Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Ch. 08


More awesome stomach-twisting events!!! Also, a very sad chapter at the same time T__T.

[WARNING! Spoiler alert for those who are only following the anime! Also, post contains gore, so if you still wanna live a very happy-happy life full of happy-happy thoughts, keep away from here.]


Picking up from where they had left off, Battler, George, and the others discovered the elders massacred. Since I haven’t talked about the previous chapter that much, I’ll mention that I really LOVE how they really make the faces very detailed, even though they might be very disturbing to others. I must give props to the artists for making it look amazingly disgustingly AWESOME. I hope the anime will be like this too!


How Battler is totally crying the hell out like there’s no tomorrow also made me more and more excited for this to get animated as well. I’m faithful that OnoD will pull off the manly bawwing. But d’aww~ I just can’t help but it makes me wanna hug Battler because crying guys are just d’awww.


What I really fear on happening is that Shannon might also be one of the victims… And she is T__T. NOOOOO SHANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T ^ T. I don’t really like her that much until she gets to be OTP’d with George!!! Then they become my third favorite ship in here T_T. So sad she… she….  :baww:


Just when George proposed to her… She had that really sweet smile, and now… lol girl can’t even smile because half of her face got squashed like a pumpkin. I know it’s totally sad but I just can’t help but be amazed on the art detail again on her gory face~.


BAWWWWWWWWWW…. Poor George T___________T. Another guy who cried buckets of manly tears along with Battler. Really sad for him to lose Shannon. And sad for me as well for losing my 3rd fave Umineko OTP. I just love their love story, with how the differences of their social status plays on it makes Shannon like a Cinderella or an Emma (Victorian Romace). Too bad their fairy tale had a bloody end T_T.

Where’s the reset button now? XD.


MOAR OF THIS PLOXz. I’m totally loving Maria so much now. Just stay yandere like this and throw away your “UU~ UU”‘s and voila~ you’re awesome now. (Too bad she’s just doing this laugh because she’s only watching television, not because of evil-laugh-after-killing-them).


What ***? Chosen by the ***? I wonder what *** is she talking about because the *** might *** a very important *** on the *** in here. Also, the *** might……….. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE BLEEPINGS AGAIN?!

Overall, pretty awesome again, and I’m glad it continues up with the roller coaster of emotions. There’s depression, fear and anger. This continues up to be a very bloody awesome fun read and I’m glad the gore isn’t disappointing! Looking forward to the next chapter~!!!


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10 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Ch. 08”

  1. kirapika says:

    I know right? The artists must’ve spent hell lot of time perfecting those uhh.. imperfectly squashed faces xD Oh gawd I love the gore in Umineko so much~

    BAWWWWW at George and his loss. T__T I never knew that Shanon was part of it but yeah.. to be expected *shrugs*

    OH YES! Maria is just way to awesome. One of my favorite yanderes~ <333 :cheer: I'm better off seeing he 'Uu~'s in manga than actually hearing it(and at the same time breaking my eardrums D:). The censored stuff makes me so curious about it. Gahh! I want the next chapter nao! lawl :ohohoho:
    .-= kirapika´s last blog ..Watashi ni xx Shinasai ch. 02 + ch. 03 preview! – Steamyyyy =-.

  2. Westlo says:


  3. Veldril says:

    The best part for the artist is, she is a woman…

  4. Honya says:

    As the translator of this manga, I can tell you right now that the bleeps were in the original Japanese. It’s not censored but rather signifies that they didn’t quite hear what Maria was saying.
    .-= Honya´s last blog ..Umineko 4 Complete Patch Released! =-.

  5. vandakiara says:

    I know what Maria said if anyone’s interested.. 😳

    however the suspense will wear off…
    .-= vandakiara´s last blog ..Umineko manga ~ 08 =-.

  6. Xiao says:

    Knowing Studio Deen and what little I’ve seen of Higurashi screencaps, I think this bloody shed scene would be just as good though I have my doubts if they’ll really go through with it all the way. Censorship and all. :/

    OnoD bawling = do want, kthx. 83

    Poor Shannon…and George… T_T (And all the while, Kanon is like just sad. D: )

    Yay~ Maria goes psycho! Finally.
    Now I’ll have to go back to look what it said on Beatrice’s epitaph (or whatever you call it) to see what’s going to happen next. But yes! This is such a fun read. *loves the suspense* x3
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 90 =-.

  7. This chapter made me cry :baww:
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Dhurarara!! Anime Announced! =-.

  8. rfire says:

    :huhu: who is that witch and why does she look so sad if she so evil in the opening credits in the anime

  9. Obann says:

    :eh :sad3 :sad4 :sad5 :sad6 :kill :aww:

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