Kimi no Iru Machi: Ch. 54


This girl is just stupid in so many levels.

[Warning: Fanfictional yandere action~]


WTF?! XDXDXD Pffft.. Hahahahaha~!!! That glasses s!ut totally misunderstood Haruto XD. Haruto was just asking about how would it feel if some guy touched her hands, because of what he did to Eba, but this glasses s!ut totally picked his statement the wrong way, thinking that Haruto has the hots for her XD. Well, some may say she’s hot~ But she’s bitchy stupid XD.


Bwahahahahaha~!!! XD OMG Poor Kikukawa. Looks like Haruto doesn’t even care about her so far XD. But lol. Girl is sooo dumped already XD.


And lol here comes my favorite part~!!! You know what? I’m really loving Kanzaki more and more when she’s totally out of the spotlight and as silent as this XD. AND LOOK! She’s holding a KNIFE!!! A knife!!! One of the most convenient things to have in this world XD.


And look, Haruto already feels the “Deathly Atmosphere” already. I know what will happen soon to him~.


Just add this s!ut sucking off his finger, Kanzaki had her eyes on them all the time, while she’s just pretending to be silent… After that, Kikukawa leaves Haruto and Kanzaki alone.


And so the two were left alone with such a very quiet atmosphere… Keep a close eye on the knife Kanzaki’s using.


You know what? This should be what’s happening next:

l17 copyl18

:thumb: BAD END. :thumb:

…Kanzaki continues to kill off everyone… One by one.

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