiful woman in charge of the “books,” and he gets enveloped in the great war over the library. [ANN]



Stunning character designs!!! OMG that alone totally made me want to check this out! Also, what’s totally interesting is that they don’t rely on “moe” designs and all and instead, the outcome is just gorgeous.


Romi Paku as Hamutz
Akira Ishida as Mokania
Ayako Kawasumi as Siron
Haruka Tomatsu as Noloty
Hirofumi Nojima as Enrique
Kenta Miyake as Mince
Miyu Irino as Colio
Miyuki Sawashiro as Milepoch
Ryotaro Okiayu as Segal
Toru Ohkawa as Mattalast
Yuuichi Nakamura as Volken

Direction: Toshiya Shinohara

Animation Production: David Production [Ristorante Paradiso]

Original Work: Yamagata Ishio
Original Illustration Work: Maeshima Shigeki
Series Composition: Okada Mari
Character Design: Yamada Masaki
Prop Design: Hashimoto Hideki
Art Director: Ikeda Shigemi


Music will be done by Yoshihisa Hirano , who had previously worked on the music in Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, Real Drive, Midori Day, etc.

ALI PROJECT will make the OP for the anime. Uhhhhh, yeah… :/. To be really honest, I’m personally not a fan of them.



Trailer 2:


Definitely going to check this one out. The premise is totally interesting and the character designs are just stunning. That’s the first thing I actually noticed from it. The seiyuu line-up also looks quite very promising as well.

Catch Tatakau Shisho: Book of Bantora on October 2.


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9 Responses to “First Look: Tatakau Shisho [Updated]”

  1. EVERYTHING IN THIS NEW SERIES SEEM AWESOME (story, characters, animation company, seiyuus, music, designs, etc.) . . . .except for ali project. they’re cool to hear once, but hearing them sounding the same in so many op and ed themes make me sick =_=
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Naruto Shippudden – Episode 117 =-.

  2. kanzeon says:

    Yeah. I think I only liked them on Rozen Maiden. When I started hearing them in almost every anime I encounter and had them all sounding the same, I got tired with them -__-.

  3. Kitsune says:

    The director and writer are from Kuroshitsuji, so I know it will be awesome 🙂 Yay for Romi Paku 🙂

  4. kanzeon says:

    OMG yay indeed~ ^^! I have a huuuuge girl-crush on Romi Paku’s voice~ :kyaa2:

  5. Xiao says:


    …Umg, I love the composition. And such an impressive cast and promising plot! The character designs are…wow. *adds to watch list*

    Thanks for posting the preview! ^^
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..SoMT Discussions 4 & Moe Spotlight Special: Shugo Charas! =-.

  6. Kairu says:
    The girl on the right reminds me of Edward Elric.. Girl version. wwww

  7. Dokimasu says:

    Everyone’s hating on ALI PROJECT. 🙁

    As for this show, I’ll check this one out for sure. 😀

  8. TJ says:

    Looks promising… but on the other hand, I should cut down on my anime watching. hmm decisions, decisions 🙁 .

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