Eden of the East: 10 – PUNage!


Atou Saizou…
Uhh, who is he again?? xDD;;


Akira lets Saki and Micchon to ride the train to Tokyo but he didn’t come along because he has other stuff to take care of. So when Saki is now inside the train, she calls Akira and tells him that she knows something. She knows that his phone is something special and continues to ask who he really is. Akira on the other hand, doesn’t know anything about himself as well, that’s why he’s going to I to find out something really important. And being such a gentleman, Akira told Saki that he will open the phone for her to hear anything, and if she finds out that he’s a bad person after all, she must forget about him T__T.


Take note that Saki and Micchon will now be listening to their conversations, so I really love Akira more for being truly open to Saki now. Such a gentleman~ Though, I feel for Saki and Micchon because they’ll be having some shocking conversations to encounter later~


So Mr. Outside is Mr. Atou Saizo… GAH!!! THE PUN!!!!!!! Atou Saizo is a wealthy businessman whiom had his start in the industry of transportation. Mononobe also said that he’s currently dying of terminal cancer. Also, we get to know that Atou Saizo is quite a baseball fan, and for some trivia: “Selecao” is based on a Brazilian soccer team XP.


We get to know more on Mononobe by himself wanting to win the game as well and be Mr. Outside. So yeah, they arrive to Atou-san’s Research Institute, and Mononobe introduced Akira to Yuuki (X) and revealed to him that he’s the one who fired the 11 missiles. He also called Juiz then and ordered to have wine delivered to celebrate once in a while.


This punk is Selecao #2. What’s confusing is that he said that he still has the 10 billion in his phone. Does the rules say that you have to spend it or else the Supporter will kill you? Not unless he’s the Supporter himself lol.


Besides from the fact that Yuuki totally looked like an uke begging to get noticed by his seme Mononobe…. I finally knew the reason why I’m lovin’ Yuuki so much XD! He’s voiced by Masakazu Morita, which voiced Tadashi on the SA Drama CD, and Hihara on La Corda d’Oro, whom I luv so much XDD. And oh, he’s super famous for voicing Ichigo on Bleach too. Anyway~ Seiyuu lessons over XD.


We get to know that Yuuki is behind Careless Monday with all his emo reasons. Well I would had also done that as well, if a country is hopelessly corrupted, I would have exploded it to ashes to clean it! Muwahahahaha!!! X is just awesome~

And also, a shocker again, we get to know what the hell is up with this episode’s title: “Who killed Akira Takizawa?”. We get to know who killed him emotionally, or those who betrayed him, like what X said.


So this is Juiz huh… An AI, just like we all suspected (or many of us had). But if she really is this, why does she has different emotions/approaches in the different Selecaos? Like being cold with Kondou (V) and very nice to Hiura (IV)?


It seems like the Eden of the East group are in for a great danger ahead (kill Oosugi only, NEETs!!!) because outside, they witness a huge carrier finally freeing all the NEETs from Dubai. Btw, Oosugi and Hirasawa both totally looked cute in this pic XD.


LOOOLOL mass censoring of 20,000 exposed d!cks XDDD


Nuuu~!!! Saki don’t cry T___T!!! But what she said was really interesting and maybe it can be related to how Akira got betrayed. The past Akira helped them all, but those people were expecting something more bigger (stupid brats), just like how it can be related to us. When we are given something/or a blessing, we cannot be contented and just can’t help but to wish for more. And thus, something major has happened in the NEETs, which are the missile attacks.


:ehh: … Juiz? Who knows. She can either be Juiz herself that is made after the machine/AI’s voice and personality, or she can be an android remotely controlled by the real Juiz. B-B-B-B-But the voice! And the look on all of the Selecao’s faces when they heard it. XD

But still, OMG JUIZ!!! :omg:


And it just got more complicated when XII ordered for Juiz to a secret location, which I’m betting at is the AI to be transported (in which those trucks are carrying a while ago when Akira and Mononobe were still entering the Institute). Mononobe thinks that XII may be the Supporter. But I guess XII can also be Mr. Outside himself (or maybe Juiz herself lolol). It’s not confirmed yet that XII is the Supporter though, since Mononobe always talk the talk with his sources that we all can’t even trust fully, and who knows if he’s lying or not. Just like what he mentioned about Atou Saizou (Mr. Outside) having the possibility of being dead. I still think that he’s still out there manipulating everyone.

