Anime Status: July ’09


It is the end of the month again and you know what time is it? Yep~ it’s another round of Anime Status for the month of July!

Anime Status is a monthly ranking of anime I am currently watching right now. Well yes, the list will be highly subjective, biased and personal. It depends on how I like the show this month and this month only ^^.

There are 26 shows on the list this month! Of course, it’s the start of the Summer season so expect the list to inflate and deflate later on when I start dropping one by on like dead flies XD. Take note that I’m still backlogged on some shows (take GA for example), where I only watch 1 episode of it, it’ll still be ranked in but only based on that episode ^^. ONAs and OVAs/Specials are also included in the list, as long as I remember watching it.

Those which are not included are the shows on-hold, or obviously the shows I barely even touched this month, and those which were dropped from last month.


up – Climbed up/higher priority/getting better/no choice but to move it up because some series are out of the list (most cases). Getting an “up” doesn’t mean that it’s awesome already, because maybe the show count affects the list sometimes and it’s position might get affected.

down – Fell down/lower priority/got boring or I’m feeling “meh” over it lately/no choice but to move it down because there are so much new entries on the list. And getting a “down” symbol doesn’t mean that it sucks already. It’s just that there might have been lots of newer entries that can affect its position.

new – New series/OVA/ONA/entry on the list. YOU WILL SEE LOTS OF THESE I TELL YOU.

stay – Stayed in its own position/safe/consistent

~NOTE: Keep in mind though that these adorable blinking symbols only detects the movement of the show on the list (in short, de-co-ra-tions). What really matters are their number positions ^^.

Uh, I guess that’s all to explain~ Let’s proceed to the list now ^^. Last month, we have Hetalia Axis Powers topping for the second month in a row on the top spot. With the rain of new summer shows, how would it affect its ranking? Will it survive the top spot for the third time charm? Also, let’s see how do the new Summer shows rank! Enough talk~ Let’s go to the list!




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11 Responses to “Anime Status: July ’09”

  1. issa-sa says:

    I have to say this season is really exceeding my expectations (i.e. there are quite a number of shows that seem like I would really enjoy IF I spread my time to watch them, but so far I’ve only be able to follow a fifth of what you’re watching ;P).

    And amazingly I find Battler to be far more annoying than Maria. Crazy fug jank loli 4tw 😆
    .-= issa-sa´s last blog ..LIVE DIAMOND = Dead Panda =-.

  2. iCafeSuu says:

    hgnnnhhh, this post reminds me I have to catch up with so many anime :huhu:

    Yeah, Pandora heats is just shipping fodder, It’s hard to tell whats even going on, let alone still unable to get over the quality.
    Kyoani, you damned amazing trolls you, if Endless Eight doesn’t end next week, making it a full “eight” I can’t wait to see how the fanbase (including partially me) will react.
    Fwooo… o u o It is quite shocking how Hetalia placed 10th , although I will say, even though Lie-Chii is one of my favourite characters and Swiss x Liechtenstein is one of my favorite shippings, the comedy aspect of Hetalia hasn’t been very good . _ . (Although I still loved the arc a lot ^ ^)
    I’m very glad Umineko placed in at least your top 10, witches make everything better = u = b fff I feel like I slipped a spoiler in my last comment OTL
    CANNAN is just amazing in all aspects from the beginning * U *
    *needs to catch up with Sora no Manimani and Bakamonogatari* :freeze2:
    .-= iCafeSuu´s last blog ..ARISA . chaptersix =-.

  3. Llora-chan says:

    I really thought this summer would be bad~ But I’m super glad that I was wrong ^^
    I love the shows I picked up: TYM, S&W, Bakemonogatari, Sora no Manimani and ZSZS.
    I gotta watch CANAAN when I get the time~~

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  5. dai1313 says:

    “This show is quite awesome… with Fail Subs only.”

