Bakemonogatari: 05, and full ED by supercell


“I Rabu You~”


Some loli spam pics to heat up the post. No serious reasons actually.

I wasn’t really paying that much attention on the start about Araragi’s good boy image gone bad but I guess it would be of more help in his arc. I still find his interactions with the loli Mayoi still entertaining. Especially when Arararagi definitely sounds definitely perverted and sexually harassing a middle school girl.


Hitagi comes and then the awesome starts~ Well, really. Her forced surprised face is clever. Also her “Ehehehehe~” one is crack. But yeah, here we go on more to what she and Meme had talked about. Mayoi’s invisible for Hitagi, and probably to everyone as well.


Mayoi’s background part has really nice visuals in it. Though I can’t help but to compare it on Hitagi’s, since that was really more awesome. It was still good though, bright and happy colors with flashes of dark and eerie visuals.


It turns out that Mayoi’s already dead. Therefore, Hitagi doesn’t really see her so she was just pretending before so that she wouldn’t seem strange. With that, Araragi’s actually the one who met a lost snail. Araragi still insists that he must help Mayoi to reach home though.


I love the visuals in this part where everything’s sun-hit to gold. Definitely different to the plain but bizaare playground colors I’ve been seeing since the last two weeks.


Yep. Spelled right.


Hitagi is just awesome. She’s cooler than a tsundere, and definitely not as shallow as a moe-blob. Saying her confession in a really cool tone makes her “I love you” IN ENGRISH one of the main highlights of the episode.


They’re now in the place. Yes. Mayoi’s home turns out to be an empty lot. A crying Mayoi then rushes in back with tears of joy going back to her “home”. She then disappears after a bright flash of light.


バックホーム but goodbye?


Now that they finally solved the cafe of Mayoi, the two were now left alone. Hitagi brings up the confession thing back again and wants an answer from Araragi. I can really see the reason why Hitagi’s definitely falling for Araragi, it’s because the dude’s genuinely kind. Just by not only helping her, but she thinks that he’ll also help everyone for sure. Hitagi also admits that Araragi’s someone she’s having fun with when talking to and she wants to do it more often now.

Well, since their official, Araragi states a condition first on their relationship, and it’s that Hitagi should not pretend that she sees something she doesn’t really at all. Same goes to Koyomi too. Hitagi accepts, but asks Araragi to put up their relationship into words since they’re now on. Araragi uses the word “tore” to her then.


Here we have a couple now, and it’s only episode 5! Ararararagi, you lucky bastard!



Ararararagi again continues his boring life back again. He gets woke up by his two sisters, and on his way outside he sees a girl with a huge backpack. It turns out to be Mayoi. She tells Araragi that she might be dead but she’s already now promoted to a wandering spirit, so she’ll wander around.

Full ED Radio Rip:




Fantastic episode. I’m betting that an amazing episode would happen in every three episodes lol but I still have hopes that this show can be more consistent.

It was a really good episode after I had been very VERY lost on the previous episode. The conclusion for this arc is well done, I guess everything had came to light. I mean, it’s still dialogue heavy, but it’s still delivered very well as usual without being boring. Huge thanks to the flashing text again and visuals.

Mayoi being already dead is something I really don’t see coming at all, but I gotta admit it was a good twist. And I’m quite happy as well that she’ll be returning again as a promoted wandering ghost because every series should at least have their obligatory loli than making her gone for good.

But WHO made this episode probably more than 500 times more awesome? Do I really have to ask? It’s none other than Senjougahara. HELL YES SENJOUGAHARA FASCINATION HELL YES. Even kanzeon looks like she’s dedicating her third cycle of Anime-NTM only to her lolz. This girl is so hard to classify which archetype she belongs to because all I can say is that she’s Senjougahara and herself only. This girl is fucking awesome. Her interactions with Ararararagi are really amusing to watch. And the confession scene shows how straightforward of a character she is. And I gotta admit that this episode has the weirdest confession scenes I had ever watched. Chiwa Saito is definitely doing an amazing job as her, also.

I cannot wait for the next arc [Suruga Monkey]. This series is just getting more and more interesting. Definitely on the lead above all the other Summer shows I’m watching.

More screenshots on the gallery next page.

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13 Responses to “Bakemonogatari: 05, and full ED by supercell”

  1. voiced408 says:

    Yea the confession part was the best. Now just to fix another relationship…in an anime involving a wolf and a merchant :runs:

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Looks like all girls in every arc will be a mainstay even after Araragi’s done with their business >.>

    Senjougahara is epic win. Her confession scene is one of the coolest ones I’d ever seen in anime.

    Awesome full version of the ED btw! I can’t wait when it gets released.

  3. phoenixdown110 says:

    I just love the ED. I can’t wait for the release either.

  4. kirapika says:

    lol. This episode made me love Bakemonogatari even more :cute:

    Yep, Hitagi is just fierce and awesome, this is why we all love her right?
    .-= kirapika´s last blog ..First Glimpse: Fall `09 – Awesomesauce or what!? =-.

  5. kanzeon says:

    I would have wanted the loli to stay dead and gone for good actually. But nevertheless, great episode ^^. Lol at the 3-episode pattern.

    The whole ED song was so cute!!! Can’t wait for it to be released ^^.

    AND OMFG SENJOUGAHARA IS LOVE!!! :cute: :kyaa: :kyaa2:
    Who’s into the Senjougahara fascination bitches? I do, I do~ XD!! <3

  6. RP says:

    Everything about this show has been fantastic. And I can’t wait until the ED is released – best ED of the season IMO.
    .-= RP´s last blog ..Spice and Wolf, season 2, episode 4 – Someone’s going to need a bailout =-.

  7. Diss says:

    Hachikuji’s “Congrats” after the confession was gold, just gold.

  8. hidamari says:

    This series is indeed leading the pack this Summer. Gotta love the visuals. From the playground to the sunlit scenes.

    The story is quite intruiging too. Even though I can’t find the ghost thing that original, I still never knew it was coming on Mayoi’s case. Also, everything’s really explained well in this episode.

    And yes, Senjougahara fascination baby. This girl is the coolest female lead of the season.

    Love the full ED. Quite a shame that they were inconcistent with the animations to the ED btw. I can handle the OP though, but having an epilogue-esque style of ED irks me that it already feels like a final episode (still makes sense because it’s indeed the final episode of the arc, but oh well..). I love the ED sequence last week.

  9. foomafoo says:

    Senjougahara fascination! hell yeah 😆 greatest episode so far.

  10. Brazil says:

    Apparently all of the spelling mistakes were done on purpose to illustrate Mayoi’s illiteracy or something.
    .-= Brazil´s last blog ..CANAAN: Episode 5 =-.

  11. Xiao says:

    Hitagi really stole this episode away. I didn’t even bother paying too much attention to Mayoi, though her fights with Araragi were amusing.

    Wonder which girl is next. :3

  12. kpyw says:

    :XD: that was one of the best confession scene i ever watched. senjougahara simply rocks. and they ended the mayoi snail arc quite nicely – oh well, but senjougahara owns this episode.

    senjougahara fascination FTW!~ 😆

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