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Again, we’re going in very vintage on OTP of the week because I really want to share some old OTPs I had that who knows if you loved them as well back then ^^. Isn’t it so good to bring back some good ol’ memories?

“Takari” is just a one TRUE pairing that could never be separated by time. They are amongst one of my early OTPs that made me wake up so early on Saturdays just to watch my favorite morning cartoon, Digimon, and just flail at every Takari moment I just see. I JUST LOVE THEM!!!


Just from the first season, they’re the loli-est/shouta-est in the bunch that shows really cute moments and they already cared for each other ^^, and on the second season… They grew up fast XD!!! Takeru shows that he cares for Hikari so much, and vice versa. These two are just unbreakable XD.


Even their symbols are just fitting with each other, and their the two of the strongest as well! Hope and Light are just befitting each other. See? These two are just perfect for each other.

And oh, “Takari” just proves that they’re a really solid OTP as well because they just have matching Digimon! Not only matching, but the strongest too! Isn’t that so awesomely obvious? It’s so easy to LOVE these pairing!!


Evolving from Patamon and Gatomon respectively, are the two angels of Hope and Light, Angemon and Angewomon (obvious names are obvious). But yeah, they’re SO my OTP as well just like their owners XD.


Even their egg-evolution thingy (forgot how’s that called XD) are matching too! Nefertimon and Pegasusmon. Btw, just correct me if some names of the Digimons are incorrect because this show is freaking years way back ago that I can’t really remember clearly xD!!!


Yeah, I know I can’t remember having an Ophanimon too because I only remember Magnadramon… but in the official listing, they said that Gatomon’s Mega stage is her, and duh~ She totally matches with Patamon’s Seraphymon <3.


But I totally RAGE when the English dub version did a very horrible, drastic, SHOCKING change from the Japanese version. I mean, WTF?! Why did they just sticked with the original Japanese story and mention that TK married Hikari in the end? But they didn’t.

I heard that the Japanese (original) stated that both of them got married :oha: . Even their kids look like each other and they brought each one on the reunion! And come on, it’s too obvious that they already spelled out LOVE throughout the entire two freaking seasons of Digimon so WHY THE HELL DID THEY HAVE TO CHANGE IT?! I just had a burning grudge on the English version of Digimon 02. T___T. Fuck you whoever changed the translation on the English dub ending. FUCK YOU! 😡 /end of rant. All hail Japanese version XD.


*goes back to her good Takari fangirling mood seeing these cute wedding fanart* But kyaaa<3!!! I just love these two! Here are more Takari pics. There are also some adorable  AMVs/Video Slideshows I found supporting the couple to be added on the OTP of the Week feature now ^^. Of course, credits and kisses to their amazing creators ^^. I got the fanarts from photobucket.



by sunsetxxwishes



by taichi14



by nana 1991



by DebzOcl



by aliceacademylover


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19 Responses to “OTP of the Week: Takeru x Hikari”

  1. OH I LOVE THESE TWO :kyaa:

    This is my second fave couple though. I was more of a hardcore Yamato x Mimi fan xD

    Anywayz, such lovely pics and videos. Thanks for sharing! It’s making me miss Digimon :love:
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Hanasakeru Seishounen – Episode 9 =-.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yamato x Mimi? O___O Don’t you mean Yamato x Sora? or Izzy x Mimi? Lol. But now that I mentioned Yamato x Sora, I LOVELOVELOVE them too~ ^^.
      .-= kanzeon´s last blog ..Anime Status: June ‘09 =-.

      • ToxicOptimist says:

        I was a Koumi FANATIC as a child.
        It was such a relief learning that it’s one of the most popular Mon pairings in Japan and not all in my head. Heck, I was probably the only kid at my school who thought Mimi was a hoot and not annoying…

        :7: But I called Takeru from the second I saw Kairi! :7:

  2. Ashelea says:

    :kyaa: I really love these two! Such a perfect couple. Lol I remember back then when I’m so addicted reading fanfics on Takari xD.

    • Takari01Fan says:

      Back then? I’m addicted to it before, now, and forever…

      I LOVE Takari~! TAKARI FOREVER!!!!!

  3. Shiro, Long Tail's says:

    Hikari’s outfit in season 2 was adorable. Takeru and Hikari were my favorite pairing but not frequently realized since Takeru got shafted a lot because of Davis/Daisuke’s main character syndrome.

  4. Melissa says:

    This OTP was my very first! And I didn’t even know what OTP’s were at the time XD Thanks for bringing back the d’aww moments it made me reminize on my childhood! 🙂

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol me too. Heck I don’t even care about what’s shipping was called back then XD. I just love these two ^^.

  5. faer1edust says:

    OMG TAKARI!!! It’s o fun to reminisce on my good ol’ OTPs back then~ This is like, my Amuto back then :omg: . Such a classic pairing.

    Yep~ Matching Digimon, and the strongest ones as well! These two are auto-win. Just perfect with each other.

    OMG :rage: I hated how teh English dub changed their ending as well. Thanks so much for clarifying that the Jap ver. had them married! Kyaa :kyaa: TAKARI 4EVER!!! :kyaa:

  6. nice118 says:

    you really know the good OTPs before…
    many shows in the past shows awesome OTP unlike some of the shows right now, which the male lead is very indecisive and ironically have a harem.

  7. foomafoo says:

    hello kanzie, i’d just like to say that i also support this couple. damn the english dub! hahahaha :rage: I don’t know why they didn’t end up T_T

  8. peniko says:

    i didn’t know the japanese version state that way O______O i’m so happy right now, if they really make out in the end x3 they’re my very first OTP.
    Some site even said that in the original ver. of ep.13, they actually kissed 8DDDD i really want to see

    • foomafoo says:

      I never saw them kissed, even nearly kissed XD. That would be good if its true though o_x

  9. Lord Patamon says:

    Love Takari and their digimon as couple too, both are great couples, such great chemistry and care for each other they share ^^

  10. bbflzmoonie says:

    aww these couples are just like my friends love story :omg: :freeze2:

  11. bfflzmooniezz says:

    these couplez are just like my friends aww :15:

  12. theTIGEER. says:

    aww, i just came back into rewatching digimon this month and just finished adventure 02. and before anything, let me say, i LOVE this pairing. they make me squeal everytime they have their very rare moments.
    but since i grew up watching the dubbed version, i decided to rewatch it with the japanese version. I’M SO SORRY TO BURST YOUR BUBBLES, but it was never stated that they married and there was no kiss. episode 13, in the jap version takeru didn’t state that he cared for her, but it was clear that we was still freaking out to find her.
    and to keep your hopes up, they never DIDN’T say they didn’t get married. so keep our HOPES up takari fans! 😀

  13. rish says:

    hikari caracter best because she small so cute

    • Takari01Fan says:

      SOOO agree with you…

      Even though I didn’t like Hikari in 02(cause i heard she flirts with Takeru just to make Daisuke/Davis jealous), I love it when they were in season 1. There was no obstacle for their love when they were small…SO CUUTE!!!!

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