    Yea, element hunters was quite enjoyable with such [Fabulous] subs

  6. kirapika says:

    So..Phantom is getting more awesome now huh? Oh dear, I knew I should’ve watched that from the beginning. I would not forgive myself if I miss something like this :baww: Same goes to CANAAN whom I haven’t watched yet

    😳 Woah. I’m amazed that you’re able to watch this much and also have time to blog! Kanzie is awesome, lolz.

    I think the reason why the VNfags (include me there, I’m guilty! xD)complain like that is because they already have this vision of Umineko that’s solid for them. Or just because they had high expectations on this~

    Hetalia has gone down to 10 eh? I have to agree with you there, Liechtenstein might be cute but after 2 more weeks, it just didn’t work out for me. The only thing I like about their part, just like you said, was Gilbo appearing :ohohoho:
    .-= kirapika´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku Koro ni I-V: And so, the Endless B*tch Witch appears.. =-.

  7. mikan-sakura says:

    Lmao. Lots of new entires this much as expected of course :ohohoho: . Though I can’t comment anymore about the rankings (ALL HAIL KANZ~!)

    I just gotta say that Summer also exceeded my expectations. It’s definitely not sucky than what I expected it to be ^^. Love lots of new shows debuting, specially Umi Monogatari and GA, which I thought were the underdogs of the season.

  8. biankita says:

    TL;DR. just looked for something cute to watch. what i deserve for asking the boys in twitter about looking for something to watch. love the post.

    thanks! :kyaa2:
    .-= biankita´s last blog ..Obligatory ‘I’m Back. Now What?’ Post =-.

  9. Ashelea says:

    Ooh! I need to check out GA. Been hearing good stuff about it recently. And Canaan. *sigh* need to check out most of the list because I have only like, 7-8 shows I’m watching in there -_-;;

    O___O at the sudden drop of Hetalia. But I agree ^^, there might be some shows that delivered way better than it ^^. Hope it recovers back again next month.

    And Phantom is just amazing. I’m so glad I’m still continuing up with the series because I totally never really regretted anything watching this epic series. Kyaaa!!! EIN and REIJI 4VER!!!! And Cal as their daughter lol. Loving the show as well. Too bad it haven’t gotten so much love T_T.

    Thanks for the rankings again ^^!

  10. Xiao says:

    I so agree about Yui Horie’s performance for Urin. Ignoring Maria, it’s nice to hear her voice a stubborn, grumpy girl instead of all the moe roles she took up in the past. :3

    I need to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn. It looks awesome. 83

    Yay for SharonxBreak! xDDD *cough* I mean…yea, I can follow PH while I’m dead-asleep and that would be better than actually watching it. 😛

    Ugh, spoilers. This is why I try to stay away from forums altogether. It’s fun to be part of one but fans being what they are. *sigh*Not that I haven’t acted that way a couple of times with other series but I wouldn’t throw spoilers carelessly around like it was nothing. At least hide it or give warning first. -_-#

    CANAAN needs more Alphard screentime~ <3

    That’s pretty much how it was for me and Sora no ManiMani. Heh, reverse effect. The shows we look forward to the most don’t turn out to be as great as we wanted them to be but the ones we don’t pay so much attention are actually the winners. XD;
    Well, anyways…Mihoshi is love~ As is everyone else. I hope I don’t jinx it by saying I don’t want too much drama soon. ^^;

    Lol I don’t have much of an idea of what’s supposed to be going on in Bakemonogatari other than the fact Araragi is helping all these girls with their demon problems and that’s fine with me. Pfft to the moe and I’ll understand what I can understand. Beehhhh…

    I am going to marathon Phantom before school starts. *determined* >8)

    Ah, yea…wow, I didn’t expect any hope from summer at all but this is probably the season I followed the most shows without dropping too much. Heh, spring is practically forgotten and winter never existed, lol. Now I’m curious to know how the awesome fall will turn out. 8D
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..SoMT Quick Rematch! Kyoko vs. Dia =-.

  11. Vulcan says:

    Erm, my Fav is Umineko ,2nd is Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ ,3rd is Bakemonogatari 4th is Spice and Wolf 5th is Valkyrie Chronicles =]

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