Anime Status: July ’09



It was funny at first, but the humor immediately got old and lame already only after two episodes. Other than that, it has a very terrible premise, the fanservice is too excessive, and everything just got not so amusing. Dropped~.

new 25: Elementhunters


This show is quite awesome… with Fail Subs only. Without that, I would really regret watching an episode of it. I think they’re trying to do some kiddy shit with this one, but I guess it fails. The ED was ridiculously terrible it just gives me nightmares on how I hated chemistry back then in high school. Thank God I’m not taking that shit anymore this college.

new 24: Kanamemo


And this is the last of the three “worsts” for me on this season. The first episode was terrible, and I thought I should be giving it a second chance but it’s just hopeless, forced, horrid, crappy and it’s just annoying. WTF is up with the lead girl? I wanna smash a chair to her face.

new 23: Aoi Hana


I only watched 4 episodes so far and it really had an excellent job on making me sleep ^^. This is how I can say this show rocks. Well I have no problems on yuri (I am a bi girl actually) but it’s so funny that this show doesn’t appeal to me. It’s forgettable, and the only name I can remember from this show was Fumi, and it’s because I remember her for being terribly annoying. So yeah, I really find almost nothing interesting in this show (well, except from the senpai… I think she’s cool). I’ll just leave this on the anime’s huge fanbase. Dropped.

down22: Umi Monogatari


Well I’m just going to continue this series. I know this is quite very much average, but I still enjoy it. Well, enjoying it more than Aoi Hana I guee? XD Yep.

Well at first look, you have me shipping Kanon to get back with the glasses guy… But now I’m all 100% shipping her with Marin XDD!!! *gets shot* But well~ Obvious yuri hints are just obvious, I don’t think I’ll be seeing (underwater) yuri goggles to see them XD. Also another thing to mention, out of all Yui Horie roles so far this summer, I find her role as Urin my most favorite because she’s just doing an excellent job with her.

down21: Katekyo Hitman Reborn


And lol here’s the ‘obligatory’ shounen watch for me. And this obligatory shounen watch is in its *lost-count* filler arc. But the filler arc with the trials thing seems interesting though, and I found that they’re kind of giving hints in the OP. Gokudera is awesome win though, most specially when he’s beside Tsuna. Haha~ Kick-ass duo ftw! I wonder what the next trial will be~.

down20: Pandora Hearts


Ok, I’ll go straight out and say that this show is crap. …Delicious crap~ <3. I’m just treating this as a fodder supply on me for something to fangirl on~. I don’t care whether it’s Alice x Oz, Gil x Oz… heck, even Gil x Oz x Alice threesome (check out the picture above) *gets shot XD* and Sharon x Break is cute too. I just love how this show puts up cute and adorable characters. Despite that, I’m always ready to drop this series anytime in a snap.

new 19: Princess Lover!


5 episodes in and I still find it really enjoyable. Kinda one of the series I’m using to pass up time while waiting for other shows actually. Not “priotity”-factor, but it’s still enjoyable to watch for a harem show. Maybe because of the lead guy, nice to see him not being a total sore loser.

down 18: Haruhi Suzumiya: Endless Eight


Best. Troll. Of. The. Year. Hands down bitches.

new 17: CLANNAD ~Kyou Chapter~


I enjoyed it because Kyou is my third favorite Clannad girl. But I guess what I loved the most in this special was actually Sunohara. Well, I just love this dude ^^. Ryou was kinda annoying though, but I think I can understand her a bit. So yeah~ I hope if there’ll be any other CLANNAD specials succeeding this one? XDD

new 16: Taishou Yakyuu Musume


Well I can say that TYM was pretty good, funny and adorable, and that’s because it’s a series I absolutely have no expectations at all before watching it. This anime, like any other, didn’t really got me so hooked the way Ookiku Furikabutte did, and I’m afraid that would be the ONLY sports anime show that I’ll come to love forever though. But even though I can’t fully love the show, it still has its cute moments. Koume is such an adorable girl with a permanent blush XD.

