Manga Hunting: Are You Alice?


Alice is a guy.

Lol @ me for bringing back some old feature I had in this blog waaaaayy back then because I have no more creativity left in my mind at the moment to give a spot on my manga posts. So yeah, Manga Hunting is back ^^. And starting from now, it’s categorized under “Random Manga” because that’s the point of this, random mangas that suddenly caught my attention ^^.

Oh, for those who are quite new readers in here and haven’t caught up back then where I was still having this feature, I guess I should first explain what is Manga Hunting ^^. It’s really simple, compared to the regular chapter-by-chapter posts I’m doing and the Manga Digest as well. I pick up certain manga and blog it, old or new. Recently scanlated or not. But yeah, what I mostly put up in here are those mangas that I just randomly find, or recommended to me. Do you know that my addiction to Kaichou wa Maid-sama all started in a Manga Hunting post? Lol xP. So now let’s proceed with some manga hunting, shall we~?

Gracing the comeback of this feature is “Are You Alice?” by Niyomiya Ai. It’s categorized as a Josei and Shounen Ai as well, but so far as what I’ve seen in here, there are indeed so many pretty men, but no signs of boy’s love yet. Thank you very much Sapphire-chan for featuring this manga on her blog as well and it totally got my attention XD. And of course, I just can’t ignored any Alice in Wonderland-inspired manga, so I totally gave it a shot. Let’s proceed and check out the hunted~. ;P


Btw, the pictures mostly aren’t in paging order to get you more convinced to check this one out ^^.

What totally came into my mind at first is about the art. It’s just stunning~! It’s really attractive, especially the character designs ^^. It doesn’t focus on too much detail though, but what makes it really good is that the art totally affects the whole mysterious atmosphere of it.


And also, GENDERBENT ALICE FTW! XDDD~ Alice is a guy in here LoLz. And not just an ordinary guy who went down the rabbit hole, but a hawt bishie as well~.


Alice seems to really dislike his own name XD. Well, who wouldn’t anyway when you’re a guy whose named Alice? XD. That’s like naming a girl Martin or Peter or whatever~ XD. But lolz. Not only he really complains about his name, he’s also arrogant yet cool. The first scene showing him when he first got into Wonderland, he already complains about the Welcome sign looking cheap XD. I love male leads with attitude.


Also, when we already have a male “Alice”, we also have a male “Queen”! XDDD. Lmao~ But the Queen is indeed a bishie as well, same also goes to Michael Jackson Gilbert the guy beside him in the photo above xD, who’s obviously has the “seme” look of all so far. And he reminds me so much of my favorite PH character, Gil <3.


Lmao. The Chesire cat is a trap dude too. (Look, no cleavage, not even flat… just manly flat XD). But he’s very pretteh~ Gawd~ So much pretteh-ness in here XD.


Probably the only girl spotted so ar is his own “Alice” counterpart. The girl’s name is also Alice. And she really looks sad and depressed at first, when she suddenly popped out of nowhere behind guy!Alice. She also mentions that she wants him to give back her name.


girl!Alice is so aggressive O____O! LOL guy!Alice’s first(?) kiss was already stolen XD.


Not to mention is that she’s freaking awesome scary psycho as hell too O___O!!! But still, PH!Alice pwns~ *out-of-topic* So yeah, she suddenly intended to kill guy!Alice when she realized that he’s no use anymore after denying that he’s named “Alice”. What? It’s so confusing right? It’s like they’re fighting over a name or something. I love the mystery already~.


When the girl!Alice goes on with killing the main guy, someone suddenly comes and blasts Alice’s head off with his gun…


It’s none other than Gil!!! XDDD Haha I’ll call him Gil because he indeed reminds me of PH’s Gil XD. He saved the main character!!! So awessum!!! Etc!!! I can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

Overall, it was a really good chapter. Quite boring at the first half though, but when all the dark atmosphere had started with the Cheshire cat explaining all about Wonderland, and when an Alice girl assaulted Alice (main guy), it got better. The mystery is also good. I can’t even think of anything happening as of now lol, it seems like a dangerous game he had entered though. I can’t wait to read more of this ^^.


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11 Responses to “Manga Hunting: Are You Alice?”

  1. CHESHIRE CAT WAS A TRAP???? O_O;;; that character looks so much like a female so I thought she’s a girl O_O;;; As in total genderswap (I think in the original, cheshire cat is more of a male)

    Anywayz, I’m glad you had also liked this series xD Told ya it was awesome and hott~

    I have loads more to feature xD Coming soon~ coming soon~
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Fullmetal Alchemist Play Arts Kai figures now open for pre-orders! =-.

  2. Kitsune says:

    Nice kitty 🙂

  3. kanzeon says:

    @Sapphire Pyro: Uh… I think he is.. I just felt that he falls on the long-haired beautiful bishie stereotype ^^. Haha~ Thanx for the recommendation ^^. Can’t wait for more~

    @Kitsune: Long-haired kitties are hot~

  4. FurryFireFox says:

    Oh~! That looks really good? Where can I find it???

  5. faer1edust says:

    Really looks interesting! I tried searching on Mangafox but they have no chapters T___T. Can I ask where did you found this? Thank you :aww:

  6. kanzeon says:

    @FurryFireFox and faer1edust : Scarlet Carnival Scanlations –

  7. Wasabi says:

    Looks Good!! :thumb:

  8. apple says:

    :runs: hes so damn cool

  9. Lulu says:

    At the LiveJournal community for this you can actually find the RAWs of chapter 2 and a link to downloads of the drama CDs this manga is based off of! 🙂

  10. Pandar says:

    I LOVE this series (so far… chapter 4?). It’s still confusing, but i like how they are using many of the original characters :]

    The Duchess is SO CUTE!

  11. Michael was truly our icon. It’s really sad that we will never see this great performer ever again. My prayers go out to his family on this one year anniversary of his passing. I hope the person that took Michael away from us gets his medical license revoked.

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