Hetalia Axis Powers: 17 – American Pie~


This episode basically focuses on one of our favorite blondes in the series, Alfred (America). We get to see more of his character, some (quite less) interesting cracks, and storage cleaning never really looked so epic like never before!

Storage Cleaning~


OMG this is really is it!!! The storage cleaning strip ^^. After weeks of Studio DEEN makes us wondering like crazy when they’ll air it, the day hath finally arrived ^^.

The episode starts on Alfred (America)’s house, where Toris (Lithuania) volunteers himself to help him clean his storage. Alfred declined though, because he said that he’s the only capable one of knowing which stuff are still useful or not, so Toris just made Alfred coffee instead. Toris is love~ He’s really nice and resposible ^^.


So Alfred gets inside his storage and he mentions that everytime he cleans there, he ends up not finishing it, since he always gets to remember so much memories inside there, which can be good or sad. To be continued later~


Eating Habits and Weight Issues~


Arthur asks why does Alfred never gets tired of eating hamburgers, while Alfred replied that he is alright with them since he changes the flavor regularly. Of course, that’s what not Arthur meant because for sure, he’s worrying about Alfred’s smexy body XDDD.

I guess this can be related to Americans known for being fond of fast food ^^. Hey, it’s true right? *laughs at those guilty faces* And they also love hamburgers ^^. Yum~


Kyaaaahaha~!!! Arthur’s face is really full of worries when he asks Alfred. So cute~!!! And lol, Arthur totally acts like a worried girlfriend parent to Alfred!!!Aww, you don’t have to worry Arthur, since Alfred will definitely find a way to keep smexy~ XD.


So Alfred tries to check his weight, and (as much to his surprise)… He’s overweight!!! LOOOOOL XD. Poor Alfy~ But I think I pitied the weighing scale more for it looked like it’s totally sweating when Alfred stepped up on it XDDD~

And it’s really funny how the creator of this is making crack of different countries XD. In to the defense of Americans, I don’t think not all people there are overweight by  now, since lots of dieting technology had been invented ^^, unless you really can’t help but to eat tens of burgers a day XD lol.


But still, thank God that Alfred is still physically looking good and hot (and did I mentioned his abs? Smexy abs, bitches!) and they didn’t really made him look fat and… flubby gross XD. Yay for the smexy Alfred~ *wipes droolage all over the post*

Oh yes, Alfred finally thought of taking a diet. Quite funny at first that he admits that he still takes exercises everyday (and I wonder how long he does his exercises because he’s still overweight lol, and I bet he’ll be eating hundreds of burgers even after that XD). So he thinks he needs some dieting tips, but he didn’t thought of approaching Arthur first (so stubborn~ XD) because it’s like saying he’s right all along, so he just tried to approach different countries to get some advice.

International Dieting Tips Corner~


Alfred thought of asking Francis (France) at first, since he thought he has the sexiest body among everyone he knows XP. France is so GLAD to teach Alfred some lessons he know on keeping a sexy figure, but his lessons are cut off in the show since it looked quite inappropriate to watch by everyone. Hmm~ I wonder what did Francis taught to poor Alfred XD? *shoos away perverted thoughts*


After that enthralling lessons from France, Alfred moves on to Yao (China) to ask for more dieting advices. Yao told him that it’s easy to keep up a great body health, just drink tea! I agree!!! It’s a fact that tea helps you detoxify and keep up a good skin and body ^^. But seems like Alfred didn’t like the taste of it, so he needs another advice from another one.


And Alfred finally approaches Kiku (Japan), which is whom he thought that was the thinnest person he knows. Kiku just reveals that his secret in mainting thin is that he eats three times a day plus an afternoon snack, so that makes four times a day. Whoa, even Alfred is shocked that Kiku is still that thin even though he eats a lot XD (fault of his amazing metabolism of course ^^). So yeah, Alfred attempts to eat like Kiku, and it seems like he’s enjoying eating Kiku’s food because he feels not gaining weight ^^.


Back to the Storage Cleaning~


Back to Alfred’s house storage cleaning, Alfred sees so much stuff that he mentioned bringing him both good and sad memories. He saw his toy soldier collection which gave him a really cute memory when he was young.


Little Alfred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 *glomptacklehughughug*

Arthur (England) gave that toy to him. So sweet~ Alfred is very delighted on his new toy given by Arthur, though Arthur asks him not to use a hammer. Hmm, I wonder about that, since he’s wearing a bandage. Maybe while he’s making that toy he got accidentally hurt? Aww~ So sweet of him!!! *glomptacklehugs Arthur*.


