Manga Digest – Pocket Bishies!


Lulz! I’ve totally read a lot and I forgot to make a digest a few days ago so all of them got humped up on this single post today XD. Tbh, I still haven’t included the latest chapter of Hitman Reborn in here, as well as Kapitel 48 of 07-GHOST in raw >.> Apologies for that ^^. So moving on, you’re still up to the longest Manga Digest I had ever made so far ^^.

Digest Includes:
– Yankee-kun to Megane-chan: Ch43
– Barajou no Kiss: Ch03
– Kimi no Iru Machi: Ch43 & 45 spoilers
– Kiken Junai DNA: Ch 04
– Bloody Cross: 01-02
– Kimi to Koi ni Ochiru de: 04-06 (END)
– BLOOD ALONE: 999 (Extra)
– Mistress Fortune: 4 (Extra)

Fresh Picks:
– Bloody Cross
– Watashi ni XXX Shinasai!

I sealed the most spoilerific spoilers in clickable buttons, but I’ll still give a warning that this post really can spoil you, so proceed with caution!


Yankee-kun to Megane-chan: Ch43


Looks like FAIL student council isn’t really FAIL at all. In fact, Daihi finally sees some light in Hana’s dumb-coated eyes XD. It’s nice to see Hana really passionate about her duties and how she really wants to improve their campus ^^. Go Student Council!!! But darn, it’s 43 chapters already but we still have no romance? Come on!


At the end of the chapter, we get to see new characters for the new arc in the manga. They seem to be from a rival campus. I wonder on how things will swing, now that the School Festival is approaching~


Barajou no Kiss: Ch03


Lol at the Pokemon reference XD!!! Yeah, the title of the post was inspired by this because Agnes was so funny in here that it totally reminded me of Pokemon, except that she summons a bishie XD. It ended up that she didn’t summoned Red Knight Kaede at all though, for she summoned the Black Knight Kurama…


But ZOMG she freaking made no mistake!!! Kurama’s GAWJUSS~ As expected from the Black Knight: quite arrogant but still… *melts*… Kyaa~!!! But Kaede (Red Knight) will still remain my favorite Knight (with Kurama being a close second~ Kyaa!) Ugh, Agnes is so darn lucky for all these hawt bishies around her XD.  Lol. Yeah, I’m looking forward for more ^^.


Kimi no Iru Machi: Ch43 & 45 spoilers


Ugh, why is Kanzaki-senpai so hot?! And he’s super cool as well :3. Poor Haruto, who got humiliated and wasted so much time and Eba’s company while fishing XD… Lol, who fishes eels at day anyway? XD.


But lmao. Eba still thinks there’s still a cool side of Haruto, and it’s when he’s cooking ^^. Aww~ XD.

RAW – Chapter 45 spoilers

Anyway, I’m in the 45th chapter of the manga in the raws and click here below for short spoilers~

Show ▼


Kiken Junai DNA: Ch 04


In the fourth chapter, we still have the two worrying over the kiss thing. So yeah, mostly build-up, and I can’t wait for the next chapter and I wonder when will he reveal the truth. He did reveal though, but it was only a dream -__- lol.


Kimi to Koi ni Ochiru de: 04-06 (END)

It’s an ending, so it will be sealed by a Spoiler Tag ^^. Click to show below~

Show ▼


BLOOD ALONE: 999 (Extra)


Awww it’s really cute and romantic. Out of all the vampire-themed mangas I’ve read so far, this is the most outstanding in my opinion. Misaki and Kuroe’s relationship might be a bit strange to other people, and they even might say it’s “lolicon” but I disagree. It’s really pure romance, and I think Misaki’s an immortal vampire anyway, she doesn’t age XP. I absolutely adore this special chapter ^^. It’s so sweet~ Funny though that it’s named Chapter 999, because that looks waaayy too long (there’s still 28 chapters scanlated lol).


AAA Mistress Fortune: 4 (Extra)


Lol I’m the last fangirl in the planet who’s probably aware of this T___T. But anyway, even though that it looks like it, I totally miss this one!!! YA GIN-kun!!! YAY KISAKI-chan!!! It’s a totally fun chapter ^^. It’s light and fresh. Just plain light read though that feels like another oneshot that’s full of cuteness overload! You don’t believe me?




