First Look: Silent Hill Shattered Memories


Remakes sure are getting quite popular these days… But this one? We can say that it’s more of a re-imagining.


Based from the original Silent Hill game back in 1999, you play as Harry Mason, crashed on the side of the road in the middle of a snowstorm. He wakes to find his daughter gone and proceeds to look for her throughout the eerie town of Silent Hill. But that’s about what’s been remade in the game. I’ve heard that the game’s plot will diverge more and more depending on your actions. I also like the obvious change they made, making the town look like an artic tundra.


What’s also interesting is that you don’t have an invisible directory, for Harry’s “i-Phone”-styled cellphone will do the most action. It’s your “best friend” in the game, for it’s a GPS, cellphone, camera, notebook, a zooming device, and your one-stop game configuration all-in-one.

Here’s the trailer for the game:


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will be on Nintendo Wii. They will also release a PS2 and a PSP version of it, but the Wii version is their lead platform.


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5 Responses to “First Look: Silent Hill Shattered Memories”

  1. Meh. Silent Hill is boring.

    I rather have a new version of Fatal Frame. But if there will be, then I couldnt sleep anymore again.. :doomed:

    Ahh.. I remember those sleepless nights..

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Obligatory Summer ‘09 Anime Impressions Post

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  4. silent hill shattered memories is a bad-ass game

  5. berg says:

    cool video, i think it definitely proves your point.

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