Bakemonogatari: 01 – Bloody Awesome


Tsui: Yo! Tag-team blogging with Kanzie for Bakemonogatari :thumb: .

Kanz: Ohohoho~!!! Yep ^^. I’ll be joining my slave on blogging the first episode of Bakemonogatari because I just found it to be totally awesome and not to be missed on! I don’t know if I’ll continue tag-team blogging with him though, because it’s so hard to get in contact with each other because we’re on different colleges. But so far, you’ll enjoy my fangirling commentary in here~.

Tsui: Episode one of Bakemonogatari will be a tag-team blogging project for us here. Well, I’m originally assigned to take over this series though, but Kanzie contacted me and she said she wants to say her thoughts as well, and we ended up on Messenger.

Kanz: Yup, we’re keeping the post in the format I started. Event-by-event, ramble-by-ramble. Topics are in bold ^^. You can find the screenshot gallery on the next page for loads of more screenshots because I just hate it cluttering the first page ^^.

Tsui: Let’s get it started. Btw people, you can check out my First Look post about this if you still haven’t. (Just a shameless plugging).


Starting Sequence

Kanz: It’s probably not the real and official OP for the series I think… But I’ll say that this is PURE AWESOMENESS!!! This sequence is just so wrong in many levels, which makes it awesome! The gory parts are just win. Oh god and love the suspenseful music!!! Araragi’s peek is freaky XD. Meme is so cool!!! The blond girl looks kick-ass as well. The action is there and I love it. I can’t also wait for the real one too.

Tsui: I see pink! Besides from the exposure of Tsubasa’s eye candies, I must agree that it’s indeed awesome. Wow, just by the first moments of the show I’m already getting hyped up for it. I don’t know if this sequence has something to do with the current story though, but it sure shows Shinobu being a vampire before. Really good stuff, I hope the real OP will be as awesome or more awesome than this.


Fallen Angel?

Tsui: Bakemonogatari starts off with Araragi catching a falling girl on the school stairs. The fallen girl is Senjougahara Hitagi, and Araragi noticed that he didn’t felt much weight from her upon catching her.

Kanz: Haha that’s so cliche’d, but the visuals had me forgiving it ^^. OMG just from the start, I feel like SHAFT’s spending a lot of budget in this. Just how the stairs scenery got animated, it’s already breathtakingly awesome. Btw, super important thing to mention: Araragi is voiced by KAMIYAN!!!! :kyaa2:


Tsubasa and lots of talking.

Kanz: OH MY GOD finally Yui Horie is not annoying in here. I’m totally loving Yui Horie’s role as Tsubasa after that tra”UU”matizing experience I had on Umineko. But anyway, this is surely “blahblahblahblah” though.

Tsui: I’m liking Yui Horie’s role in here. Tsubasa is a fairly interesting character, and I cannot wait for her arc to come. But I guess the dialogue heavy scenes just starts now. I don’t mind though, since NisiOisin is known for being a genius when it comes to words and long talks. So except blabberings, but when something needs to be in action, he does it really bloody awesome.


Kids, do NOT try this at home school.

Tsui: Uh, well that’s a really cool way to introduce what the main heroine is like. Nobody would wanna mess with with her because she’s armed and ready to kill… with school supplies.

Kanz: Bwahahaha~!!! She’s bloody awesome already! I love her now!!! Haha… Assaulting with sharp school supplies ftw!


My Love is a Stapler. (K-On! pun intended)

Tsui: Hitagi is… insane.

Kanz: Am I the only one who found this scene sexy?

Tsui: That’s because you’re a sadist.

Kanz: It’s hot~.

Tsui: YOU. ARE. A. SADIST!!! …*runs away*



Tsui: OW. That had to hurt. Anyway, this arc is named “Hitagi Crab”, and I won’t discuss further the other names of the rest kukuku… Anyway, Senjougahara is weightless, and the reason why is because it all started when she encountered a certain crab.


TEH Pain.

Kanz: Ouchiez for Araragi’s situation!!! But that’s so awesome of him to have the wound in his mouth immediately cured! A cool vampire indeed still lives inside him ^^.