new 15: Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei


Well I’m just so glad that the ever-awesomely insane teacher of despair Nozomu is back! And yep~ I’m so taking weekly dosage of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei back again like good ol’ times. This season is just crazier and I love it! What makes it epic is how SHAFT just plays with it. I was kinda disappointed at first for seeing such a crappy OP earlier but then the actual one comes out and it was pure awesomeness! So yeah~ Looking forward to where this show is heading this time, if ever they’re heading into something… lol.

up14: Hanasakeru Seishounen


I’m really enjoying this show but damn, I need to backlog in this for the meantime. Gomen, Li Ren-sama~<33… But yep, putting it on-hold and will watch it back again when it gets completed. Need to give more space to new shows ^^.

new 13: GA: Art Design Class


I only watched the first episode and it was totally fun. Well, yeah, shame on me for only watching one episode of this because the subs just take TOO long T___T. I’m absolutely enjoying Haruka Tomatsu’s lead performance in here, and I must say that her voice is kinda new in this one. Love to see variety on her ^^. Well if this one remains backlogged, I will have no choice but to drop this and pick it up back again for marathoning.

new 12: Yoru Wakaru Gendai Mahou


Well, this show was one of the shows which I totally ignored on the whole Summer line-up. When I watched the premiere episode (Ep. 00), I was almost at the edge of dropping it already on how shitty it was, but I tried watching the real episode one and wow, it owned me XD. It was really good. The non-linear story is kinda bugging me though, but I hope they’ll make me think it’s cool later because I feel like there’s a purpose for that.

new 11: EVE no Jikan act.05


Act05 was not really as good as Act04, BUT (yes, a huge ‘but’) EVE no Jikan still pulls off a great episode up par to other series/ONAs. Great animation, creative use of camera angles and background music. I just love how the show plays with every elements. And we’re also heading on to the final installment next. I really can’t wait for the final episode of the ONA series. It would be a very long wait again =__=…

down10: Hetalia Axis Powers


Woooooow…. Quite a shocking huge drop, isn’t it? Oh well, I really tried my best to be VERY VERY biased with this show but it still ended up like this. It sucked that Hetalia dropped this badly, but I just have to. There had been lots of more deserving shows to be ranked higher. Also, this month is kinda sucky for Hetalia. the last few weeks of Liechtenstein and Switzerland (and Austria) cheese was not fun at all. Only thing awesome is Mr. Awesome himself, Prussia, making an appearance there. Other than that, the next episodes had been bland as well, and Episode 27 (supposed to be start of second season) wasn’t even that much of a “blast” on starting off its second season. Oh well~ I just hope next monh would be awesome.

new 09: Umineko no Naku Koro ni


Well, for a show I find it hard to take seriously, I think Umineko’s still definitely enjoyable ^^. So yeah, Maria is still a very annoying brat that I would take pleasure on seeing her get butchered (but it seems unlikely so far T_T). Other than that, the characters are interesting in their own way. And of course, the gore is love. And Beato-sama!!! <333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneoen

What’s definitely putting me off from fully enjoying the series are the VNfags who kept on slipping spoilers and know-it-all messages on non-spoiler forums. It really sucks when they sleep on and tell something you aren’t expecting to see on a NON-spoiler forum. It’s also pretty annoying with all the “Waaaah waaaah they didn’t added this *insert BGM music* on scene blahblah waaah waaah” rant everywhere. It’s just a fucking small bgm music for Cow’s sake! Just download it and loop it on your player when you’re that demanding to hear it. Sheesh.

new 08: CANAAN


This show just started off with a blast. It’s just awesome. Well, if isn’t the animation enough to convince you, this show just has the perfect balance of action, mystery, suspense and even humor. I just have to take note of the action because the action scenes are all so far amazing. I can’t forget about the one on episode one because it’s just animated so goddarn well. Why is it ranked so low? Because I don’t care where this one will be placed, sadly. I’m biased, remember? XD. Also, I love the OP!

up07: Valkyria Chronicles


What can I say? Instead of falling for the “midway boredom syndrome”, Valkyria Chronicles instead improved more and more. The show just keeps getting better and better I must say ^^. Also, MOAR Edy x Blond guy please. Kthnxbai.

