Manga Hunting: Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku


Interested in vampires, werewolves, and CUTE CUDDLING TWINS??? Then you’re on the right post! ^^.

Manga-ka: TSUDA Mikiyo

Demography: Shoujo

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy, School Life, Shounen Ai (?)

Sypnosis [MAL]:

Sou and Sui are twin brothers that were born to parents who love the occult and mysteries. The brothers are close, but Sou is overprotective and worrisome, often interfering with anyone that approaches Sui. Sou and Sui enter a new school and find themselves surrounded by odd characters, including a vampire, a wolf, and a couple of onmyouji, each with their own objectives.

These people were drawn to the school by some mysterious power and are searching for the source. After Sui and Sou effortlessly walk through a magical barrier, they become targeted. Arguments between the pursuers hinder their efforts, but it is eventually revealed that Sou has telepathic powers. Is that the power everyone is searching for?


Just when I heard twins, OMG I LOVE TWINS!!! Haha, no, I’m really not into actual twincest, but I do find twin bishies really cute I wanna d’awww~. And oh my god I must say that this manga is already a dream-read for me. I have bishie twins, shounen-ai, and that vampire girl and wolf guy I’m SO shipping despite their differences XD. Too much interesting stuff in the manga! So yup~ I’m a very happy fangirl so far with this one <33. Here we go with some commentary..


PDA = Public Display of Affection
PDT = Public Display of Twincest

Sou and Sui are just twins that love each other so much. Especially Sou, who is very VERY possessive on his less aggressive twin, Sui.


Here we have some twin glomping!!! SO CUTE :kyaa2: !!! Lol Sou just don’t wanna let go of his twin T^T. So sweet~ Even though they’re just going to be in different classes lol.


Meanwhile, we go over to a very pretty ojou-sama, who senses a really abnormal prescence. Same goes to the other guy as well, who smells something strange. Well, both do not know each other yet, so I think they sensed out each other’s presence. But hmmm~ that presence they’re feeling makes me curious if it is something more related from the twins…


Lol they just passed by each other, until they realized that they have a weird presence…


And they ended up in fighting stances lol.


And now that they’re fighting, both of them reveals their respective powers. The guy has high sounds waves with a tight grip. Accompanied by fangs. Yep, he’s from the wolf clan!


And the girl is actually a part of the vampire clan! With that retractable nails and ultra high frequency waves too. Lol they are race rivals indeed XD. No wonder why these two won’t get along at first sight.


But it seems like they’re having the same purpose! And that totally kept this manga more insteresting~. Kinda reminds me of Bloody Cross with two enemies having the same assignment. Will these two team-up to help each other soon? One thing’s sure for me, they make a cute couple XDD. 😉


But the conversation of the two got interrupted accidentally when the twins stumbled into the scene. Lol at the shocked faces XDD!!! Weird though that the vampire girl and the wolf guy realized that there had been no effect with them the psychic wall they had created. Hmm, the twins totally caught their attention with that. Is there something behind the twins???


Bwahahahahaha XD!!! Sui mistook the “fight” scene between the two as a confession scene XDD. OMG vamp girl and wolf guy should be really embarrased by now if they knew this XD.


Awww!!! Sou is so cuddly >///< SO CUTE! KYAAA!!! :kyaa2: I love my twins when cuddling~<33 *melts to twins heaven*


WOW~ :doomed: So Sou has psychic powers!!! Yep. It’s still unkown is Sui has one too, but if ever, he still doesn’t know about it. But OMG magical twin!!! :omg:


On the next day, since the two people a while ago found the twins totally suspicious, the vamp girl starts to spy on the twins (which always cuddles each other~ lol).


Little did she knows, the same also goes to the wolf guy lol XD.


And they continue on fighting and fighting over the twins 😆 . Lol @ these two making so much commotion fighting XD.


Yep ^^. Only two chapters scanlated and I’M HOOKED :cute: . Damn, I wish I could really read on raws T___T. I just can’t wait for more!!!

The twins are UBER-cuteness overload!!! :kyaa:   :kyaa:   :kyaa: !!! OMG can I glomp them both? Pretty please? And one of them totally has cool powers too ^^. Sou is totally cool with that, plus I always find his over-protectiveness and possessiveness to his brother totally adorable and it definitely makes him a total seme XD. Sui totally screams uke on the other hand for his girly personality. Oh gawd~ What am I thinking? XD.

Besides from the twins, what totally caught my interest are the tsun-tsun duo of the vamp girl and the wolf guy XD!!! Haha, I know they’re meant to be enemies but for me, they just spark chemistry together~. Other than the vampire and the werewolf, we will also get to have a sorcerer soon as the sypnosis states, so I can’t wait for his appearance ^^.

Overall, I’m lovin’ it so far. It’s guilty pleasure for me XD so I must say that I would really want more!


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5 Responses to “Manga Hunting: Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku”

  1. Omg~! It looks so good already! Shounen-ai, werewolves, and vampires are usually not my thing (the shounen-ai doesn’t too look harmful anyways), but this series still looks appealing to me. And the twins are uber-cute! X3 Ever since OHSHC, twins are always win for me~ I love Sou’s possessiveness towards his brother for some reason. XD Their PDT is just cute rather than the usual thing where I want to look away. ^^;;

    And I totally agree that the vampire girl and werewolf guy have some sort of chemistry. Chemistry like that made my shipping radar alert! >:D Even though vampires are getting on my nerves, this vampire girl seems to go past those annoying boundaries anyways to me.

    Anyways, off to reading it, it looks good already though~
    .-= blossomgirl101´s last blog ..Going on a…(short) Hiatus?!! =-.



    THANKS FOR SHARING THIS!!! I AM DESPERATE FOR ANYTHING WITH TWIN BOYS!!!!! (I can’t read yaoi though, so actual twincest out x_x but cuddliness . . I’m game xD)
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Naruto – Chapter 457 =-.

  3. kanzeon says:

    Me too ^^. I started getting addicted to twins since Ouran too XD. Gotta love the Hitachiin twins 😉 . Haha yes, their PDT gets some attention but still cute ^^.

    Well that vampire girl doesn’t seem too emo and annoying so far so she’s really fine. I love her attitude actually. She’s more of a haughty and fierce ojou-sama and I really like her ^^. Haha, yep ^^ I’m also helpless shipping her with the wolf guy.

    Welcome, and hope you’ll like it ^^.

    @Sapphire Pyro:

    Haha jks XD. For sure I know you’ll like it ^^. Just gotta love twins ^^. And cute, cuddling ones make them more win ^__~.

  4. Xiao says:

    Sui + Sou… = Rozen Maiden + Ouran? *SHOT* XD;

    Aww, the shounen-ai is just adorable. <3

    & another vampire-were wolf rival couple, eh? But these two seem like an interesting pair (tsuntsun duo, lol). I might check this out when I want to read something new. Thanks for the post. ^^
    .-= Xiao Jie ´s last blog ..SoMT Stage 2 Results =-.

  5. akira says:

    i’am a big fan of tsuda mikyo ^^ . I like all manga of sensei .I’ve learn Japanese because I love manga so much ^^
    manga is very intersting

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