School Supplies R Dangerous

Kanz: Woah~ Senjougahara is one FIERCE! bitch!!! Plus where she got all those school supplies?! Girl’s a walking stationery store.


Where the hell does she hide ’em?

Tsui: Senjounovalkyria err… I mean Senjougahara.. FFFF… I’ll just call her Hitagi instead. Her name’s hard as hell. She seems to have an awesome pocket that goes deep beyond space. And awesome Unlimited Stationery Works is awesome.


The Two.

Kanz: I think I’m gonna love these two~ ^^. *shipping them* Araragi is soooo adorable! And he’s totally willing to help Senjougahara even after stapling his mouth!!! Kyaaa~<3!!! Plus I really love fierce heroines like her, that shows that they have problems as well. On Araragi, he’s pretty cool! He’s an ex-vampire that still has some immortality affects in him! So awesome!!! Probably there are still some vampire skills left inside him too~.

Tsui: I think the two leads are dry in terms of personality, judging by the first episode. I haven’t seen anything from Araragi yet besides from the fact that he’s an ex-vampire. Hitagi also got me a little off on her after saying she’s a tsundere. We need more proof on that. Plus I almost thought that she’s almost a very kick-ass character until she wailed out and asking for help. -__-… I don’t get her, so I guess it can be a good thing that she’s mysterious.


Filmstrip style

Kanz: This part is ridiculous. Probably the episode went downhill in here visually in my opinion. The first half was totally stunning though. But the old film style- not working for me.

Tsui: I also found this to be the least visually entertaining part too. But still gotta give props to SHAFT for always experimenting with stuff and they add twists to talking scenes to make them less boring.



Kanz: Roflmao!!! XD This part is ridiculously disgustingly awesome XD. Erghh….. But totally awesome xD. What the hell are the foods used in here?! O___O I see pasta, sago, cake, a vegetable, some pork/ham/whatever. Lol. Aragaki literally has a mixed buffet in his head there~.

Tsui: This is quite hilarious as well, and I don’t know if they are really trying to “experiment” or they just basically ran out of ideas. Also, talking about the overall “artistic attempts” they had, I had gotten a SZS feel to this series now. I have gotten more excited to see more of this.



Tsui: Going back to the plot, Araragi suggested to Hitagi that he’ll take her to a guy named Oshino Meme, who cured him back then as well when she’s still a vampire before. Meme turns out to be a homeless man, and he’s living with a quiet girl named Shinobu.

Kanz: Meme seems to be like a pretty cool character~. I love his tropical-styled polo lol. And Shinobu is so cute! I’m guessing that she’s the vampire in the starting sequence. We get to see more of their backstory ^^.


The Memelancholy of Meme

Tsui: I have a joke.

Kanz: I don’t wanna hear it, no thanks.

Tsui: What is the…

Kanz: The Memelancholy of blahblah… Yah, yah, whatever. Pssh. Go rot in lameness, Tsui.

Tsui: I fail. So back to some seriousness, Oshino hints about the reason for Hitagi’s weight problems, and he is willing to help her. Of course, all help aren’t free, will there be any costs? End of episode.


Closing Sequence: “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” by supercell

Kanz: The ED sequence is… a picture. Have nothing to say about the song too. Probably it’ll get better when it’s added by an actual animation next week as its OP.

Tsui: Yeah. Picture. But lol, the song seems to be the actual song for the OP, so I can’t wait for episode 2 to see it.




First Impressions:


That was a really impressive start, visually. Since it’s SHAFT, we’re in for a treat on a artistic mess, whether it’ll be good or bad for you. I, being a SHAFT fanboy, will definitely look forward to more of this. I’m really after the story as well. Because we all know NisiOisin being so awesome, and teaming up with Shinbo’s eccentric style of direction. The adaptation for Bakemonogatari will be definitely interesting and I would really want to see how it would turn out.

The artistic style is as expected, SHAFT-y. I remembered SZS in it (which will also be airing later btw). This has tons of potential so far, and I hope it would not disappoint and keep it still as impressive as it goes.