[~FRESH PICK~] Bloody Cross: 01-02


I had tweeted something waaaay long ago that I found a cool new shounen manga to read ^^. And this is it, I’m sharing it now on the digest ^^. It’s entitled Bloody Cross by Yoneyama Shiwo. Here goes the story, we have the lead girl, Tsukimiya, who is half-vampire half-angel. Too bad she isn’t the only one in the world like that, for there’s also our main dude, Hinata, who also has the half blood curse in him. Both are in search for the Book of Prophecy to remove the curse upon them, but here’s the twist, only one can use it. If you thought that it’s like any other “OMG I LOVE YU I WAZ GONNA SACRIFAIZ NOW” stories, think again. Both sides are really DESPERATE. So desperate that they are starting to build up such a very interesting chemistry ^^ (yay for shipping~).


In a second, you’ll see them teaming up with one another to kill an enemy, next, when accomplished a mission, they’ll start to fight over the book of prophecy. Actually, their fights are pretty awesome, since it’s mixed sexy and gory XD. You’ll know wht I mean when you read it ^^. Then after that, you’ll see them kissing… Then after that, they’re fighting again XD.


They really keep fighting over the Book of Prophecy and they use different methods of betrayal, trickery and robbery to have it on their hands it’s so entertaining to read ^^. So yeah, they fight…


And then they’ll end up kissing again. Lol why wouldn’t there be enough harmony in this world?!


[~FRESH PICK~] Watashi ni XX Shinasai!


LOL! It’s such a shame that I don’t know who Ema Toyama is but she is all along the one behind Koko ni Iru Yo!, which is one of my favorite mangas. I should really repair my poor memory -__-. So anyway, this would be my third manga that I read from her. Tbh, I had polar reactions of the first two manga from her: KnIY! and Mamacolle. I absolutely love KKnIY! while I got… bored of Mamacolle and haven’t even surpassed the third chapter. So let’s see how WnXXS will turn out.


RAW credit goes to Xiao Jie in her post ^^. Thank you very much~… I just edited the brightness and the contrast of the scans so please don’t hurt me Xiao >_<!!! Lol moving on, since I’m as poor as a lost duck when it comes to reading Japanese *loser me >.>*, I only know that this one is about “flirting(?)” and stuff? …Uhh, yeah~ Anyway, I can only judge the art first and the characters ^__^. We’re having the “Ice Queen x Mr. Perfect” pair in this one. It seems really interesting ^^.


To be really honest, it seems like the series looks fine ^^. I can’t wait till it gets uploaded on MangaFox or anywhere *too lazy to hang out on scanlators’ forums… XD*


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9 Responses to “Manga Digest – Pocket Bishies!”

  1. kirapika says:

    Kisaki and Giniro’s doll-expressions are so cute~ me wants! :aww:

    Yeah, the Kimi to Koi ni Ochiru Mahou de’s ending was light yet it’s cute; I can’t wait to see more of Chiba Kozue.

    Also, Watashi ni xx Shinasai has a very interesting premise and I think Ema Toyama is taking a new approach in this one. Normally her series would be sort of magical when it isn’t technically so; kind of like it gives a vibe or something? XD lol.

    Oh btw, Watashi ni xx Shinasai ch 1 is released by Nagare-boshi already~ :3

    kirapika’s last blog post..Fukushima Haruka’s Chocolate(Manga)

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, but I’m too lazy to hang out in their forums.. lol, so I’ll just wait for their MangaFox contributor ^__^.

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  5. faer1edust says:

    OMG Barajou no Kissu!!!
    I should catch up on that manga since I’m totally hooked on it but all the school work had ruined my manga lif and I had forgotten about it T_T… Looks likey the scanlations for that manga is slow 🙁

    OMG I thought I’m the last person in the planet reading Blood Alone! Good thing you love it as well :D!!! That manga really needs more love.

  6. warriorhope says:

    Apparently scanlations have been realeased for Watashi ni xx shinasai!.

    MF extra chapter is winsause. I wish Arina had written more of it. I’m still looking for the extra chapter about Kiseki when she was little though. -_-

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Shugo Chara Weekly World News

  7. Xiao says:

    Ahhh~, I didn’t know Barajou was updated. ^^;
    lol Clever title post. Give me Pokebishies over Pokemon anyday! *LAME* xDDD;;;
    And Kurama reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho…lol

    Ooooo, Bloody Cross looks really good!
    AND YESH! FINALLY! Been looking for a shounen with good gory, smutty fights. 8D

    And do whatever you like with the RAWs (that’s why I put them up in the first place). ^^
    I think I’m really going to like this series and hope it doesn’t disappoint like her first few did. Koko ni Iru Yo! was very cute in the beginning but then I just fell out of it. :/
    Aish~, and I keep checking back at Mangafox but they don’t have the scanlations up yet. T.T Why they take so long? *should start learning how to read Japanese in the meantime*

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 82

  8. Grant says:

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