This is such a picture-perfect moment~ OMG and Arthur is smiling!!! *gets my eyes wide open* OMG Arthur!!!!!!!!!!! Kyaaaa~!!! And he smiled because Alfred really likes the toy!!! Looks like all of Arthur’s hard work making that cool toy really paid off just by seeing the receiver liking it ^__^.


And then Alfred finds an old suit in his storage, which brought him memories of him and Arthur as well. Arthur gave him formal clothes this time. He says that he should start wearing him since he’s making Arthur look bad of a wife parent not to get his husband child to wear simple clothes. OMG *USxUK love meter exploded* Kyaaa~ men in suits ftw!!!! *again, wipes droolage all over this post*


OMG Alfred is soooo tsun this time to Arthur when he’s making him wear those clothes XP. He is really so stubborn wearing such expensive clothes but look, it totally looked good on him!


Flashbacks over, and Alfred thought of checking something else more in his storage besides from all those dramatic memorabilia of him and Arthur~. So he sees his gun, which he thought was a really cool thing for decoration, but it looks like it will also give him a flashback as well, but a really dramatic one!!! OMG T^T!!!!!!!!!!!


…And the episode ended with a really epic cliffhanger! OMG STUDIO DEEN YOU’RE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 But it’s sooo okay since they really delivered this episode well, and APH anime is definitely getting better and better once each country/character gets fleshed out more. Reall great job!!!

So yeah, OMG EPIC ANGST next episode!!!!!!!!!!! Kyaaa~!!!! And I’m totally gonna die if they put up a different episode instead of the next part of the storage cleaning! Lol! I hope that won’t happen XD.


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13 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 17 – American Pie~”

  1. Auntie Heng says:

    T.T itsh finally here!!!!
    the cliffhanging for 3-4 weeks is too painful!!!!

    US x UK :blush2:

    and why didnt they show how france maintain his weight?? :ehh:

  2. faer1edust says:

    Lawl, being an American myself, I caught guilty because I eat fastfood too and I love hamburgers… B-But I’m not overweight lol 😆 … Oh wait *checks weighing scale* yup ^^, not overweight *phew*

    OMG this episode’s really epic ^^. I’m glad that they didn’t stick with that horrible Engrish they showed on the previews! Studio DEEN’s making a really good job in this one. I agree that it really keeps getting better and better.

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol! Keep healthy ^^.

      Yeah ^^, thank god not Engrish XD. Studio DEEN is really makign efforts in this one even though it’s just a webcast ^^. I’m loving them~

  3. werxa says:

    OMG kyaaaaaaa! :aww:

    I’m soooo super-hyper-extra happy!!!!
    And when I saw Arthur smiling *drooool*… I think I’m gonna make myself a plushie of him!
    Damn, call m a pedophile but seeing young america… KYAAAAAH I WANNA GLOMP HIM AND HUG AND KISS AND NEVER LET GO!

    …I hate studio denn for making such a cliffhanger :orz:

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah ^^ *wants plushie of UK as well ^^* He just looked the most cutest as ever when he smiles ^^.

      And seeing young America is really adorable. Lol I wanna volunteer to be his sister XD.

  4. Ashelea says:

    I literally died and went straight to heaven upon seeing UK smile like that. And I totally dawwww’ed so much on Storage Cleaning. Nice to see it really exceeding my expectations! Little Alfred is sooo adorable!!! Kyaaa~ An UK worrying about his diet is sooo adorable as well!!!

  5. hayley says:

    :kyaa: :kyaa: CHIBI USA!!! :kyaa: :kyaa:
    It’s so daww cute!!! *hugs him* and it really is touching that UK is so nice to US (before XD). Just sweet!!! USxUK forever!!!!!!!! :kyaa2:
    I can’t wait for next episode!!! I hope it will be Engrish!!! :cute:

  6. warriorhope says:

    I want to kidnap hug America this week. He was made of so much adorable both big and small. :aww: I can see why England is so hung up on him. I especially liked when he looked sad after trying on the suit.

    And yes Arthur doesn’t need to worry because Alfred will always be smexy Because BL fangirls generally don’t want to read about fat boys sadly Also, smexy abs=beefcake. (Almost makes me wish there was a male verison of ANTM)

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Hetalia Axis Powers-Episode 17

  7. Dhatri EVANS says:

    We appreciate you the recommendation! I am going to try it out.

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