Spice and Wolf II: 03 – Flipped




Wow. Talk about intense. This episode is jawdropping and outstanding! You know what? With shows like this, Tokyo Magnitude and Bakemonogatari, Summer’s not a bad season after all. This season of Spice and Wolf sure blew me away with just three episodes with this sudden change of pace.

It’s all enjoyably happy on the first part of the episode, until we get to see the breakdown of Horo. At first, she’s full of confidence and even had the chance to flirt and tease Lawrence when it comes to him toying about her with Amarti’s “deal” on paying Horo’s debts in exchange of marrying her. But once she discovered about her past, thanks to Lawrence leaving the letter and falling to her lie that “she cannot read”, Horo discovers something that made her feel back to darkness again.


Horo finds out that Yoitsu no longer exists, while Lawrence knew it all along. The intense atmosphere just got more heavier when Horo starts verbally attacking Lawrence and blaming him for treating her like an ignorant idiot all the time they had together. Thus, she feels very alone.

Well I must say that Ami Koshimizu Ami did a very well done job as Horo. Her performance in this episode just want to give her more heaps of praises. The emotion and intensity is very present. As you can feel it when she starts talking in a vulnerable way then it gets more twisted and heavy when anger and loneliness got into the mix of Horo’s emotional breakdown.

Btw, she looks so yandere in this scene. I would have already expected Lawrence to be Nice Boat-ed in here lolololol.


OUCH. That’s a huge (tail)slap to the face.



Tsk tsk tsk… Lawrence, you better do something with that big mess you just made. Well besides from trading her for 1000 trenni to a punk, I got pissed when he didnt even responded on how he thinks of Horo. The situation just got worst because of how he acted, and it just looked like Horo doesn’t have importance to him (which is untrue).

Overall, this episode just blew me away. Man, this is a huge cliffhanger. I wonder how (if ever, but I think it will) things would be resolved on the next episodes, because it seem slike the preview shows something I don’t really want to happen (but hey, it could be misleading, right?).

Leaving you with a funny moment, followed by the gallery next page.



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4 Responses to “Spice and Wolf II: 03 – Flipped”

  1. RP says:

    The sudden change in pace was incredible. I went from laughing at how Amati was going to get screwed, uneasy to how Amati was going to screw Lawrence, and then just blown away by Horo’s anguish afterwards.

    Awesome smilies, btw! :cheer:
    .-= RP´s last blog ..Haruhi Suzumiya, Endless Eight, part 6 – Still going, in case you’re wondering =-.

  2. Omisyth says:

    Hey, Amati? SCREW YOU.

  3. meteorhouse62 says:

    That Amarti little punk kid shouldn’t have entered Lawrence and Horo’s life and their problem wouldn’t have been this more complex. Next episode doesn’t look so good. I hope that scene is misleading. :rage:

  4. The episode was most definitely a stellar moment at the end as all of Horo’s emotions gushed forth. That performance was most definitely amazing and it’ll be interesting to see how Lawrence manages to patch up this one.

    For someone who claims that her ears can detect it when someone’s lying, she sure can’t figure out Lawrence’s intentions in that sequence. Ah well…
    .-= zzeroparticle´s last blog ..The String Concert of Haruhi Suzumiya – Review =-.

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