I’ll be continuing my blabber in this spoiler button because it contains major… uhh, spoilers XD. Show ▼

up06: 07-GHOST


Well, this show is back on track! Yep~ Biggest gainer of the month, bbs <33. Reason why? Because I’m just so biased to my OTP and episode 16 is so wonderful and I totally fangirled my ass off, fell in a chair, and still fangirling them both XD. Episode 17 is also win with more Frau (and young Frau too! CUTE!!! *___*)!!! *biased Frau fangirl*. So yep~ I’m so cruel! Kyahahaha! The more Frau, the more chances this show will get higher! Ya hear that Studio DEEN?! XDDD (no it’s not blackmail or bribery or anything, ok?! ^^;;)

Seriously though, I *think* DEEN is doing a nice job on adapting this. And now that the series will end in a month or two, I wonder how will the series conclude. Will it make an anime-original end, or an open one for a possible sequel?




Yep~ Changed from “HOT 10” ^^.

new 05: Sora no Manimani


I really feel like a lazy and irresponsible for suddenly not blogging Sora no Manimani for the meantime, please undestand my schedule T_T. But I still watch the show though and I’m so enjoying it to bits ^^. Sora no Manimani is just good on what they’re doing and I can’t ask for more. Not the “best” show of the season, but it’s best on what it’s doing: making me fangirl and squee! ^^.

The sole reason for loving the show is Mihoshi <3. She is a very fun and lovable character. And it must be a good thing already that she’s being compared to Nodame and Haruhi now. Saku is also a very hilarious male lead for a slapstick comedy. All the other characters are fairly amusing as well too ^^. Maybe I found it really good because I’m having really small expectations about it at first.

new 04: Spice and Wolf 2


OMG!!! Now that we’re in the top four, I just want to tell you all that this is the HARDEST top four decision to make. Everything was just amazing in its own way. I totally enjoyed them all and I think they can be all equal now. Gah~ I really wanna have them all as number 1’s!!! XD.

Now moving on to Spice and Wolf, this anime just keeps my heart racing on and on. Horo and Lawrence are just charming leads that is definitely the sole reason why I like this show. Great voice acting and chemistry to Ami Koshimizu and Jun Fukuyama. I definitely appreaciate the dramatic change of pace as well. It got very intense and I’m totally waiting for each and every episode to come every week.

new 03: Bakemonogatari


Stunning visuals from SHAFT aside, Bakemonogatari is quite one of the controversial shows this season because people will either love it or hate it. In my case, I love it. It just takes a bit of a keen eye and hearing on the dialogues and you’ll hear wit from the amazing NisiOisin. The wordplay is just amusing. People who go off with their hate only look like out-of-the-water fishes who don’t get what’s being talked about. So I guess take my advice and just stick to shallow moe shows instead because they wouldn’t take much of your brain there 🙂 .

Pssh~ yeah… They may also complain about lack of action in some moments, but what would be it’s purpose if there’s no character development and vice versa? But all I know is, the team-up of Shinbo and NisiOisin is just disgustingly perfect. Definitely enjoying this show more and more.

new 02: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

tm80a tmbtmctmd

It’s been a while since I’ve find some anime that had all the elements working so well together and it’s being pulled in by the sense of realism. Anyway, what I really find interesting is that it feels like a huuuuge simulation game, seeing how all these people be affected emotionally and psychologically, And I must admit, I almost tear up seeing their situations in episodes 2 and 3. I honestly never had an anime in a long while (since Honey and Clover and Oofuri <3) that almost bawww me for real. The seiyuus also play a huge part in the show’s success because they just made me feel everything raw.

My interest in it just builds more and more, as the series goes by. I’m also glad that the show gets so much love as well with so much people watching it. Just look at its ratings~. So glad people have taste. This show is a worthy successor to Eden of the East on the noitaminA slot. I’m so in love with this show! :love:


And the anime that tops this month is none other than…


up01: Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~


Knocking off Hetalia so hard from its top position reign within two months is another Spring show, Phantom. Wow~ Shame on the Summer season for not having anyone of them top up the list, when I was expecting at first that a Summer show will be on top this time, but I was wrong lol. TM8.0 was so close though.

