Summer Anime 09 Updates [06/02]


Updates to the Summer Anime 2009 preview:

– The shows are arranged in order of air dates given so far (the shows that has unconfirmed airdates will be at the bottom for now.. Sora no Manimani airs on the 7th of July, that means it’s gone now on the front page (where I intentionally put it in), and its on the third page now T__T.

– And speaking of airdates, a LOT of them had been added. Just check it out yourself.

– Added in seiyuu info on the shows Elementhunters, and Aoi Hana. Wow, Yui Horie is so everywhere on Summer.

– Added the yaoi OVA Maiden Rose in the OVA index. It was released already, so I might be blogging it sooner or later.

– Also, we still wonder if we have to remove Seitokai no Ichizon from the list because I heard that it’s cancelled for the Summer season. It’s still there though..

HARUHI 2… Hmm… XDD Still needs confirmation~

– And the most important update, a period (.) is added in the title of Taishou Yakyuu Musume.. I literally can’t take the huge title mistake in the catalog… OCD ATTACK!!!



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One Response to “Summer Anime 09 Updates [06/02]”

  1. grmchild says:

    Haruhi 2 has already started with Bamboo Rhapsody. A friend of mine confirmed it so the great Haruhi has returned. :cute:

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