First Look: Hanamaru Kindergarten


I hate kindergarten kids. But in this case, we have 2D kindergarten kids anyway so it’s alright xD;

Mizushima Seiji (Full Metal Alchemist, Gundam 00) and GAINAX (Gurren Lagann, Evangelion) teams up to produce a kindergarten anime named Hanamaru Youchien (“Hanamaru Kindergarten”).

…Uhh.. My initial reaction hearing “Mizushima Seiji”, “GAINAX”, “Making” and “Kindergarten” all in the same sentence was LOLWTF. That’s like using a giant chainsaw to cut a piece of paper. Ok, before we imagine having playground brawls and teachers drilling in mind explosive-angst to the minds of young toddlers, I tried to get a glimpse on its manga.


When some people all start hearing “Kindergarten” in a title name, they will all say that it’s a pedobear sap just like Kodomo no Jikan (which I find quite disturbing and I had never attempted to watch). Well so far as the three chapters go in Hanamaru Youchien, thank God it’s not like that. Just innocent, wholesome comedy slice-of-life full of cute little children acting like… children of course XP.

Chapter one is already a pool scenario. Ok, before a smart-ass mentions “Oh great, another fanservice loli animu wah waaah” and others brushes lolicon/fanservice here already, think again because I personally think it’s really cleanly done and it’s not really disturbing and CREEPY ew. It’s like we can no longer have child characters in anime without being a sexual context. So yeah, it’s all cute fluff. I would have mistaken it as shoujo already~


Anyway, it seems like one of the students, named Anzu, wants to win the affection of her teacher, Tsuchida-sensei. On the first chapter, she had several attempts of (acting like) drowning just to get the attention of Tsuchida-sensei. On the second chapter though, she hates to be compared with sunflowers, because it’s childish, so she wants roses instead. But Tsuchida insists that sunflowers fit her best.

Well it’s really cute, but at the same time she acts like an annoying attention wh0re (HEY, she’s a kindergarten child! XD). So yeah, it’s so far a very enjoyable comedic romp with a touch of slice-of-life.


Hiiragi, Anzu and Koume… SO CUUUTE!

There are three main lolis children so far. Besides from Anzu, we have Hiiragi , the silent Yuki Nagato-esque one with a touch of being a sadist. And then there’s also Koume, the one who looks like the kindest and the most innocent in the bunch. Both help Anzu on getting ideas to get the attention of Tsuchida-sensei. Aww~ They’re all cute I want plushies of them :D!!!


Let’s get to meet the adults in Hanamaru Kindergarten. Of course as mentioned before, we have Tsuchida-sensei, who is Anzu’s objest of interest. Sensei is probably the most awesome character in this manga for me, because no matter how much attempts Anzu does to attract him, he just turns away like some brickhead parent and doesn’t show any signs of interest with his students more than just considering them as his students/daughters. Why? Because he only has his eyes on Yamamoto-sensei, Tsuchida’s co-teacher. Yamamoto is very motherly and caring to her students, but Anzu doesn’t like her very much lol.

And then I have my ship in this story. I’m all for Tsuchida and Yamamoto XD. And Anzu will just be “annoying third wheel” for them lol. I’m really loving them both, and I hope in the future parts of it, we have the kids helping these two get closer, but now all I can see so far is Anzu having several attempts at first, before we get to her understand that Tsuchida only like Yamamoto. You’re just a boobless bitch, Anzu.


Three chapters scanlated so far, and I’m already lovin’ it. Well, it could turn out better, or worse… But I just hope that this one, as well as the animation adaptation by GAINAX would be clean and not disturbing. Btw, demography is seinen, and I noticed that Sora no Manimani is seinen as well, so I’m hoping for this one to end up like that. Just cute, light fluff without disturbing fanservice!

Back to the Mizushima Seiji meets GAINAX issue. I’m still in deep cuiosity on how this one would end up… but I just lol’d upon hearing that. All we can do is wait for a trailer ^^. No announcements yet on which season it would air (NOT ON SUMMER ’09, as far as I know), OMG if it’s airing on Fall I’ll die because of too so much shows to watch out for~ but I’m quite looking forward to it whenever this will show. It’s just a mountain-full of cute and adorable fluff that I’m sure to love ^__^.


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13 Responses to “First Look: Hanamaru Kindergarten”

  1. faer1edust says:

    :blush2: SO CUTE!!! :runs:
    I can’t agree with you more on hoping that the adaptation won’t make it so disturbing and ecchi. Blech. It will totally ruin the manga having a huge fluff of fun and innocent cuteness~

  2. lawdie says:

    Seiji and Gainax = Wut??? But nice to see them trying… new, I guess.

    But the scanlators better make it fast on the manga! I read only the first three chapters since that’s what is only released in Mangafox and I was left wanting more! This is so cute-tastic!

  3. Whoa! GAINAX???? *shocked as you are*


    Sapphire Pyro’s last blog post..07-Ghost – Episode 10

  4. meteorhouse62 says:

    This is kinda like Potemayo with a mix of Yotsuba. Yeah, so far three chapters but it’s still early to decide if they’re gonna do something bad with it. I hope not ^^.

  5. Ryan A says:

    :aww: Adorable! Yea, at first it caught my eye as Potemayo with more defined bodies. Whatever season this airs, its likely going to get some attention XD

  6. FuyuMaiden says:

    Those kids just look too chibi for any fanservice to really come into play I think. Too bad you bunch of lolicons, nothing for you to see here! And of course, that fact alone kind of has kind of gotten me interested. Add on my weakness for adorable kids in daycare and kindergarten with shipping and…I totally need to check this out.

    Off to read those three chapters now~ I’m sure I’ll love it when I’m done since it only took two for me to fall in love with Sora no Manimani (hey~ What’s with all the good seinen lately?).

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..La Corda d’Oro ~secondo passo~ – Second Movement

  7. kelakagandy says:

    This looks freaking adorable!! 😀 I will definitely be checking this out. Thanks so much for the heads up.

    kelakagandy’s last blog post..07-Ghost Volume 1

  8. Normally I’d brush this off like it was nothing, but reading your post has made me want to go read it! I’ll go check it out soon. ^^ But the children are so cute! You’d think from the promo pic that it’d be aimed for toddlers, but I guess not afterward. I’m glad it isn’t a pedobear sap and is just pure, wholesome comedy.

    Lol…I thought Anzu was a boy at first glance (before knowing she wanted the teacher’s attention). ^^; Her appearance reminds me of Hikaru from Hikaru no Go. -_-;; But that’s okay, cause she’s a cute attention loving kindergartner (who will never stand a chance)! xD

    blossomgirl101’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 86

  9. mikichan says:

    :aww: so cute

  10. PBear says:

    WTHeck…. Chibi Lolis?!!

    Would you like a loli-pop?!! Heh!!

    Drool_ 😉

  11. Notsu says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Lolis!!

    Just.. want.. to.. hold.. them…

    So… soft… and.. cuddly….

  12. Shance says:

    Here’s to hoping it wouldn’t mutate itself into KODOMO NO JIKAN, since kids and slice-of-life have a tendency to be so precocious to cross the line between innocence and “maturity”.

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