But hell yeah~!!! Finally Phantom takes the top spot!!! :cheer:

It had been a very impressive month for Phantom, I must say. First of all, the release of the Character OST. Ein’s “crazy darkness” is full of so much win, while I drooled at Reiji’s hawtness in his character songs too. I got addicted listening to them so much. The next reason is that the addition of Cal just shows the best of Reiji. She totally balances a softer side to Reiji, and I guess it kinda eases all his pains. Next is, McCUNNING really IS cunning XD!

And the last but definitely not the least reason of all, is that we get to officially know this month that Ein’s alive, and she’s hell looking FIERCE~ as ever with some extra longer hair XD!!! The (short T_T) reunion between her and Reiji, reveals that she’s quite not brainwashed at all! I wonder what’s gonna happen next because this show is just plain exciting now that we’re almost nearing to the conclusion ^^. All hell breaks loose for Phantom, and I’m totally at the edge of my seat. And what I want for the ending of this show? I want Reiji and Ein together as daddy and mommy with Cal as their daughter!!! XD That would be sooo sweet! :aww:


Summer First Impressions:

Well Summer wasn’t really crappy at all! At first look way back then when the line-up was introduce, we can see almost everyone bashing it already and saying that it would suck. But I think with what’s airing, especially some gems in the summer. Like the intense second season of Spice and Wolf, the adorable Sora no Manimani, the season’s oddball Bakemonogatari, the action-packed CANAAN, the entertaining Umineko adaptation and the outstanding Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, we have been all proven wrong. I’m actually enjoying this season more than Spring to be honest. Let’s see how SUmmer will progress next month. That wraps up the Anime Status of July~ Good day everyone ^^. And I also want to hear you impressions on some shows currently airing this month as well ^^.




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11 Responses to “Anime Status: July ’09”

  1. issa-sa says:

    I have to say this season is really exceeding my expectations (i.e. there are quite a number of shows that seem like I would really enjoy IF I spread my time to watch them, but so far I’ve only be able to follow a fifth of what you’re watching ;P).

    And amazingly I find Battler to be far more annoying than Maria. Crazy fug jank loli 4tw 😆
    .-= issa-sa´s last blog ..LIVE DIAMOND = Dead Panda =-.

  2. iCafeSuu says:

    hgnnnhhh, this post reminds me I have to catch up with so many anime :huhu:

    Yeah, Pandora heats is just shipping fodder, It’s hard to tell whats even going on, let alone still unable to get over the quality.
    Kyoani, you damned amazing trolls you, if Endless Eight doesn’t end next week, making it a full “eight” I can’t wait to see how the fanbase (including partially me) will react.
    Fwooo… o u o It is quite shocking how Hetalia placed 10th , although I will say, even though Lie-Chii is one of my favourite characters and Swiss x Liechtenstein is one of my favorite shippings, the comedy aspect of Hetalia hasn’t been very good . _ . (Although I still loved the arc a lot ^ ^)
    I’m very glad Umineko placed in at least your top 10, witches make everything better = u = b fff I feel like I slipped a spoiler in my last comment OTL
    CANNAN is just amazing in all aspects from the beginning * U *
    *needs to catch up with Sora no Manimani and Bakamonogatari* :freeze2:
    .-= iCafeSuu´s last blog ..ARISA . chaptersix =-.

  3. Llora-chan says:

    I really thought this summer would be bad~ But I’m super glad that I was wrong ^^
    I love the shows I picked up: TYM, S&W, Bakemonogatari, Sora no Manimani and ZSZS.
    I gotta watch CANAAN when I get the time~~

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  5. dai1313 says:

    “This show is quite awesome… with Fail Subs only.”