And also one thing that I don’t know if it would be helpful but it’s still interesting:


…XII balance is still 9,999,995,000 so that means it’s his/her first expense?! WOAH!!! O____O.

So yeah, moving on with how Juiz can be so awesome~

I should mention this, it’s a shock that Juiz simply disobeyed Mononobe’s order to bring in wine, because the bottle is completely empty… Unless XII ordered so, which seems quite unlikely. Don’t you think it would be cool if Juiz herself is XII? Lol, because she had been literally “supporting” everyone from the start~

And as I noticed on Kondou’s death (because of his wife stabbing him), it’s also Juiz’s fault right? Because Juiz was the one that redirected the message to Kondou’s mistress. So if there’s a possibility that Juiz will be the Supporter, she’s doing her duty by not killing them directly by her hands. Lololol I will LOVE Juiz more if she’s that XD!

Ok seriously now, I would be pissed if this series ends in a giant cliffhanger and will just make us wait for the movie (which is unfairrr!!! I don’t live in Japan!!! T^T)…

Lots of freakin’ revelations in this episode, which makes this episode a “Perfect 10”, and the best episode yet. Definitely we’re expecting the next to be better, well it should! XD. Btw, It’s a huge sigh of relief that Akira is actually a good guy for now, and he’s INDEED a Prince… and not more than that, a true “Messiah” that really became a huge help. Aww~ I just wanna glomp him on the final scene whee he’s out on the cold atop of the train~

And even though there had been lots of revelations, lots of questions also popped up! This series is CRAZY!!! …yet epic indeed ^^. I can’t wait on how this series wraps up next week, and for sure we’ll be in for an intense finale.


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8 Responses to “Eden of the East: 10 – PUNage!”

  1. hurtfle says:

    Juiz being the supporter would be a nice twist.

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Really nice observations. Especially on how Number 12 only spent 5k so far. That really increases the chances of him being the Supporter because that means he hadn’t done anything yet.

    And also, I rewatched the episode and the truck CAN really be the one carrying Juiz. Because I’m still betting that the real Juiz is AI/data and she/”it” is now ordered to get transferred on a hidden space.

    Great episode. They better pull everything off next week.

  3. Tyler says:

    Juiz can be my secretary anytime :love:

  4. lolcats says:

    Wait… wouldn’t it be 19999 NEETS because apparently one of them got away or something… remember in an earlier episode? So why him and how’d he get away while the other 19999 didn’t? :-_-:

  5. karurosop says:

    “Also, we get to know that Atou Saizo is quite a baseball fan, and for some trivia: “Selecao” is based on a Brazilian soccer team XP.”
    He’s a soccer fan not baseball and “Seleção” is how the national soccer team in Brazil is called, (seleção is how you say selection in english) and “Juiz” is how the person who arbritates the soccer match is called (Judge in english)

  6. Ashelea says:

    Oh my gosh! I wonder how everything would be settled next episode. I would be expecting a huge cliffhanger in the end though because of the upcoming movie -_-. But OMG! It’s full of suspense and I’m lovin’ this series so much :party: (love your new emoticons btw~)

  7. Shounen A says:

    Astute observation that it may have been the trucks we saw transporting Juiz, except would 5000 yen, about 50 USD, really be anything close to cover the expenses? The whole “Juiz is a huge computer system” thing might be misdirection, and Juiz could actually fit within a human head with the 5000 yen covering an expensive taxi trip …

  8. dude_in_blue says:

    I think Juiz is still human, and that girl in glasses might be some kind of android that’s controlled just like what you speculated. And those huge machines are like, crafted from her voice, etc.

    And what I’m still wondering about is the symbolisms of the “Johnnies”. As of now, I think that they might be the representations of the people who betrayed Akira… That’s just my 2 cents though.

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