First of all, SHAFT did a really stunning job on the visuals. The style is nothing I can’t think more of. I really love how they experiment on a lot of scenes, and at least even if it has a lot of talk, the visuals are still impressive. That’s probably their strongest point in my opinion. I have some itches on some parts though in the animation, but I think it’s because they try to focus more on the backgrounds. I can’t say anything else more on the backgrounds because since ef, I had been a fan on how SHAFT does sceneries.

OMG I’m totally looking forward to this! Maria+Holic left me wanting more, and Natsu no Arashi is just bland, so I hope this one would be great. It looks dark but heck, MOST AWESOME first impression I had amongst all Summer shows I’ve watched this far.


More screenshots on the Screenshot Gallery next page.


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12 Responses to “Bakemonogatari: 01 – Bloody Awesome”

  1. gungrave33 says:

    Looks very interesting. SHAFT’s style is unique.

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Bloody mouth stapling FTW.

    I can’t really “feel” the main characters though. But I found Hitagi’s monotonous tone really cool, and how it’s said she’s a tsundere is win.

    The art style is brilliant. I’m just a fan of any Shaft works.

  3. Ashelea says:

    Besides from another awesome tag-team post as usual from both of you, Bakemonogatari is just AWESOME!!! :omg: Judging by the first episode of course. The OP was totally gory, but seems it isn’t the real one, I wonder how it will turn out. They better make it as good as that!

    And OMG Kanz, I’m also a fan of Kamiyan :kyaa: I just love hearing his voice over and over *melts*.

    Ugh, Yui Horie was definitely annoying on Umineko with all her “UU”s but I guess she sounds good as Tsubasa. Chiwa Sato is also nice as Hitagi

    And of course, the best thing is the art style. I just love it. Looks very promising. Can’t wait for episode 2!!! 😉

  4. Toonleap says:

    Thanks to you, I will watch another anime series… :ohohoho:
    .-= Toonleap´s last blog ..Japan…Why so serious?? =-.

  5. :kyaa2:
    It’s my most anticipated series in this season.

    I wanna see it subbed *_*

    Title really says it all. It’s really BLOODY AWESOME :thumb:

    And I already ship the main couple even before this series aired xD
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Triple Delight: Takkoku 7, Beelzebub 19, & Azrael’s EDGE 2 =-.

  6. Emiko-chan says:

    :kyaa2: Ah~ I can’t wait to see the sub for this! The song used for the ending sequence is so nice (I’m hoping for some good animation to go with it next week…)

    SHAFT has also lured me in with their unique style and odd approaches to animation, so I’m pretty excited for more (especially with more SZS just around the corner.)
    .-= Emiko-chan´s last blog ..Weekly Fangirling – Serious Welkin is Serious… =-.

  7. Rin says:

    Holy shizz man. That’s looks gory, yet awesome at the same time. I can definitely see how you like this kanzeon. That looks a little scary. I haven’t seen Bakemonogatari yet, but it looks good(I think). Yes, if not used carefully but very violently, you can seriously hurt someone and they will be considered dangerous weapons.
    .-= Rin´s last blog ..New Look =-.

  8. faer1edust says:

    This looks… bizarre. I just don’t know how to describe it. But I guess I should watch it first. I don’t basically love gory stuff but the two main characters seems to look interesting ^^. And their style just looks :freeze2: . *quite new to Shaft*

    Lol. Falling from the stairs then stapling his mouth. That’s one sure cool way for a first encounter xD.

  9. TJ says:

    It was full of Shaft-iness alright. Too bad the OP was misleading though as >90% of the episode was spent on talking. Oh well at at least pasta brain and mouth-stapling was interesting enough.
    .-= TJ´s last blog ..Bakemonogatari 01 – First Impressions =-.

  10. foomafoo says:

    The looks of it reminds me of Persona… hahaha, the yellow plasters thing XO… And I really really like the shadowing :)…Still watching out for subs though since I heard the mangaka was fond of metahumor and wordplay.

  11. Gray says:

    This is pretty awesome :thumb: ! I like the Pasta head part the most.

  12. mei says:

    have to find out where she’s hiding them office stationary, that’s going to be such a cool trick to pull on people who mess with you

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