    Yea, element hunters was quite enjoyable with such [Fabulous] subs

  6. kirapika says:

    So..Phantom is getting more awesome now huh? Oh dear, I knew I should’ve watched that from the beginning. I would not forgive myself if I miss something like this :baww: Same goes to CANAAN whom I haven’t watched yet

    😳 Woah. I’m amazed that you’re able to watch this much and also have time to blog! Kanzie is awesome, lolz.

    I think the reason why the VNfags (include me there, I’m guilty! xD)complain like that is because they already have this vision of Umineko that’s solid for them. Or just because they had high expectations on this~

    Hetalia has gone down to 10 eh? I have to agree with you there, Liechtenstein might be cute but after 2 more weeks, it just didn’t work out for me. The only thing I like about their part, just like you said, was Gilbo appearing :ohohoho:
    .-= kirapika´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku Koro ni I-V: And so, the Endless B*tch Witch appears.. =-.

  7. mikan-sakura says:

    Lmao. Lots of new entires this much as expected of course :ohohoho: . Though I can’t comment anymore about the rankings (ALL HAIL KANZ~!)

    I just gotta say that Summer also exceeded my expectations. It’s definitely not sucky than what I expected it to be ^^. Love lots of new shows debuting, specially Umi Monogatari and GA, which I thought were the underdogs of the season.

  8. biankita says:

    TL;DR. just looked for something cute to watch. what i deserve for asking the boys in twitter about looking for something to watch. love the post.

    thanks! :kyaa2:
    .-= biankita´s last blog ..Obligatory ‘I’m Back. Now What?’ Post =-.

  9. Ashelea says:

    Ooh! I need to check out GA. Been hearing good stuff about it recently. And Canaan. *sigh* need to check out most of the list because I have only like, 7-8 shows I’m watching in there -_-;;

    O___O at the sudden drop of Hetalia. But I agree ^^, there might be some shows that delivered way better than it ^^. Hope it recovers back again next month.

    And Phantom is just amazing. I’m so glad I’m still continuing up with the series because I totally never really regretted anything watching this epic series. Kyaaa!!! EIN and REIJI 4VER!!!! And Cal as their daughter lol. Loving the show as well. Too bad it haven’t gotten so much love T_T.

    Thanks for the rankings again ^^!

  10. Xiao says:

    I so agree about Yui Horie’s performance for Urin. Ignoring Maria, it’s nice to hear her voice a stubborn, grumpy girl instead of all the moe roles she took up in the past. :3

    I need to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn. It looks awesome. 83

    Yay for SharonxBreak! xDDD *cough* I mean…yea, I can follow PH while I’m dead-asleep and that would be better than actually watching it. 😛

    Ugh, spoilers. This is why I try to stay away from forums altogether. It’s fun to be part of one but fans being what they are. *sigh*Not that I haven’t acted that way a couple of times with other series but I wouldn’t throw spoilers carelessly around like it was nothing. At least hide it or give warning first. -_-#

    CANAAN needs more Alphard screentime~ <3

    That’s pretty much how it was for me and Sora no ManiMani. Heh, reverse effect. The shows we look forward to the most don’t turn out to be as great as we wanted them to be but the ones we don’t pay so much attention are actually the winners. XD;
    Well, anyways…Mihoshi is love~ As is everyone else. I hope I don’t jinx it by saying I don’t want too much drama soon. ^^;

    Lol I don’t have much of an idea of what’s supposed to be going on in Bakemonogatari other than the fact Araragi is helping all these girls with their demon problems and that’s fine with me. Pfft to the moe and I’ll understand what I can understand. Beehhhh…

    I am going to marathon Phantom before school starts. *determined* >8)

    Ah, yea…wow, I didn’t expect any hope from summer at all but this is probably the season I followed the most shows without dropping too much. Heh, spring is practically forgotten and winter never existed, lol. Now I’m curious to know how the awesome fall will turn out. 8D
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..SoMT Quick Rematch! Kyoko vs. Dia =-.

  11. Vulcan says:

    Erm, my Fav is Umineko ,2nd is Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ ,3rd is Bakemonogatari 4th is Spice and Wolf 5th is Valkyrie Chronicles =]

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