Hetalia Axis Powers: 23 – Imouto


Rie Kugimiya finally debuts her role as the loli-imouto country ‘Liechtenstein’ on the anime. Need to mention that because her name just gets attention :P.

1: Liechtenstein’s Journal of Swiss Dopiness


The episode starts with someone cutting her hair… Guess who?


It’s none other than who’s overly obsessed about her older brother ^^. Such a waste that she cut her hair though. We have to see her face at least in the anime while her hair is still long -__-.


Her beloved brother, Vash (Switzerland), gets irritated on what happened and why does Li-chan (yeah, I’ll call her that because Liechtesrwalzgenstein is darn long) cut her hair. Li-chan said it’s refreshing, and deep inside his siscon bro, he agreed XD. Also, Li-chan really wants to look like Vash. Vash worries a lot, but with a little bit of Li-chan’s “ONII-SAMA~<3” imouto powers when she asked about her cuteness, Vash is just helpless XD.

Btw, I’m sooo loving the Park Romi x Rie Kugimiya team-up since FMA then Persona 4 (as Naoto and Rise respectively). So glad they got the roles of the Swiss siblings here ^^. Kyaa~ They’re both my favorites!!! They should do a yuri series together ftw xDD.

So anyway, more of Li-chan, as in, literally.


SHE’S JUST SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! When Hungary is a beautiful goddess, Li-chan is just adorably cute ^^. Who won’t shut up and melt of moe attack when that face suddenly pops in front of you? xD. But yeah, speaking of the beauties, I would love to see more of the other girls in Hetalia season like Belarus, Ukraine, Belgium, Vietnam, Taiwan and Seychelles. I’m wishing too much but I hope everyone really gets shown on the second season ^^ (even if the rumored Philippines-tan was real she must, rofl.)


On to some history lessons, Liechtenstein is a country between Autria and Switzerland. Quite small though, with a population of thirty thousand before. Liechtenstein also means “The Shining Stone”. She once belonged to Germany but was free now and she fully relies on Switzerland.

What explains why she’s personified as a loli imouto of Vash, is that she doesn’t have an army and she fully relies on him, thus treats and loves him like an older brother ^^. Incest always runs on the Hetalia family, isn’t it?


Aww~ They’re just so cute holding hands while strolling~~~ But one lady said to Vash that he totally has a cute little brother lmao. Li-chan a reverse trap? XD… But lol, the ones to blame are…



And wow, Rie Kugimiya just does a lot of flat-chested female roles besides from the tsundere ones.

Also, Japan has more boobs than her. K*[email protected] has the epic proof:



So yeah, Vash is like wishing he could do those stuff, does not know what the hell to do, but he thought of bringing Li-chan to a ribbon shop to at least put on some ribbon to not make any gender confusion xD.

2: The Effect of Tomatoes


Meanwhile, Feliciano (Italy) and Ludwig (Germany) are out. Ludwig wonders why Feli is darn weak, while Feliciano blabbers about the disgusting pizza Arthur (England) made. Ludwig thought that Feliciano had a blood connection to the Roman Empire that’s why he shouldn’t at least be like that.

A moment later, Feliciano points out some lecture stuff going on near them and when they got closer, it was a scientist who’s discussing about a certain substance on tomatoes that can make us go lazy. XDDD Reason discovered. Feliciano just laughed at it and said it was stupid, while Ludwig wrote down some notes. Lol what is Feli? An experimental hamster?! XD.

3: For Some Reason, They Slept Together


Next part is something I’m absolutely glad to see animated XD. Feliciano and Lovino (S. Italy) sleeps with each other again after some long time. Lovino just keeps telling him to shut up because he’s going to sleep now and wondered why didn’t he even got a spare matress instead. Aww~ That’s not the way to treat your long lost brother! D:

Feliciano felt that Lovino’s just cruel, since there’s nothing wrong with sharing the bed, since he already did it with Ludwig (no surprise xD) and Kiku (Japan) (remember when Kiku said to take responsibility for him after the hug? O__o XDDD). And yeah, Italy sleeps with each of them all the time~ Imagine the orgies they’ve been doing… fufufu~!!! *gets shot*.


When Lovino discovered that his brother had been doing threesomes every single night with those “losers”, he gets surprised and attacks his brother xD. Pssh~ like he’s not doing that with Antonio (Spain) all the time as well~ XD *gets shot again*.


Scene gets cut on Ludwig’s office. The phone rings, and he hears Feliciano getting hurt by Lovino. Ludwig then barges in the bedroom of the twins…


(Ludwig never fails to make epic faces.)


…Then he sees the twins only having their hair tangled xD. Why? Is he expecting something else? xD… Btw, is itjust me, or I noticed that they made this whole sleeping with Onii-chan part child-friendly? I hope the DVD release must make this just like the actual strip ^^.


Next episode will have some historical chibis again! This time it’s Vash (Switz) and Roderich (Austria) and they’ll be getting a fated reunion on a market!


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7 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 23 – Imouto”


    Lovino’s just jealous~ He wants Antonio and Feliciano all by himself. BWAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!


    The Italian bros aren’t exactly twins though . . . but I prefer to see them as twins *_* Heeeheee~
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..07-Ghost – Episode 13 =-.

  2. faer1edust says:

    Liechtenstein is so cute :aww:
    And I really laughed so hard on Germany’s epic face yet again. He really thinks of so much dirty stuff xD.

  3. kirapika says:

    D`awwwwwwww Liechtenstein is just so cute~ Gawd I love her eyes~ 🙂 I think that her new do is better than the braids but yeah, that’s much much hair lost xD Still, who cares about that? lol.

    Oh yeah~ Ludwig is one of the epic-faces gang or something, yes? And I’ll bet that he was thinking of something very fjgklis when he heard the two. xD And to think that it turned out to be just their hair stuck together :haha:
    .-= kirapika´s last blog ..First Impressions: Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ =-.

  4. Auntie Heng says:

    imotou POWER!! lol
    love the Ludwig-to-the-rescue bit~~ (i’m one serious ludwig x feli fan)
    and…. Vash seems to grow slower than Austria :haha:

  5. Camile says:

    Ahh, Feliciano and Lovino…
    That was really cute :cute:

    I was about to say “go go Ludwig get that baka back!” :cheer:

    Li-chan has such… an AWESOME NAME!!!!
    Woops! over did it there…

    Is it me or is it getting hot in here… I got tired from saying it again and again…. :bleh:

    Oh, well anyhow… great post! :thumb:

    -P.S.- I sure do hope Philippines-tan would come in anytime now… :oha: MABUHAY!!!

  6. Shelly says:

    Why are the Italy brothers naked? Why?! :baww2:

    If they censor out the erogenous hair, they’ll feel my wrath. :rage:

  7. Lola! says:

    Oh my god! I had no idea that Liechtenstein was played by Rie! You totally just blew my mind! Seriously, I love Rie’s voice, ecspically in teh song Pre-parade.

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