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We’re now 2 episodes in here, so I’ll start off a format in blogging this show. I’ll be splitting up my post into different parts. First up is the main headline of the episode, the next one is the main “fangirling” headline of the episode, then followed by Mihoshi’s different expressions, some random ramblings, the ED sequence, the bottomline, and last but not the least, the screenshot gallery on the next page. So yeah, here we go~

Meet Hime~


Meet Hime. She’s your resident Miss Popularity of the school. Sporting pretty wavy locks, and having eyes only arrowed at Saku-chan, we now have a pretty interesting addition to the cast. Hime is being voiced by Haruka Tomatsu (Nagi on Kannagi), and I think she really does a cool and funny Hime.

Hime started liking Saku when she got her hair tangled up in his button. Saku complimented it, which totally made Hime fall in love with him at first sight because she’s always having made fun of with her curly hair before.

And now, Hime, hoping that she’ll steal Saku’s attention, joins the astronomy club. Mihoshi’s approach is undeniably friendly, but lol @ Hime taking it so seriously xD. This girl’s a fighter XDD. I wonder if Saku will ever realize her feeling though because he seems like a huuuuge geeky brickhead at the moment. But lol no, of course I’m still rooting for Mihoshi <3. Still, Hime’ a pretty entertaining character and it’s nice to see her faces when she gets dragged around into silly conditions thanks to the ever-awesome Mihoshi ^^.

Some Hime gif love~<3




Oh my gowd I’m absolutely loving Mihoshi more and more. MY FAVORITE GIRL OF THE SEASON HANDS DOWN! XD It’s just inescapable to like her. I mean, if you just don’t, she’ll come from your back and just start tackling you until you will like her. So yeah, and gosh I just love it everytime she tackles down Saku XD. Bwahahahahahaha XD!!!!!! Mihoshi is hilarious XD.


More sides of Mihoshi exposed~

Just gotta love Mihoshi. And each and every expression of her is just so fun to see XD!!! So now let’s see more additions to the faces Mihoshi can make~ And yeah, this will be a feature of my Sora no Manimani posts up until the end time I’m blogging it and let’s see how many faces Mihoshi can make. I’ll continue with the number 11 no I’m not cheating XD because the first episode already had 10 Mihoshi expressions. So yeah~ Here goes more:


11: Dark Vibes Mihoshi


12: Mihoshi – dot-eyed version




14: Tame (?) Version… LOL


15: Lovable expression (not actually new, but still adorable~)

Random lulz~


March towards Saku-chan’s house!!!1~


Saku-chan’s mom is totally hospitable to the visitors~ Ehh, who’s that guy? XD.


Saku looks like their father O___o XD Biker gang!!!


Orgasm? Nah, he’s just dying.


Recliner constellation FTW.


Ending Sequence 2:

Oooh~ It’s a different one ^^. I wonder if they’ll keep up with this style of ending sequence or will it be different every episode. This episode, we have the gang looking out from their windows on the different constellations, ending up putting up a huge smile on Mihoshi’s face.


Preview: I dunno what will happen next since this is the final stop for me on the scanlated manga~ lol. But it seems like a lady will be appearing next episode. And probably more SakuMi hints? <3.


Another awesome episode!!! This just can’t stop being one of my absolute faves of the season. It’s really entertaining and funny as hell. Totally refreshing out of all the other Summer shows I’m watching being all “deep” and with violence. This one’s a breath of fresh air ^^.

And yeah, from what I mentioned on my episode 1 post, I’m quite wrong with that. I now feel that it’s 100% seinen now with a second look because we can see Saku-chan being the center of the story. So yeah, I hope people won’t make a big fuss of my opinion before.

Anyway, yeah~ Sora no Manimani continues to be a pretty entertaining watch. Saku is growing a harem lololol., while Mihoshi continue to be a really entertaining character. Her charm is just Haruhi meets Nodame, but with more glomping and tackling skills XD.

