Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody


This is not a troll anymore. It’s real this time.

Guess which God had been missed?


Guess which awesome sarcasm had been missed?


Guess whom the fujoshis had been missed?


Guess which everyone’s waifu had been missed?




So after years of speculations, self-trolling, conspiracies, and KyoAni death threats, Haruhi Suzumiya is back with a new episode! Whew~ I can’t really believe my eyes that the continuation of this series is real XD.


Now for some quick ramblings:

  • To be really honest, I have no idea that this one will air now. It’s like BOOM, there’s a new Haruhi. It feels so nostalgic.
  • Really cool that Japan really does have lots of festivities, and this time, it’s the Tanabata, or the “Tana-freaking-bata festival”, as said by Haruhi. Everyone makes their wishes for 16 and 25 years later. Among everyone’s wishes, I’ll set with Koizumi’s… I want moar money too XD.
  • I find the BGMs really funny, in a good way. It adds importance to the so-much-talking scenes and it definitely makes them less boring.
  • Lol I missed watching Mikuru in a meido uniform so much.. most of all, I missed the grown-up Mikuru too.
  • Kyon is still awesome as hell with his side-sarcasms XD.
  • Tsundere loli Haruhi ftw!
  • This episode probably explained a lot as well in regards to why Haruhi studied in North High. It’s because of Kyon, or “John Smith” as he introduced himself to her. He said that aliens, time travellers, espers and such are possible to be found in that school.
  • Haruhi didn’t know though that John Smith is Kyon himself since she cannot see his face in the dark, and Kyon said that Mikuru is his narcoleptic sister.
  • Yuki’s looooooooong brain explosive speech is really nostalgic to listen at =).
  • Overall, not that “ZOMGTHEBESTCOMEBACKEPISODEEVARRR!!!” material, but still entertaining and nice.
  • Damn shit, 4 more weeks until the next episode -__-. Can’t wait for the summer season!


ED ThemeTomare by Hirano Aya, Chihara Minori and Goto Yuko

The ED theme is not that much crazy awesome as Hare Hare Yukai, but still it’s a pretty good song with a video that can cause eye seizures.

Screenshot spam is on the next page…

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6 Responses to “Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody”

  1. Gargron says:


    Gargron’s last blog post..The Goddess is back!

  2. I think most of all, I missed the main plotline. We had been getting a steady stream of the characters in Haruhi-chan. Having the main plotline back — especially considering that something so important happened within its own self contained episode — is pretty sweet.

    Michael | Low on Hit Points’s last blog post..Haruhi FREAKING Suzumiya returns and is as glorious as ever

  3. Hypernova says:

    I think it’s Kyon who ask for money?

  4. Pillow says:

    …FINALLY! <3 :runs:

  5. cinderbird says:

    Oh gosh I missed watching this series so much! Lol so they finally aired the episode that the leaked viral videos about hidden cams are telling. I can’t wait for the next new ep, and 4 weeks really seems so long :-_-:

  6. ED theme sucks by the way. Nowhere closer than Hare Hare Yukai.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..A Bitter Ending for the Better

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