K-ON! Character Single – Hirasawa Yui


K-On! Character Image Song Series Vol. 1 – Hirasawa Yui [CV: Aki Toyosaki]

Not really a fan of Yui’s singing at all. And imo, Mio’s character image songs pwned her so badly. Those who are biased to cute voices will sure like it I think. Also, the character image songs also include the song “Let’s Go!”, in which every character will have their respective versions. Yui did a pretty decent job on her version ^^, but Mio’s still better imo.


1. Guitar ni Kubittake
2. Sunday Siesta
3. Let’s Go! (Yui Ver.)
4. Guitar ni Kubittake (Instrumental)

>>> Download Here

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14 Responses to “K-ON! Character Single – Hirasawa Yui”

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  2. GGmon says:

    :thumb: AWESOME!! THANKS FOR SHARING!!! :kyaa2:

  3. random asian girl (; says:

    :runs: MUST BUY~!

  4. azu-nyan says:

    soooo thanks for posting this. 😀 really waited for this one to come out. 😀 :aww:

  5. GiJaws says:

    We are glad that you shared that one… its really rare to get that during the fresh time of K-On. Thx a lot dude your the best!

  6. kojiro_egawa says:

    luphhhh yuiii 😉 :blush2:

  7. Tsumugi-Fan says:

    No scans? does anyone know were i can find hi-res scans?

  8. Mangko says:

    yui file is corrupted some plz help T.T :sad5

  9. kon lovers says:

    go yui go! :cheer:

  10. kruemk says:

    the file is invalid 🙁

  11. Insert Your Name Here says:

    is it still invalid?

  12. Midnight says:

    Still says the file is invalid :-S

    • Kyokai says:

      Which file? I think you have an incomplete download. Try again and make sure you have winzip/winrar.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The file is deleted. Could you please reupload it?

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