Everything about this is just so likable! Even though the love triangle addition Hime. I usually dislike third wheels in my OTPs but I really like Hime. But lol @ her because she’ll face defeat XD.

In the manga, I found Hime totally hilarious but the anime just makes her 10x more funnier as hell XD. I really lol’d so hard on this part XD. Haha~ Plus her unbeatable attraction to Saku just makes her hell of a funny character with her illusions. Hey, we all want Saku being a bishie, right? XD.

And oh, the blood-spewing guy is just so awesome, as always xP. So that ends this gif-filled post. I’ll keep up with this trend too~ So I hope you’ll like it ^^.

More screencaps on the gallery next page~


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8 Responses to “Sora no Manimani: 02”

  1. Seinime says:

    Having afrelibg that this anime will turn out great :XD:
    .-= Seinime´s last blog ..Words to sum up Bakemonogatari/Canaan/Umineko (+1) =-.

  2. Hikaru says:

    Really awesome post :oha:
    I love this new anime. Current favorite of mine this season =D. Mihoshi si totally strange but definitely lovable. She reminds me of Nodame, just like how her interactions with Saku reminds me of her with Chiaki too.

  3. faer1edust says:

    Lol the gifs were made of win! I specially love the glomping ones :haha: Mihoshi is pure love :love: Lol I wonder how many expressions will you collect by the time the end of this series comes~

  4. Honoo says:

    … Earlier, I had wished that Mihoshi is not going to hog Saku all to herself, and poof – my wish was granted. Joy! :runs:

    As the manga advances, though, Saku is going to trigger more flags than just Mihoshi or Hime, just… I’m not going to spoil anything more than that. But one thing for sure: I FREAKING LOVE THIS. :thumb:
    .-= Honoo´s last blog ..Anime Summer 2009: First Impressions on Watchlist. =-.

  5. Teairra says:

    Mihoshi is love!!! Haha the Hime gifs are hilarious *freaking saved! XD* Looking forward to more of your coverage in this series.

  6. Xiao says:

    Hime is so interesting to me. I have to applaud Haruka Tomatsu for doing such a wonderful job with her voice. From plain pissed-off to squealy, daydreamy fangirl and then back to jealous, bitch mode. Lol xD
    And her addition to the astronomy club/cast made everything so much more fun to watch. Not that I’m saying episode one wasn’t great (because it so was, but I just wanted to wait it out for episode 2) but I can tell this is one of those anime that gets better as it goes. Hehe ^^

    Oh gawd, Mihoshi is love. And the ultimate human missile of glompage…so that makes her the ultimate human missile of glomping love, too?! Ahaha~ xDDD
    But ohh~, Mihoshi’s just too wonderful! <3
    And I love all her facial expressions! The more the better! Lol @ the “tame” (?) one especially when she’s inside Saku’s house. xD;

    You’re right, Saku looks like their papa. o.O;

    Well, yep. To be honest, I had very little to no expectations for this show (which I think was almost pretty obvious ^^; ) so that’s probably why it came out so enjoyable for me. Or maybe I did that all on purpose since I didn’t read the manga yet? Hmm…
    Anyways…kaaahhh, this is great and I can’t wait to see more. Especially Mihoshi tackling. RABU TACKLING! Lol Now I want to see the football team go after and try to recruit her but do they even have one? Pfft, nah. But it’s funny to think about. Mihoshi screaming “NOOOOO!!! I want to stay with Saku-chan!” lawl~

    Thanks for the review! ^^
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..Nakayoshi August ‘09 RAWs =-.

  7. Ayumikat says:

    Thankee for such a *glomptastic* ep 2 overview. I wonder how far into the manga the anime is gonna cover. I really want to see Megane-kun grow his female harem…and how Mii-chan deals with the competition. 😉

  8. Seinime says:

    Competition competition~ and previous comment I made = fail. afrelibg -> hope, wtf was wrong with my ipod :dun:
    .-= Seinime´s last blog ..All the NEEDLESS characters need to be stabbed =-.

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